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I got married at 20, my husband was my first and only lover for many many years. There reached a time we just kind of coexisted, sex was a couple times a month and mediocre at best. When I turned 40 I felt my life was getting by me. We tried counseling, or rather I did. He was never interested and refused to really participate. I filed for divorce at 42 and started living. The day I moved out I still had only known one man, but that has changed. To date I am 48 have had 25 more. Sometimes I feel like a slut, sometimes I don’t care. I’ve had older, younger, very much younger, black, Hispanic, male and female. I’ve discovered new things if only read about (50 shades of grey type stuff), even some group activity. Turns out there’s a lot of people out there who’re very interested in an upper 40s blonde with big boobs, who takes care of herself. Feel free to ask me anything.

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  • Married 40 years -- had 1 affair, she picked me up, left no doubt of her intentions. I often meet ladies who I think want a sexual tryst, but I'm too chicken to push for it -- thinking maybe she's just real friendly and I'll offend my new friend. Usually they're married. How do you get picked up? Is there a nice way, or code, they ask you for sex? My wife won't mind -- she's no saint either.

  • Good for you. I have found that older women are better in bed than any young girl . They always know what they want and they know how to get it. So stop thinking about the past and keep living. The next time you are with some young lover , give hubby a call and ask him how he is doing. I bet you will love the experience and get a real charge out of it.

  • My only regret is waiting so long. So many wasted years.

  • Any regrets ?

  • `My current girlfriend is a hot 55 year old divorcee whom has been around the block more then a couple times since the divorce. I am 30 years old, I am with this women because I never met a women that could satisfy my sexual urges like her. True female stud in bed. Last weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) we screwed 11times. She is open to everything. She has brought girl friends and boy friends into our bed. On out first date I fucked her in the ass. I had never done that before. She is into bondage whips chains really cool chick. I have been living with her for the past three years and have no intention of leaving her. I never thought I would be living with a women one year younger than my mother and loving it.

  • Awesome! My husband left me for a younger woman. I’m 39. I worked out and felt much better about myself after a fee months and started going out again recently. So many young guys approach me now, like you said black, Latin, white of all sorts. I know they see me and just know their chances of getting me into bed are better than getting a woman their age into bed quickly, so I don’t bother. I need a man, not a man boy who is going to just use me to masturbate inside of me. Now, I have done that already with three young guys, and I learned my lesson.

  • Yeah a little exploring has revealed sever likes/dislikes. Young men are fun for a minute. But nothing makes you feel cheaper. Black wasn’t what I expected either. Talk about quick draw. And not really so much bigger as rumor goes. Hispanic, now they’re good lovers. They’ve got this way of moving those hips that’s like nothing else. I love sleeping with women. I’d have never thought I’d go for that, and I could never be “with” a woman, like in a relationship. But sex with a woman is unreal. Men or women I like them mature. Two of my favorites are a 68 year man, and a 56 year woman. I keep both of theirs numbers handy.

  • Well, never too old to become a slut and pick up a VD. Congratulations, you may be desirable at 48, but no one wants and old slut. You'll die and old maid and alone if you continue your ways.

  • Her best before date ain't expired yet, my friend.

  • No, but she'll expire early if she gets VD.

  • Sex is so necessary in this life, I can’t go a week without getting laid. When I break up with my bf I automatically find myself someone to play with. I finally met someone that I can click with again, but he’s boring, doesn’t like to go out, so last night I went out with the girls, with no intention on messing around. But I ran into a family friend, I’ve always found him to be cute, we started dancing, and I asked if he wanted to take me home, I forgot he was married, but we ended up down 5he block from my house, and we fucked in the car, best 20 mins of my life. Hoping to meet back up with him again soon

  • Love it

  • I’m always getting myself in to that kind of trouble. Just some flirting, then I’m legs up in the back of a car.

  • Glad to hear you're enjoying your sex life. I believe sex is very important. Not just any sex but some spicy sex. Do have any fantasy u want to explore?

  • Golf clap.

  • He is mad for letting you go, would you have done that sort of thing with him?

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