Accidentally took a partial load

A group of my friends went to a small gathering (5 ppl) at a friend's house. We brought swimsuits cause his parents have a new hot tub and we wanted to try it out. After his parents went to sleep, they go to bed early, we snuck a few drinks and got a little buzzed. A guy I like was flirting with me and I could see the outline of his cock in his swim trunks, it looked like he was semi-hard.

Me and another girl asked to see it, and he said he would show his dick if we flashed our pussies. We said ok, and we flashed each other. Not long after i was making out with this guy and we were getting hot for each other. I moved up on the ledge of the hot tub and he got between my legs and I pulled my swim bottoms aside and let him inside me. The other girl was giving one of the other guys head.

I told the guy to pull out when he got close as we didn't have condoms and I didnt have other protection. He said ok and i just lay back and rubbed my clit while enjoying his dick. At one point he let out a deep breath and stopped, saying I felt too good and he needed to slow down or he wasnt going to last. He took a break, but stayed inside, and then picked up his pace. I came, and right after I did he pulled out and came tons on my abdomen. He looked hot.

The problem was that he came inside me a little, as I ran a couple fingers down there and there was jizz on my fingertips. He apologized and didn't think he did, but I said he did and showed him. I was concerned, but cleaned up and went back into the hot tub bottomless, hoping the chemicals in the tub would kill whatever sperm were in me. I hope I dodged his bullets because my parents would shit if i got preggers.

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  • So I want to win the largest world lottery ever. I want to win several lottery units, houses, penthouse blocks and holidays and gold bullion. I don't feel bad to want to own so much. I deserve to win.

  • Plan B has my back

  • Birth control is always the woman's responsibility. A man can't help but blow his load inside, it's just natures impulse. You should either get on the pill or get an IUD inserted, or start carrying condoms, although most men really hate using condoms,, feels like fucking a rubber blow-up doll.

  • Luckily, child support is the man's responsibility.

  • I hate to tell you this but by the time you stood up to walk over to the tub any swimmers inside of you would have already been attacking that egg nestled in your uterus.

  • That quick huh?

  • It’s your job as a woman to take that cum. Never pull out, always swallow, and always thank him.

  • Ummm.... sperm can exist in pre cum as well, withdrawal is not really an effective method of birth control.

  • I don't allow clothes of any sort in my hot tub. I enjoy nudity to much.

  • Plan B.

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