I am a 17M and have never kissed or hugged a girl. I am always horny and want sex but I can't find anyone to ask. I'm very introverted and can't be around people for long. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Practice what you might say in front of the mirror, look up pick up lines and memorize them, even if there lame if you can make her laugh it might be a good ice breaker
    Look up jokes and tell them to people not necessarily the ones you wanna try things with but just to practice talking to someone will help when the time comes, and when the time comes turn your damn phone OFF and put it in your pocket look her in the eye and have a real conversation

  • I believe you really want to be a girl, to dress up in frilly sexy girly things and submit yourself to a gentle loving man. Does that appeal to you sweetie??

  • Masturbate as much as you can

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