Got home early

Well last weekend I was working a long shift and my boss told me to go home and get some rest for the next day so when I got home I seen 6 cars at my house music was on and loud. And I cloud hear. What sounded like some one hammering. So I go to go in and this guy I don't know trying to stop me and tell me that the party is over I can't. In well I told him this my house and asked where my wife was he said well I'm very sorry you shouldn't go there. I open the door and all I can smell is weed and sex I look over there's my wife getting hammered by this. Guy and him had the biggest dick I've ever seen. Just fucking my wife. He looks at me and says give me a moment I'm almost done as I'm looking she sucking another's dick. She didn't see me i so I asked if she was having a good time she didn't even look at me and said yeah baby you can have a turn has she is fuming all over this guys. She turns and noticed it was me she jump up so fast I cloud here the the guy dick plop out of her so I looked at her I was so mad I looked at her told her well I see my wife like to fuck get on you knees and she did I let every one fuck her I even made the guy with the huge cock fuck her in her ass. When we all got done I looked at her told her to wash. Up and go to the bed room I asked her to make love me. And she did we when to sleep in the morning I told if she ever dose any thing like this again that it would be the last i love her. But next tome I want to be there for the hole thing then she stoped to her knees and gave me the best blow job that I've ever had.

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  • Yeh the english are mother fuckers and are behind the wheel at 3 driving. so what can you expect. I wish they would all go home.

  • What the fuck?? Who wrote this total bullshit??

  • Hey, your wife is not named Laura, is she?

    I think she may be married to another guy on here as well.

  • You got aids. I'm sorry

  • 'English' motherfucker. Do you speak it?

  • I hope one of the big dicked guys, who fucked your wife, can find my Pakistani, 28 year old virgin fiancée. As a cuck, I think you know what I want to happen more than anything! It involves something permanent and something that squeezes extremely tight.

    Nothing turns me on more!

  • I find this very, very hard to believe

  • I find it very, very hard to read.

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