Help me.

(I'll call her Zara for the story).

I met Zara over social media a few years back and she was different... you know? I was 16, she was 15 and she was dating someone at the time.

When she turned 16, she broke up with her boyfriend and obviously, being good friends, I was there to comfort her.

Not knowing this girl had many mental illnesses, I.e Schizophrenia. I carried it on until we started making out. We never had sex that night, but she gave great oral sex.

This started becoming more of a thing, most days really. Then, in a Decembers one year, we started dating. It only lasted a year, until we had a fight, but I loved this girl intentionally and crazily I would do anything for this lass.

We broke up, and it was rough, I felt like I had lost my left arm over something silly. I later found out she met a guy behind my back, but nothing ever happened.

I'm now in a current relationship with a girl for 2 years, but I can't stop thinking about "zara". It's killing me. What do I do?

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  • Forget about her and move on like you have

  • In your case, I'd thank God that I'm not involved with someone who has mental illness. No offense to this girl, but these relationships simply are not normal. Moreover, mental health issues become much more pronounced as people age with them. It was what it was. But it's over. Don't regret it. Don't go back.

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