Abused by mother

I was raised by my mother from as early as I can remember. My father left us when I was three years old. I was lucky to see him once a year, if he felt like comming around to visit for a few hours around Christmas time. He told me once that he left mom because she turned into a fat lazy slob after she gave birth to me.
Mom was a very attractive girl when they met in high school, they got married when she turned 18, then she had me when she was 20. By the time she was 23, she weighed over 300 lbs, and was no longer able to work because of her weight and back problems.
So, anyway, mom was always a mean bitch and treated me like shit. She always blamed me for making her fat. She would show me pictures of her as a cheerleader in high school, and tell me how beautiful she was before I came along. One night, when I was 12, she was drunk, as usual. She pulled out her old photo album and started showing me pictures again. This time, she pulled out a couple of pictures of herself in 12th grade, totally nude. I couldn't believe she was showing me this. She was very beautiful, she had long blond hair, really huge boobs and a nice shaved pussy, and the most sexy round ass I'd ever seen. "See what you did to me?" she asked "look how beautiful I was. And look at me now!" she slowly spun around, to show me her fat body and then looked at me with a big frown on her face. "It's no wonder I haven't been laid in 9 years" she yelled, "no man would want me now." I glanced back down at the nude photos of her, and as I did, she looked down and noticed the bulge in my pants. "What the bloody hell, you little perv, you got a hard-on looking at your own mothers photos?" "You're a sick little fuck, aren't you? Here, take a look at your mommas fat body now." As she said that, she pulled off her shirt and exposed her huge breasts to me. They were really massive, about the size of basketballs. I had never seen real boobs before, and my eyes were glued to them. Her nipples were hard and stuck out a good inch or more. "Here", she said, as she pulled off her pants. "Take a look at my fat ass too." as she pulled off her panties, I noticed her hairy bush, below her fat belly. She saw me stare at it and spread her legs and pulled up her fat belly roll so I could see it better. "Come here, boy" she said as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her crotch. "Suck on your mommas pussy." I nearly gagged as she shoved my face into her hairy bush. She smelled like dirty sweat and piss, as she hadn't showered in a few days. She rubbed her pussy into my face for a few minutes, and I could taste her juices as she started to drip from her sex hole. She pushed me back onto the couch and said "Lets see what you got down here.", as she grabbed my crotch and started pulling down my pants. My six inch cock was now rock hard and throbbing with every beat of my heart. She made me totally undress and told me to follow her into her bedroom. She layed down on her bed and spread her legs wide and said "come here, son, Your going to fuck your mother, and your going to fuck me good, or get your ass paddled." "Okay mom." I said, "but I don't really know what to do." "That's okay little baby. Momma will teach you what to do." she replied.
I slowly climbed on top of my mother. She was fat and ugly and smelled bad, but my virgin cock was still rock hard. She guided my mouth onto one of her huge breasts and said "now suck on mommy's tit like you did when you were a baby. I took her hard nipple into my mouth and sucked on it for a few minutes. Her breasts were warm and soft, and felt wonderful. She then reached down and grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. It was hot and wet, and I could feel it wrapping around my cock like a tight glove. It was the most amazing, beautiful thing I had ever felt. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, as far as my cock would go. As I pulled back out, she pulled me back into her. She started breathing heavily, and after about thirty seconds, I shot a massive load of cum into my mothers pussy. It felt so good that I nearly passed out, but she immediately slapped me hard on my ass and yelled "No, you little shit! You do NOT cum before I do." She then grabbed my head and pushed my face down between her hefty thighs and told me to eat her pussy till my cock gets hard again. I started licking moms stinky pussy as she told me what to do with my mouth and tongue. I sucked what felt like a gallon of my cum out of her vagina. Fortunately, I was hard again within a couple of minutes, and she made me fuck her again. I felt her pussy pulsate and clamp down on my cock as she moaned and quivered. She held me close for about a minute, then she pushed me off of her and slapped me hard across my face, and said "If you ever tell anyone about this, I will beat you till you shit, and cut your throat"
This became a regular occurance with my mom, and she did some really nasty, freaky things to me and my butt hole, until I left home when I was sixteen. I havent talked to my mom in six years, and hopefully never will.

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  • My mom had a riding crop, never knew what is was called until later in life and we were never around horses so not sure why she had it. Whenever I needed to be punished she would make me unzip and expose my penis. She would then give me the amount of whacks she told me I was getting on it with the crop. I was like thirteen I think and she told me I was going to get punished, I pulled out my penis and for some reason it started getting erect quickly. She stood there looking at it then wacked it very hard and told me I better get it to stop getting hard. I could not do it and it just got really hard and stood straight out. She wacked it like ten times with the crop and it stung like hell but did not get soft in the least. She then told me to put it away and get out of her sight.

  • Sad but true stuff like this happen far to often . I grew up with my mom who never had to work because my father was out working day and night so she wouldn't have too. She wore these long floor length sheer gowns at home with nothing under them that didn't leave much to the imagination and nothing if she was outside in the sun or bright light inside . As a teen she started to have an arousing effect on me and I masturbated to her image in my mind . One day she caught me and she dropped her gown too the floor and joined me on my bed . She showed me things I never dreamed of I almost become sick when she pull my face into that wet hairy patch then she got on top me and didn't get up until I went off 3 times . This went on for along time and she got pregnant and I have a sister daughter 15 years younger than me .

  • Now come, come this really did not happen at all your having a lend of us aren't you Buddy ?

  • If it's on the internet, it's gotta be true.

  • I hope were ever you are you will find the happiness you deserve. You were hurt in the most horribale ways imanganible. You can get through it though and thats a promise. Surround yourself with good people and talk about what happend. But also do nice things for yourself. You deserve every good in life. I was abused and raped as a young boy for few years and lived with guilt and shame and to this day still have bad days and flashbacks. But i know there is more good than bad in this world and evil may look like its winning the war. But evil is only winning battles and goodness will win out. Please look after yourself son and stay safe..

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