I love to pleasure men

I got started with oral sex as far back as I can remember, like around the second grade. My brother talked me into it and for years he always got me stuff like candy, dolls and other toys and he really made me feel like it was a good thing to do. He is much older than I am by eight years and so it only lasted for about five years I suppose because he joined the military and moved away. I spent a few years without doing it at all but sometime in middle school while I was at a friends house he asked me if I wanted to have some fun. We had a lot of fun over the next few years but mostly again it was me going down on him. I really had fun with him though and we did it behind the subdivision in the woods sometimes and I just loved being out in nature and listening.
I got married about halfway through college and once again found myself in a relationship where I was doing a lot of oral for him. I was giving him blow jobs sometimes multiple times a day but throughout my life so far I had learned that it was exactly what men wanted and as often as they could get it. He would actually get home and take off his pants, sit back on either the couch or the bed then expect me to give him one. Some weekends it was non stop, five to six a day or more.
My current husband is very happy with how much I pleasure him and compared to the men in my past he is never pushy or expecting it and I think that is why I enjoy doing it more with him. He is really excited if I do it three times in one day or if when he comes home from work I tell him to stand there and drop his pants while I kneel down and suck him. He has not asked about my past much but I do not think it matters to him or maybe he does not want to know. He tells me that I am only his second sex partner and so he has little to compare me to but I am by far way beyond anything he ever expected he would get from a woman. I am very happy when he tells me things like that and it makes me want to make him happy. I may have had a rough road when it comes to learning about sex and what a man wants but I think it gave me a great foundation on how to please a normal regular guy who gasps every time his penis disappears down my throat.


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  • When I was really young my brother played a game with me, I had to guess what the flavors were blindfolded. I remember having to lick or open wide so he could put the flavor on my tongue. I never even thought about it and I actually thought is was fun but in reality he was putting what ever the food was on his penis then either putting it on my tongue or having me lick it off. I never asked him about it but I know that is what was happening because the first time I went down on a guy and felt his penis in my mouth I knew I had felt it before with my brother.

  • Thats molesting.. Does he not feel guilty about it.

  • My brother did the same thing to me, I gave him countless blow jobs. He somehow made me feel like I was doing him a great favor and he always did anything I wanted as well. I do not see him that often but I do not really hate him or anything he was just a kid filled with hormones and I really do not think he meant to be hurtful in anyway at the time.

  • You seem so kind but be carerful , your husband might use you only for his sexual pleasure and not respect you as a person except if this is what you really want .

  • Sex has nothing to do with whether a man respects you. If a man doesn't respect you, it's because of the MAN, not the sex. I wish women would stop equating sex with disrespect. Not all men have to dehumanize a woman to want to have sex with them.

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