I cheated with my boyfriend's bestfriend

My boyfriend treats me good and loves me like no one else ever has. We have open discussions about our desires and past lovers. I'm insanely jealous of him when he talks to other girls but I know he hasn't cheated. What's more is he asked me if I ever cheat to not do it with his friend Dan. Well I tried to resist him but he was such a charming good looking man after a few months of him flirting with me I started to want him. Then 2 weeks ago Dan, his wife, my boyfriend, and I went out partying and everyone had their fill. We went back to Dans place. His wife and my boyfriend ended up crashing out leaving Dan and I alone. It started innocently he had his hand on my leg as we talked and was rubbing it up and down. When he asked if I wanted another drink i agreed and as he got up to get the drinks and I couldn't help but look at his crotch and I noticed he was erect. He must have seen me checking it out and when he came back with the drinks he was behind me and as he put the drinks on the table he put his hands on my shoulders and gently messaged them. Then he held my head in his hands and kisses me. Not sure if it was the alcohol or what but I kissed him back. He went right for my breasts (I've got good size perky breasts on my small body) and he proceeded to unbutton my shirt and feel me up, it felt good. After a few minutes he picked me up and took me in the back yard where he had a blanket already layed out. After he put me down he layed next to me and as we made out he started unbuttoning my shorts. I should have stopped him but I was so turned on I couldn't. He really knew how to use his fingers and brought me to an orgasm. The next thing I know he is kneeling in front of me removing my daisy dukes then takes off my panties and finished taking off my shirt. I was completely naked and he took a minute to look me over before he bent down and put his tongue in me and got me wanting him even more. He worked his way up my body with his tongue from my belly button to my breasts then we were kissing again when he entered me. He started slow but after a minute or two he was so excited that we were going at it full speed ahead. He went deeper than anyone else ever has. I started to cum and could tell he was close, then he whispered into my ear that I am the best one, he then exploded inside me. It was really good sex I know it's wrong but I couldn't help myself. I got up and went to lay down with my boyfriend and he was getting up to use the bathroom and asks where I was. I told him I was getting a drink of water. When we cuddled up he asked me if I had fun? Then he went to sleep holding me.

Dan called me this week. We met and talked while my boyfriend was at work. I asked him what he meant when he said I was the best one? He confessed he has slept with other girlfriends of my boyfriend. I didn't sleep with Dan again but he wanted me to and I also wanted to but I didn't.

I think my boyfriend either knows or suspects something. I know he really loves me. I'm thinking of confessing to my boyfriend but I don't want to loose him. Not sure if he can forgive me? Anyone ever been through this?


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  • Your boyfriend should not be friends with this Dan guy that seems to have a competitive need to bed all his girlfriends.

  • Have you told your boyfriend? If you do it'll probably destroy him and your relationship if you don't and he finds out he will never trust you.

  • Sounds like your you want the friend Dan. Was he better than your boyfriend?

  • I think you loved it.

  • He already knows, which is likely what he meant when he asked if you had "fun." You should let him even the score and let him fuck Dan's wife. That's only fair.

  • Feign ignorance. Quit being a whore.

  • How hypocrite of you, you don't want him to talk to other girls and yet you fucked with his friend, who himself was married. You don't deserve the guy and you're basically a homewrecker.

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