Wife's thanksgiving trip

My wife and I are in our late 50's. We very seldom have sex anymore. I was thinking maybe it was me. She went to visit her family over Thanksgiving. I was home alone for a week. On the way back from the airport. I stopped at a out of the way bar, Sunday afternoon. I was chewing the fat with a young lady. She was teasing me about being old. We ended up leaving and took her to my house for some very wet and sticky sex. The sheets was soaked I was in total bliss Sunday night. I called in sick at work Monday to enjoy more. It was years ago since I was that drained. I have a gal pal that I said in a text later on in the week I'm home alone until Friday. Joking back and forth I said I'll pick you up after thanksgiving dinner. I'll take you home for desert, she loved that idea. I went and picked her up. That ended up being round two of being home alone. I did feel some guilt when I picked my wife up Friday at the airport. I did learn something, I'm not a bad lover. I heard O MY GOD enough this past week. I'm going to have to have a heart to heart about the lack of sex. I felt so alive this past week

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  • Thank goodness there is woman that love sex to make up for the lack of

  • I wish I had the answer, I love my wife. I'm not ready to hang up sex. Last time We had sex was on our boat. It was in August 2017, It was a nice afternoon. I went down to the cabin area. She was naked in bed, I was the same very quickly. Might have something to do with wine. Thank goodness I can find a lover

  • My wife and I are in our late 50's and have sex everyday. What is it with to many women that won't fuck?

  • This is exactly why I love to travel so much for my job, I spend a week away from my wife and screw anything that will come to my hotel room with me.

  • When I was 24-36 in my so call prime I barely had sex either and it wasn't by my choice. No matter how much talking and counseling the Ex would not change her game plan. I fired her and she wondered why? For 22 years my wife and I have had sex on the norm daily. It doeesn't have to be the way you are living. I'm not surprised you stepped out when given the opportunity

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