Girlfriend sister watching

My girlfriend sister stayed for two nights over Christmas, we have a small one bedroom house so we could only offer the sofa.
When she arrived she said she wasn’t feeling good, my girlfriend said go lay down for a bit.
After about half hour my girlfriend checked on her and said she is asleep.
I said to my girlfriend, come on let’s have a quickie while she is asleep.
I now have my girlfriend bent over the arm of the sofa taking her from behind, I’m giving her nice long deep thrusts.
Being it a quickie I’ve soon shot my load inside her, as I’m holding myself inside her letting all my cum drain out, I can see her sister standing halfway down the stairs watching, when we made eye contact she slowly turned around and went back upstairs.
I didn’t say anything to my girlfriend and her sister didn’t say anything.
I have no idea how long she had been watching.

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  • Why don't you ask her to join you and have a threesome you can lick one and fuck the other .Good luck and happy fucking .

  • It is very sexually stimulating having someone watch you fuck, try it

  • My older sister use to show me her videos of her and her boyfriend fucking,

  • Your girlfriends sister was watching for a while it sounds like she was enjoying the view watching you fuck her sister, it does happen the older sister lets the younger sister watch and learn, she didn't run off in disgust when you had finished with her sister, she just walked away so she obviously enjoyed what she saw, is she old enough to join in, you haven't said how old she is?
    Sounds good tell us more,

  • Why don't you ask her

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