I fantasize about my dad

(25, AA Female 5'5 100 pounds for the curious?)
Okay this is really embarrassing, but when I get super horny I watch father/daughter porn. I have neverr been abused or anything by my dad, and we had a very bad relationship. I don't like him at all. But sometimes I wonder if he was attracted to me. He gave me a spanking once (with a belt) when I was 13. When I was younger I wore skimpy clothes around the house, no bra (mom told me to stop when I got older.) anyway when I think about this I start to touch myself because the perversion turns me on so much. Sometimes I have set dreams about him, and *sometimes* fantasize about all that during sex with my husband, but I don't let myself. When I masturbate it's a different story tho! I want to let myself go and just fantasize about it But I feel so dirty ??

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  • At 15 my dad bent me over pushing up my skirt and noticed without panties on my lips between my legs asking me if i shaved this while rubbing around tossing one leg high allowing his fingers to penetrate telling me a little hair needs to be above here with other hand swirling my clit. i was never embarrassed but suprisingly liked the way he got rough and sexy asking if i wanted people to see my hairless pussy under my little skirt really rubbing me nearly wet. i dont know if id stop him from touching me sexually.

  • Good girl. I am giveing my daughter sex the last year. Shes twelve and sweet..

  • Dirty filthy and disgusting is good the more dirty the better dirty makes sex more exciting, dirty and filthy thoughts are fantastic you can have sex with anybody in your mind, the more a taboo thought the more pleasure it gives you can fuck anybody in your mind, I regularly think of my mother when I am ejaculating in side my wife,
    some thoughts I dare not mention they are so disgusting

  • You feel ‘dirty’ because this IS ‘dirty.’
    Sex is SUPPOSED to be/feel ‘dirty.’

    Which is why you need those ‘sometimes fantasies’ for sex to be what it’s supposed to be – for you.

    Consider cultivating a ‘filthy mind.’

    Do you think you could ‘morph’ this fantasy into other fetish interests?

  • Yeh so is my cousin. but nofuck island bear won't help her much as she things.

  • You should try talking to your husband about your fantasy. If he's into it maybe you and him can roleplay. I think it's super hot and if my wife told me that I'd be down for it in a second

  • Im almost 12 and mom and dad spank me and I want them to stop cause im to old. But when my dad spanks me it feels kind of weird down there. Plus mom said if I keep act up and get into trouble then im going to keep getting spanked..

  • I'm sorry they spank u bb, I agree you are too old. You should try telling ur mom how you feel about being spanked since you are becoming a young woman now.

  • You were realy kind and nice and I realy wanted to tell you somehing and I realy meant it I wish you were my mom. But think you said your husband would not want to have a kid. But thanks for being nice and big hug an xxxx

  • Your so kind and im in bed and im bored. Mom smacked my bum realy hard and made me go to bed early and dad came in from work and mom told him what I did and he came up and used my hairbrush and slapped my bum 11 times on my panties. Mom spanked me loads of times on my bare bum and I said im to old but she kept smacking my bum and I was crying. Im so mad at them because im 12 in june and its not fair. My stupid sister was teaseing me and laufghing. I hate her so much..xxxxxxx

  • Thanks so much. I asked mom loads of times not to spank me and I hate it because sometimes they spank me without my panties and its realy embarssing. But mom said no and if I stop getting into trouble at school and stop act up at home then they would not have to spank me. I wish I lived with another family because my big sister is always doing stuff and only gets grounded and Im grounded this week end and mom said im going to get spanked before bed and said im going to bed early. I got into a fight with my sister and called her a b word and slapped her and mom seeing me hitting her and smacked my bum and now im in my room crying because she said she be up soon. Hugs paige xxxx

  • Awww bb this makes me sad ur mom sounds like a real B. When my dad spanked me that time I thought about letting out a moan, to freak him out. Maybe try that so they get the point. That's really bad advice but look where u are :(

  • I wish I could live with you and you sound realy kind and nice. Mom just called me for school and I have to get a shower and get dressed and she gave out to me and said im never too hit anybody again and because im grounded she said im go to bed early again all week end and I have to do my homework and come straight home after school and i just said its not fair and mom said her and dad talked about it and thats final and she said shes going out later and dads going to spank me before bed and shes going too spank me tomorrow at bed time and I was meant to meet my friends on saturday and told mom but she said no and if I kept argueing with her that she would spank me now and I be grounded for even longer. I would be realy embarassed too do what you said because my face does be already red when they spank me. Especialy when dad spanks me and they dont let me keep my panties on. My sisters so mean cause she kept come in my room yesterday and say mom was saying im realy bold and that im in so much trouble. Thanks for being so nice. Better get my shower now. Love paige and hugs xxxx

  • Aww bb u don't want to live with me I'd make a terrible mother. Grounding is not that bad, I know it sucks but just wait it out. One day she won't be able to ground you sweetie. As for them spanking you with your panties off that is just wrong it makes me angry.

  • I mean it and wish you were my mom because I want to run away and you are realy kind. Im realy bored and dad said im to sleep and I cant and my sister keeps comeing in and annoying me. Hugs and xxxx paige. Wish I could live with you and you were my mom..

  • Im in bed and im crying and my bum is so sore and my dads so mean and im realy bored. I realy want to run away and live with you. You are so kind and I wish you were my mom and my sister came in again and kept saying im grounded and that im stupid and said im a bold brat. Shes so horribale and I dont like her. I wish you were my mom and I mean it.. love and hug paige xxxxxx

  • Awww you are such a sweetheart. You will be fine I promise!! Stay at home and do your best in school. I left the house early (17) and you can too if you learn about how to handle money! You can't be my daughter but I believe in you and wish you the best!!

    P.S if your parents or ANYONE in your family touches you in a way you know is wrong, make sure you tell a trusted adult, maybe someone at school. Be safe sweetie

  • I could not find this for ages and I wanted too tell you something. Hugs paige xxxx

  • Im in my room and I have to do my home work and I hoped you be able to get back to me. My dads bringing me for new trainers later and im happy. Pluss im going to a party on sunday. I wanted to ask you something and I no you said you cant be my mom but I just wish you were. Your realy kind and nice. Big hugs paige xxxx

  • Were home and im in bed and im realy bored and mom smacked my bum again. I realy wish I could live with you and mom told me to go asleep and wont let me read and took my ipad and I cant even watch tv or read. My sister is even at party and I dont think its fair. Im realy bored and tired now. Hugs and xxxx paige and I feel like running away

  • Hi. Im in my cousins bedroom and mom and dad are down stairs cause mom told my anti I was grounded and my cousins are out playing now and wish I could go out and play with them. I realy wish I could live with you and its realy boreing. Hugs paige xxxx

  • Please can I live with you. Your so kind and realy nice and I have lots of money. Mom smacked my bum again for calling my sister a b word and I told her she started it and was teaseing me and mom said I should not be curseing and im doing it alot and even said about getting in trouble at school and I was telling her im not getting spanked and she did and used my hairbrush. I was crying and told her shes mean and should smack my sister and not let her go to party and she did not listen and put me to bed and said I have stay in bed till were going to my cousins and said I better not act up again or else and she said shes going bring my hairbrush to my cousins. My bum is so sore and I realy want to live with you if you let me. Please hugs and xxxxx paige

  • Honestly sweetheart, if I lived alone I probably would adopt u. But even if you could book passage to where I live, and even if we could afford all the legalities (because I would surely be taken to court for kidnapping and probably child endangerment because you are very much a minor), I still have a husband who believe me would veto this idea. But sweetie if you need somebody to talk to I will gladly be here for you if you want. <3333

  • I wanted to tell you something about my stupid cousin jason cause you were realy kind and nice and its ok. I realy ment it and wish you were my mom. Hugs paige xxxx

  • I wanted to tell you something about my stupid cousin jason. Because you said I could tell you and hes not nice and I hate him because anytime I see him he gets me to do stuff. I m getting ready for school and Im grounded again for calling my sis the b word. Your not get back but.I feel like crying because I.want to run away and live with you if you let me. Hugs xxxx paige

  • Im realy angry cause im in bed and I hate my sister so much and called her a b word and now im grounded and its not fair. Thats why I want you to be my mom if you want. My sister is dumb and always gets me in trouble. Mom hared me and made me go to bed and grounded me again and said shes go to have talk with me after school tomoro. I hate my stupid family cause there all mean. I wanted to tell you something but its ok. Hugs and xxxx paige

  • Im going to school and wish you got back to me. Because I wanted to tell you something. Hugs xxxx paige and I mean it I wish you could be my mom and I said even have money you can have for food. Bye bye luv you..

  • Im in bed and bored and cant even sleep. Wish you were my mom and can tell.you things. Hugs.xxxx.paige

  • Im in my room ages and doing my home work. Because dad said I was grounded for being on my ipad in bed when I was meant to be going asleep and I had a bad day in school. My sister stuck her tounge out at me and was smileing when mom told me I was to go to my room because dad told her I was on my ipad last night in bed. I dont want to tell mom I got a note in my jounal from my teacher and im scared cause shes go to see it when she checks my home work. I wish you can get back to me because your realy nice and kind and Ieven though you said I cant live with you I realy wish I could. You said about when somebodys doing something thats not nice and my cousin jason is not nice. I wish you were my mom if you wanted to be and wish I had a nice sister and I realy hate my cousin jason.hugs xxxx paige and I counted my money and guess how much I have. I cant beleave it I have 257 and you can have it all and plus I get more in saturday and you can have that also.

  • Im going to sleep and my eyes are closeing and my dad came up and asked why I was not asleep and saw my ipad and took it and now im grounded tomorrow and im realy tired and mad. Your realy kind and nice. Nightey night and thanks. Hugs xxxx paige and I realy wish you could be my mom

  • Im in bed and had bath and dad said I cant even read and said I have to go asleep now and if I mess or get out of bed I be in trouble and I said its not fair. But dad said he smack my bum and I be grounded tomorow and he turned my light out and its not fair. Im crying and im bored and hope you can get back to me and I even said I can give you my allowance and I saved loads of money. I feel like running away and wish you were my mom and even if you said you cant I wish you were and I bet you would be a great mom because your realy nice and kind. I wish I could live with you and your husband and thats if he let me live with yous. Hugs paige xxxx

  • My sister came in my room again and was annoying me few minutes ago and said im dumb and a brat and said shes glad im grounded and glad mom smacked my bum. I told her to leave me alone and get out and she just said ok brat and I wanted to hit her and say get lost. My moms gone out and dad said I have be in bed at 7 after my bath. Its not fair and its realy boreing and hope my sister dies because shes mean. I wish yous would let me live with you and I feel like running away and I told you I even have loads of money and you can have it. I have to have bath and your realy kind and nice. Hugs and xxxx paige

  • I wish you were my mom and thanks for being kind and nice. Hugs and xxxx paige

  • Thanks and im in my room again and I hate being grounded. Mom smacked my bum again yesterday and my sister is always teaseing me and she hardley gets in trouble. I have loads of money from my allowance and you can have it. I hate my sister so much and wish I could live with yous. Your husband might like me and im not a brat like my sister calls me. I had to stay in my cousins room on my own yesterday and they were out playing. Your realy kind and nice and I do wish you could let me live with you. Hugs and xxxx paige

  • I hate my sister so much and she came in again and kept saying im not allowed out with my friends and shes going to her friends party later and I was going to hit her and I told her to leave and said b word and she told my mom and mom said shes tired of my curseing and I told her she started it and mom told her to not go into my room and said she sort me out for curseing later and I had my breakfast and mom made me go back to my room. Im realy bored and hate my sister. She should not be allowed gi to her friends party now and I have money and wish you were my mom and lived with you because your realy kind and realy nice. Hugs paige xxxx

  • Im in bed and realy bored and at least I have my ipad. Were going to our cousins today and I hate my cousin jason because hes not nice when people dont look. Why could I not live with you and be your daughter. You are realy kind and your not mean like my sister is. Im not even that bold like my sister says and she.always says im a brat and other stuff and I realy.wanted to see my friends today and mom wont let me. I wish I could run away and live with you and thats if you want me to. I have lots of money that I save from my allowance. Big hugs and xxxx paige

  • Im home from school and mom told me to do my home work and stay in my room till tea time. I hate her and im so mad and I could live with you because you would not smack my bum and I bet you are a nice mom and grounding does stink cause I wanted to see my friends saturday. I want to run away and wish you were my mom. Im not even bold and I hate my sister because she keeps teaseing me and she gets away with lots of stuff and I do wish you were my mom and I better do my home work. You are so kind and I wish I could live with you. My mom said dada going to slap my bum becuse im get out of hand and im not. I want run away to you if you want me to because Its not fair. Big hug and thanks xxxxxxx. Wish you were my mom..paige and your so nice...

  • You MEN are freaking idiots!

  • Fuck off nobody invited you to this conversation

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