Morning erection

My fascination and celebration of my morning errection started when I was about 16 years old. I had these roving morning errections from a very young age and can remember restless early morning experiences even at age 10 or 11. I started masturbating at age 14 which is a story for another time but mostly did so after school. At age 16 a friend borrowed me a playboy. It was in article in the playboy which started my absorbtion with my morning erection. The artcle stated that sex is good anytime of the day but that nothing beats morning sex. I realized that the morning erection is different; special in many ways.
It is puntual and more intense; ponderously and unyieldingly more pulsating and harder. Rock hard, stiff and beautiful like marble. In my third year at university I had my own room and my classes would start after 9 am. I engorged myself on my morning erections and have sustained that for the next 40 years of my life.
The morning erections have over time become more prodigious and the masturbation sensation have intensified for me. I just adore the titanic morning erections and can maintain the morning cadence for up to 40 minutes.
How do you put in words the wonderfully pulsating ponderous feeling of colossal rock hardness? How do describe that feeling of unyielding rigidness and dexterity when you start stroking it. It is like your whole existance become aborbed and focussed on one spot and that absorbtion intensify as you proceed towards detonation.
I don't think females always understand and appreciate how awesome and magnifyingly intense morning erections are for men. Putting that erection in a soaking wet cunt is an experience that defy my abilty to verbalise.
If I were a female I would give my man a habitual blowjob every single morning.


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  • My mom would always ask me to wake up my brothers for school in the morning. When I walked into their rooms they would be on their backs every now and then with morning erections pushing the covers up. I would slowly pull back the sheets and play with them thru their pajama's watching them squirm around in their sleep. They would wake up all excited and probably go spank it in the shower but I always thought it was fun to touch them and watch them move around.

  • My college roommate was a closeted gay and I never knew it until the second year we were rooming together. I woke up and I was on my back, not unusual for me to be in that position though but my cock felt very free. I looked down and it was sticking out of the front of my boxers and hard as ever. My roommate much to my surprise was sitting on his bed looking my way, I told him good morning and pulled my boxers to cover my erection. I said sorry about that or something like that and he told me no apology needed and told me I had a really nice cock. He then got really bold and asked if I wanted a morning blowy, his word. I was still very sleepy and told him that would feel really great but why in the world would you want to do that to me?
    He was swallowing my load after about five minutes of one of the best blow jobs of my life, matter of fact no one has ever sucked cock like he could do it, at least for me.
    I received countless morning blow jobs, some I was still asleep when he started, he asked me to start sleeping without any clothes on so he could just pull the covers back and get right to my cock. I told him from the beginning that I was not going to give him a blowy ever but he did not care at all and would just offer me one all the time. It was a weird relationship and I still message with him now and then but the sexual relationship ended when I graduated college.

  • I came back one night about 1am and my roommate was still up, I crept into the room quietly but he told me he was up so I walked right in and started grabbing my towel and shower stuff. I got back from the shower and I jumped into bed, he asked me how the night went for me and I told him it was fun but no really fun women. We had the lights turned out and he asked me if I wanted a BJ, I was silent for a good five seconds then asked him if he was going to expect one back because that was not going to happen. He told me that he would not expect anything in return and if I wanted him to he would give me head anytime I wanted it. I pulled the covers down along with my shorts and he felt his way over in the dark and slurped on me for two orgasms. I about passed out. He would often do the same thing to me in the morning, just get right on my hard on sucking away.

  • Suturday mornings my wife sometimes do her morning cock feast. She'll get herself wet while I masturbate. Once she is wet she'll take over on my cock doing her circuit. First she stroke me real fast for a minute or two then jump on my cock and ride it until she is close to orgasm. Just before orgasm she get of and take me in her mouth suck the juices of my cock. She'll do that for about 2 minutes or so and then start the second circuit; starting with the 1 minute fast stroking.
    Longest she lasted was four rounds. She normally comes during the 3rd circuit cock ride.

  • Are you there. If I knew you when you were little i would have sucked your little cock for you.

  • Not sure I would have been able to emotionally cope with it at that age. Would have enjoyed though :). Will love it now.

  • You there son and you would have liked it. Sucking your little preteen hairless cock and rubbing your tight little bum...

  • Son? Hehehe.
    You sound like a male.
    Not really my thing.
    Girls is more my thing.

  • How old you now son..

  • Well I think you can work it out. There is some clear clues in the post

  • What is a roving morning erection?

  • Synonyms for rove: stray, wander, struggle, prowl.
    In short those erections that you struggle with, that jump on you like a prowling animal. Very appropriate way to describe those early life erections that jump on you; which defy your undertanding at that age; that bothers you and that comes and goes just to return again during the early morning hours (4 am to 7 am).

  • I had a friend who was gay but he said he loved morning sex and was surprised I a straight woman felt the same way but fuck yeah it’s the strongest hardest cock of the day

  • Sure is and the sensation is way more intense. Trobbing like it's on the brink of exploding.

  • I go to bed every night excited about tomorrows morning wood. Like: "can't wait for tomorrow morning stiffie".

  • We do

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