Finally measured

I have always known I have a small cock but never had the courage to measure it. I finally measured using a string for circumference and it measures at 3 1/16 inches around. Dividing by 3.14, the formula says the diameter is .9 inches across. It also measures 3 5/8 inches long and I know I achieve sufficient penetration for procreation because we have 2 kids. My wife tries to make me feel good about the sex we have by saying I am all she needs but at some point I know that size does matter if you are far below average (and possibly far above average?). I use my fingers and my tongue to try to make sure I give her at least one orgasm before actually having sex. When I am on top of her she often asks me to sort of kneel up while having sex so she can reach between us to rub her clit. When she makes herself cum like that she actually squeezes my dick out of her pussy and I end up just rubbing it against her pussy and cum all over her pussy and fingers. If she is on top it seems to always slip out of her and then she basically uses my cock to rub her clit against so she can masturbate herself to orgasm. I have to admit it is a wonderful feeling and I often end up cumming before she does. If that happens, she will spin around and plant her pussy on my face so I can lick her to orgasm. We have a great marriage and relationship but from the things she has told me I know the sex was considerably more pleasurable for her with some of the other guys she has been with.


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  • Some women just like a bigger dick get her a dildo.

  • They make sex toys Dildos vibrators ect for a reason I have a 6 1/2” long and 5 1/4” around penis I think it’s averge. My wife admitted when an asked if she had been with bigger that she it felt a better. More so about one being much thicker she admitted that part feeling intense. I ended up surprising her with a very thick dildo just over 9” long. She really enjoys it when I use it on her after I cum inside her, no need to worry just make it fun and pleasure her. It don’t matter how we do it just that we do it be creative and have fun. Even a big sick without the fun isn’t going to be enjoyable

  • You are sufficiently long to reach the G spot. Listen, there are a lot of guys who are below average, about 49.999% of us are 'below average'.
    Having a long stroke isn't necessary for a woman to achieve orgasm. I am a little below average myself. I also have a back issue. So I have found that certain positions work best for me to stay inside. I hook my arms under her knees and grab the tops of her thighs where they bend at the hips. That way I can hold her tight against me. It allows her access to her clit too.
    I can control how far out I go on the back stroke.
    When she starts to cum and buck I can jerk her hips back against me and keep from pulling out. Even if your stroke is only an inch or two back and forth, your dick is running back and forth over her Gspot. That is a large part of what trips her trigger. So spark that baby good!

    I've found that women like that. You're in charge of her motions to some extent, you're in control. That plays into the submissive fantasies most women have. No woman wants to be actually raped in real life, but most women fantasize about being forcefully taken by a man. By grabbing her hips and pulling her to me as I flex my hips forward I am "forcing" her, I am controlling her movement to maximize my thrust.
    I need to emphasize that I don't mean I am forcing her to have sex with me, just that I am using my strength to keep my dick inside.

    Experiment with it.

  • Yep clearly she is being very nice to you but you are not satisfying her, that's for sure, you need to get a jockey on the job Buddy not to take over but to help you out and make her happy sexually.
    I am in the same situation as you are but my wife has a young well hung stud she met at work about two years ago and seduced him, he is 20 she 30 but still a great looker, fantastic body and excellent personality, she arranges for him to service her at our house and I go away while he is there, it really helps everything and we still love each other dearly.

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