My God what have I done

My husband's friends were teasing me , calling me chubby and names like that one night after they watched sports and got drunk. My husband was so drunk he was throwing up. They started in on me again saying stuff like I wear alot of clothes to cover my fat and laughing at me. I have no excuse why I did what I did , but I went to my bedroom stripped into just my bra and panties put my robe on and went back to the man cave. All of a sudden they stopped laughing. I opened my robe and said I'm not fat . I cheated on my husband that night with his friends. I couldn't stop them after I flashed them. Oh God what have I done. This happened on Sunday November 26th today is Tuesday I'm receiving text messages from them and phone calls.

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  • Super bowl Sunday my husband had 7 of his friends over for a party and I ended up being the hostess. Half time and the guys started in getting a bit permisquious and started in on me and shortly it became a grab fest and when I was in the kitchen getting more drink to serve then Jason came ibn gave me a kiss t6elling me what a good hostess I was and how good I looked in the outfit I was wearing then he kissed my ear and asked if I was wearing anything beneath my skirt I started to answer him but he pressed his lips against mine and began really giving me deep kisses. Soon I started in giving him some back and then I felt his hands go beneath my skirt and take hold of my cheeks pulling me tight against him as he pushed his toung deeper into my mouth and his hard cock against my pelvic. I didn't even feel him slide my panties down the next thing I know is I had his hard cock between my legs slowly fucking my legs till he picked me up and pointed his cock right at my puss and he entered me in three thrusts and it didn't take him long to give me his cum holding himself deep in me telling me what a good hostess I was kissing me again and again. I told him w3e got to stop and he said never god you felt so tight on me I gotta have more of you and he asked if I was going to be busy tomorrow around 9am and I kissed him and told him with you and he really held me tight and gave me one of his wonderful kisses lasting way to long for I was turned on all over again.

  • Alcohol can bring out people's true desires. It just may be time for you to realize that it's something you wanted. it probably turned you on to hear the men calling you names and it's obvious that you wanted them to fuck you , why else would you have exposed yourself to them, you had to know what would happen. I applaud you for doing it and encourage you to let them have you more and more. Be the slut we all think you are.

  • I don't know that I can continuously be that kind of girl

  • Good girl, wish my wife would do that, such a turn on

  • How many guys did you have sex with ?

  • Four

  • Just curious: did your husband know? Were the other guys married or have gf's?

  • So far I believe he doesn't know , and all but one has either a wife or serious girlfriend

  • You've already let them fuck you , now you have to continue or they will probably tell your husband that you're a slut

  • Tell them that it was a one time thing, it's never going to happen again, and that they need to stop the messages.

    As a general rule, stay out of the man cave on game day. Just go shopping or something. When my husband has friends over for games, it's a booze fest with a lot of comments of the sexual variety, directed at me, as I'm usually the only woman there. They look for an excuse to engage in bad behavior, and they will take it, if you allow it. Define your boundaries and comfort zone.

  • You're absolutely right about being a booze fest and me being the only woman there. Thank you for the support

  • Soooo sexy I love your post

  • Ty but I'm worried about the end result now

  • Don't be worried - you experienced the greatest fantasy a woman can have! Have you ever masturbated to the thought of being taken by multiple men at once? I say you keep on doing it, but only as a group, so no one gets needlessly jealous on you.

  • Oh that's a different way of looking at it hmmm

  • Just don't get caught

  • Trying not to

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