Halloween party

I told my husband I would post this story here, so enjoy. Jason my husband and I were invited to a Halloween party last Saturday. I went as a sexy ghost and Jason went was the reaper. The party was very fun and the alcohol was flowing very freely. At the end of the night I was drunk and so was Jason's friend Allen. Jason wasn't drunk so he agreed to give Allen a ride home. We including me tried to get jim in his house. No idea why I helped, I was drunk too. We got Allen in the house but as we did he started feeling me up under my costume. Me being drunk kept telling him if he was going to rub me he was gonna have to fuck me. Jason encouraged him to do more. That's when he pulled my top down exposing me and started sucking on my breast. We made it into the couch where I dropped him. I pulled down his pants and started sucking him. Jason watched as I took Allen's dick in my mouth. Then he started fucking me from behind. Later I got on top of Allen and fucked him while I sucked off Jason. Allen finally shot inside me before we went home. That was the first time I ever fucked another person with my husband. Too bad for Allen he doesn't even remember the night. He keeps saying we need to do it again because of not remembering but I keep saying no.

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  • If Jason is good with it why not? Not your first rodeo. Wife wants a 3 some like that and I'm all for it. But we don't want a local friend -- Twice on vacation we had prospects but she just could say 'come to our room, I want to suck you off while my husband fucks me.' 10 years ago she gave me and a buddy birthday blowjobs while skinny dipping in our pool -- while his wife encouraged her. (booze related) - Actually I felt a little embarrassed the next day. Felt like a husband shouldn't be part of that. - His wife sent my wife flowers. She doesn't give BJ's. I'm pretty sure she gave him a couple more but they don't tell me so I don't feel bad.

  • Me and the wife have a group of friends who are risky and fun. We regularly dare eachother to do thinks. One of our guy friends dared my wife to wear a painted on costume this year for Halloween. I honestly didn't think my wife would do it, but when she found a professional painter in our area and told me she had an appointment the day of the party, I knew she was for real. She came home in this painted on costume of a cop. I went as the inmate. Surprisingly when you looked straight at her, you couldn't tell she wasn't wearing anything. Matter a fact, when we showed up at the party, the guy who dared her said "I knew you would chicken out". Our friends had to take a second look to see she was in fact buck ass naked. Obviously she was center of attention all night, especially when she was sitting. Then I finally noticed the paint had worn off on her pussy area, so when she was sitting we could clearly she her everything. By the end of the night the paint was pretty well smudged and worn off in a lot of places, beer being spilled in her probably contributed to that. So by then her tits were clearly visible along with her pussy. A lot of the guys just wanted to fuck her right there, including the guy who dared her. She asked me if we could give him a special treat for the idea that won her the costume party. I agreed, so she took him to car and let him fuck her before we left. It was all good though, because I was fucking the guys wife in the bathroom while they were in the car.

  • One year I went as a sexy witch, my husband followed me back to the bathroom during the party. When I was finished he stripped off my thong and put it in his pocket, he told me that I looked incredibly hot in the costume and numerous men had told him how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous wife. Hours later one of the guys was on the floor from having to much to drink, a few of us were checking on him and I forgot that I had nothing on under my skirt. He announced to everyone around him that he could see my pussy and then asked me if I needed a ride on his face. Everyone died laughing and then several other guys laid down on the floor and announced they needed to be checked on. We all had a great laugh about it and when we left my husband told me that I was sitting on his face when we got home.

  • So very happy you had a fucking good time

  • I would love to watch my loving wife act like a slut

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