Upset Boyfriend (Spring Break)

A couple of weeks ago a few female friends of mine and I spent 4 days in Mexico for spring break. My boyfriend couldn't go, had to work, but I'm still in college, so I was off.

We spent our time drinking, clubbing, and sight seeing. One of the clubs was having a wet t-shirt contest, and one of my friends said, "We should enter. We have nice tits." I laughed it off, but she was serious. I thought, what the hell, this might be fun. They were giving away cash prizes too. We talked to the people who worked there and they had us sign some paperwork, and we were good to go.

The event was a major rush. Packed club, very loud crowd, loud music, crazy party environment. They gave us shirts to wear beforehand (it was sponsored) and said they would spray us onstage, but other than that, they said just dance a bit and have fun. Other than my shirt, I was just wearing denim shorts and pretty unsexy panties.

There were about 15 girls in the contest, and I knew pretty much right away I wasn't going to win. Some of those girls were freaky--not just flashing tits, but showing pussy and twerking like experts. They had the crowd going crazy.

When it was my turn, I danced and took of my wet top to show my tits. Everyone liked them. The crowd all wanted to see more, so I briefly dropped my shorts and panties and shook my ass a little, giving them a peek at my pussy. It was a little much for me, I was really nervous, so I only showed it for maybe 30 seconds. And that was it. I didn't make it to the next round, so I went back and got dressed.

Word has gotten around about our trip, and now my boyfriend is really upset. I told him the truth about the t-shirt contest, but I didn't fuck anyone the whole time I was gone. It was just fun with friends. My boyfriend isn't talking to me, he's very depressed, and I think we're going to break up if we can't get this straightened out. I don't think being in a stupid wet t-shirt contest is that big of a deal.

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  • You just had some fun. No big deal.

  • He should be turned on to no end that you showed your pussy and body to other men. what a turn on he will learn that when he gets older.

  • Tell him he does not own you, he cannot control your behaviour, you have done nothing wrong, and dump him.

  • Now you know how us men feel when we get blamed for showing off by a jealous gf.. Suck it up slut !

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