I've always liked dating boys younger than me because I know they always want sex but shy about asking. I like the feeling of being in charge, taking them home and doing what I want with them. I was 26 when I met Ricky. I could tell he had the hots for me, whenever I sat close to him. It turned me on to see him adjusting his crotch to make room for his erection. In fact he kept doing it during the whole walk to my apartment. I knew I had to make the first move on him because he looked embarrassed about being alone with me. His face turn bright red when I place my hand between his legs, kissed him and told him we could do it on the floor. I remember undressing him first was a real turn on for a change. We had oral sex the whole night. I remember I got off twice just sitting on his face. It was such a turn on rubbing my pussy juices all ever his face, it only took a couple of sucks to make him cum. If there one thing great about young guys, is that they get 3 or 4 erections in one night and keep suck you till you drop.

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  • I was giving this girl Linda oral and she was enjoying it. We had just met at a college bar in PA. We were in my car on a dirt road, both naked -- she gushed all over my face. Then soon after she scolds me 'have you no self esteem -- we just met -- that's something you might do for a wife on her birthday.' and I'm like 'usually that's foreplay to fucking' 'well you're not fucking tonight -- maybe tomorrow night if you take me on a proper date.' This was 1972, and the thinking of some girls then. Then I noticed all she had on was her Jesus cross necklace. So I make the date. The next day woke sober and embarrassed, I stood her up. Only time ever I did that. Month later I'm on a date with a real doll, she does modeling part time for a big dept store. After dinner I try to take back to my place. 'you're not fucking me on the first date, take me somewhere else -- i like you -- make the night last' - so I take her to this park to make out, I have her naked in 2 minutes,. Mindful of her no fucking rule, I take her naked self and a blanket on the nicely cut grass, -- she wants oral and I'm gun shy form the last girl. She's steering me down there, and slowly giving her just a little.
    I'm thinking, of all nights to catch self esteem -- she's gorgeous and deserves my tongue in her pussy. Yet I get Jesus girl flashbacks -- It's like Animal House where the devil is saying "fuck her, fuck her" the angle "oh no, don't; to that"..
    The devil wins here and i give her my best oral ever,. She later tells she saw a million shooting stars, half of them real and gives a blowjob for good behavior.
    'you could have fucked me when I was all crazy -- thanks"
    So the angle did win a little bit.

  • Great confession thanks!! I love eating a lady out!! All those warm juices and the taste is amazing! I can see why it only took a couple of sucks for him to cum. Try kissing him after he came in your mouth. The mix of your juices and his sperm can be wonderful! Plus if he’s a virgin I can almost guarantee he will be down for anything. Let us know how it goes!

  • You love being in control, there is nothing wrong with that. You are happy and so is your lover, so what is the problem ?

  • You only had oral sex? Shit, if it was me, I'd have fucked your pussy whether you liked it or not. Not just once either. I'd have been sucking on your nipples while pounding you until I busted a big nut inside your pussy.

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