College hazing

Curious to hear stories of how you got hazed in college. I went to college in the early '90s. My sorority did a few things, like making us sit on a running washer naked and using a sharpie to draw circles on the body parts that jiggled; lining us up and rating our boobs with negative comments; trivia questions where we had to drink shots if we had a wrong answer; having a deepthroat competition with a dildo and if you lost, you had to take it from behind via strapon.

Anyone else ever get hazed in college?

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  • First off let me say whenever I am nude, I get an erection. It has caused many embarrassing moments for me through the years. My freshman year on the football team ended up being a nightmare. In the locker room showers it was impossible for me not to become erect. Some of the guys noticed right away and started calling me every name in the book. Embarrassment only makes my boner stronger, I hate it. A bunch of the guys held me down and for lack of a better term, raped me with a broom handle. 5 players got kicked off the team and lost their scholarships. I always felt like an outsider on that team, and quit football after freshman year. There were constant rumors that I was gay. I had a hard time with all of it.

  • 4 years ago as a freshman, I gave my sorority sister so much oral and receiving so much from other pleages I ended up not wanting a man any longer. I was a from a very strict family and went to all girls schools and never was allowed to date. I was also a virgin, with men and women. I guess i just needed sexual release and it felt so easy with a woman.

    This lockdown has been hard. I'm still a virgin with guys, but one of the freshman who lives near me and I really clicked with this fall has been have oral with me since late April. She knows I'm a virgin and suggested we have a 3 some with her boyfriend, who is a hottie. She showed me a dick pic, he really big. I scared to let him fuck me I never ever touched a cock before , but she really wants a 3 some with me and him.

    Not sure what to do. What he wants a blow job? I don't know how.

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