Rich people are strange

My husband is a businessman who deals with some very wealthy people. One of who he gets along with really well. He regularly invites my husband on business trips abroad his yacht leaving me at home to play with myself. I finally met this wealthy man and we hit it off right away. Surprisingly he invited me to the next business trip. I could tell my husband didn't approve but what could he say. The first night on the yacht I was giving an itinerary of the evening to come, drinks, dinner, show, and finally drinks. I wondered what the show was and asked a few people, but never received an answer. After dinner we were led into a room with some chairs facing a bed. It was kind of odd, but I took my seat next to my husband and few other people including our host. A young man and woman entered who looked to be maybe 20 years old. They sat on the bed and started kissing, then touching, and finally they removed their clothes. I have to admit I was little uncomfortable, but I kept watching. They proceeded to give eachother oral sex and finally they had straight up raw sex. The more they fucked the rougher it got. He bit this womans nipple so hard they started to bleed. She clawed his chest to the point he was raw. It was crazy. I never want to go on a trip like that again.

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  • Welcome to Trump and Epstein world. Now that you attended such evevts, they can and will blackmail you for information and force you to also commit such acts.

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