I've been married 31 years but sucking my best friend off 40 yrs

My life long best friend and I have always been like brothers , almost. we spent the nite at each other's house when we were teenagers we got our first school spankings at the same time smoked cigs and weed togeather for the first time
But when we were in the 6th grade..it seemed natural , we were in the gym locker room , everybody else hurried out to play basketball ball and he and I realized that we were all alone, out of site out of mind ..I remember trembling as I unzipped his zipper pulled out his hard cock and went to my knees at the same time..I sucked licked just made love to that beautiful dick.i was surprised at the buckets he shot in my eager mouth..he nor I ever spoke a word about it for a month or so , after smoking some old skool Columbian gold..he became kinda quiet. When I looked at him , he gestured to the buldge in his pants..that was the cue I had been waiting on..from that day on he hinted to me , that it was time. and I anxiously sucked the juice out of his georgous dick..that happened 2 or 3 times a year at first and gradually increased till now I try to get by his house a CPL. Times a week..he was married and divorced 3 times I married my (female) wife 31 years ago and she has no clue that I love to blow my friend..threw all this he has never touched or mentioned my dick..it's just the natural way things fell.
I never considered myself or him to be gay , in my mind , I simply called us petverts..untill a month or so ago he called me needing help , he had cut his hand real bad with a skill saw..he needed help getting dressed to go to the E.R.. I put his pants. On under shirt.then a button up shirt tucked it in all strait with his zipper..then I took a step back to inspect my friends appearance..and I was over whelmed with pride at how good MY MAN looked..that was the first. Time I realized I must be at least part time gay..I blew one other guy during the time when my man was in the army..but every time I sucked 'lee' I had my nerdy slightly goofey "D' in my mind I write this as I'm waiting for him to get home from work , get showered and comfy and I'll drive the 7 miles to his house..can't wait to help "tame that big ole monster" once again..I love my wife and I love my man as well I am extreamly fortunate to have both of these people in my life

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