Real nice Male PVC panties

About three months ago my mother in law had a trip to Europe and brought me two PVC panties made perfectly for men , very sexy and shiny with a wonderful feel when on, I have for years worn sexy panties all the time I love the fit with satin or lace touching my body day long and at home the matching bra sets and nighties.
I am so fortunate that while with horn I am just over 6 inches and reasonably thick with nice loose nut's totally satisfying my wife in all holes but slack I really have a smallish package that permit's me to buy panties off the rack that cover and fit perfectly.
The PVC panties are just terrific I notice that with my normal panties quite often I leave skid marks and change at least twice every day sometimes thrice before they need washing however when that happens with the PVC they just need a wipe over the effected area to clean and you can put them straight back on, I have since ordered on line another 5 set's.
PVC panties for males are by far the best and I would certainly promote these to any males that love wearing female lingerie as an addition to your lingerie drawer's, you will not regret it.

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  • Female here wearing female panties. I don't leave the bathroom without being perfectly clean. I do not get skid marks. If I even think I might not be perfectly clean I get a cloth or wipe and clean again. And I don't have sex without being washed. This doesn't seem like rocket science.

  • Skid marks do appear to happen particularly with the satin panties thanks for the advise I just went on the net and ordered three PVC panties two with front zipper they look great

  • Did you order some baby wipes as well to clean that ass?

  • My husband loves wearing PVC panties they are just so great he usually wears satin or lace to work though.

  • Did he choose that or did you make him wear them?

  • Sounds nice, can we get some sent to dam and doda's place and blobypuneta as well please.

  • Not to burst your self inflated bubble, but panties are not sexy on a man. If you seriously have a problem keeping your ass clean, you might be better off getting yourself some diapers.

  • I am very clean don't tell me you never have skid marks, incidently don't be so rude OK ?

  • Yes I think you panty freaks are just that...freaks and I tire of you all. My question is why you don't clean your ass better?

  • Your the guy that always tries to put shit on straight guys that love wearing lingerie aren't you ?
    I am certain you would really love wearing lingerie but are quite worried you would look and feel ugly, try it in the privacy of your own home or would your boyfriend poke fun at you ?

  • Why would a man wear lingerie? Bras serve no purpose on a man since men don’t have breasts and I don’t get the panties thing because there are revealing underwears made for a man that actually fit and are masculine looking.

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