Dominant women

Ladies who like to dominate their men sexually, can you share what you do to them and how you got them to enjoy being dominated?

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  • My husband wanted to watch me fuck a huge cock really bad and tease him. I finally gave in the first time I started orgasming and got off so much I didn't say much. My husband's kinda tiny in that department and the sex was so over whelming and intense I loved it but didn't do the teasing part. But after I did admit the guy was much better in every way. Didn't take much to tell my husband or talk him into doing it again. The best part was being honest I wanted that huge cock really bad and the guy was 100% willing to give me another amazing fuck. This time I made the stand in front of me slapping his huge cock across my husband's little penis. SEE THAT IS A REAL COCK AND IT CAN FUCK SO MUCH BETTER YOU LITTLE PRICK. did turn my husband on it felt weird to me and uncomfortable but he liked it. I used only two fingers stroking his penis when stroking and sucking his friends enormous cock. Testing my husband I made him join me sucking his friend huge cock telling him he needed to show respect. I was surprised either of them resisted my demands and watched my husband give his friend a blow job. I made my husband 69 me while I was on top and his friend pounded my pussy doggie style I looked under my husband hands was playing with his friend cock and balls while her licked my clit and his friends cock and balls while he fucked me. After I told my husband his friend would be fucking me any time I need a bigger cock. Over 3 years and my husband has never complained.

  • I just like being in control of everday things. My first husband was abusive and nothing I did was good enough. Not long after my divorce I met a guy who was really sweet but no sparks I guess you could say. He won me over though, and we've been married a year now. I soon found out he was into being dominated. He talked to me about it and showed me books and stuff on the net, and we decided to try it a little.

    He brought me a paddle and I began using it on him every night. It did more for him than me, but finally I got to liking it, if nothing else as a way to get my frustrations out. That's still mostly what we do, along with slapping. My husband had this scenario where we'd drive to an area where we weren't known, and we'd start talking low, and suddenly I'd slap his face hard and tell him to shut up and get his ass back to the car right now. I really wasn't crazy about trying it, but we did it. We went to a city about 50 miles away and we did this in front of a restuarant. It was almost ruined though by a guy who came up to me and asked if my husband was bothering me. I said no, thanks, mind your own business. My husband liked that I told the guy that.

    In the summer we like to go to a park and he likes to do my nails or give me a massage or foot rub. As for sex, I've gotten more comfortable initiating it, or denying it if I'm really not in the mood. I think that's the thing I get most from the dominance thing. I can finally do what I want without worrying about consequences from him. The more I exert my will, the more he likes it, he's said that himself. That carries over into everyday things, which as I said at first, is more what I get out of it than anything.

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