Legal weed mom dad and daughter bonding

Pot became legal in our state my daughter had moved back into Washington state. Her mother and I never married but have always got along and have a sexual chemistry. My ex came over it was just the three of us my ex and I recently divorced from our ex's. We was sitting around talking catching up having not seen our daughter in over a year. She was staying at my place till she got a job and afford her own place. The subject of pot becoming legal came up my daughter asking if we had bought any. While I had been to busy my ex said she had a couple times. My daughter wanted to buy some so the three of us went to the pot shop. We spent over $200.00 between the bong and the buds we bought. We got back to the house and started smoking it was some good bud. My ex was horny and started rubbing my cock making me hard. I'm very endowed just under 10" long and most impressive almost 7" of girth. My daughter started gripping my cock, OMG DAD YOUR SO FUCKING HUGE my hands started feeling her body ass and tits. My ex was giggling before long the three of us was naked and moved this to the bedroom. My ex asked our daughter if she was on the pill my daughter said yes. My ex giggled saying that makes this easier I had started eating my daughter pussy working 2 and even fingers in and out. Her mom was a favorite because she had the biggest pussy lips of any woman I had ever been with. My daughter pussy lips was enormously bigger than her mom's. My ex i could tell was jealous I was eating our daughter out almost an hour straight. I then began fucking my daughter doggie style pounding her little pussy. It wasn't little after I started and finished I pulled out leaving her gapped wide open gasping. I turned my attention to my ex who was in serious need of having her pussy fucked. She screamed out stretch me out with your fat cock daddy. I laughed as my ex kept calling me daddy and asked if I enjoyed fucking our daughter. I shoved my cock balls deep telling her it was the most intense sexual experience of my life.

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  • C'mon, this sure didn't happen.

  • Why are you lying for? You're the bullshitter who constantly writes about daddy daughter crap. I thought you said you were leaving here?

  • Heard similar situation between a friend and his girlfriend and daughter getting high and out of control. I think it’s a perfect excuse to do what people are naturally desiring. I’ve been high and drunk I never did anything I didn’t want to do in the first place. I think all the suggestive incest comments and references on TV shows movies and music stir this up.

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