I liked it more

I'm a woman in my 30s, married. I just want to confess that I seduced and fucked someone from my biological family. And I liked it much more than sex with anybody else. MUCH more.

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  • Add me on Snapchat. Any incest andyc2104. Say incest so I know where u from.

  • I would love to hear a lot more please. With details

  • Things have been getting ugly with my husband. He has never hit me or anything, but we argue and insult each other a lot. So not very long ago we decided to split for a while, and I moved in with my brother.
    My brother and I are nearly the same age, we were born pretty much "back to back" (he's the older one), and always got along well. But growing up there was always this tension... we hit puberty at the same time, and even if I say so myself, we've always been pretty attractive people, both of us. There was this innocent flirting all the time, but nothing ever came out of it. I do remember telling myself how hot he was every now and then.
    So I move in and he was very good to me. He's always been single. And he supports me through the whole thing, which has been rather ugly, so to help me take my mind off of it, he keeps taking me out with friends, or just us alone to the movies. And then the flirting starts again, first innocent things like "that dress looks good on you", just to make me feel good. But I noticed he kept looking at me during a night out dancing with friends. And the compliments first turned into things like "you looked incredible", to remarks about how a dressed brought out my body... which turned me on. I figured he was into it, so I started dressing a little sexier, and he made me know he noticed with the same kind of remarks... so I made a move. I set up a night out dancing with friends, except I didn't tell any of them so it looked like they couldn't make it... so I had my brother for myself. Nothing unusual at first, but I made sure to "accidentally" graze my ass against his crotch... and a few minutes later he figured no one around us knew who we were, so his hands were all over me... and then insided me on the cab back home.
    We didn't speak, we knew it would ruin it if we did, but then the rush of it just overwhelmed us... the taboo just made it impossibly hot to resist, even if we knew the potential consequences. (Cont'd)

  • So I let him take me and fuck me even without a condom, if we were gonna take the risk I wanted to feel him fully. Having a man desire me so hard and penetrate me after such a long time was hot enough, but the knowledge that he was my brother turned me on so much I came very quickly... and then again, and again, until his belly was wet with my juices. And he was so turned on too he came at me hard and rough, like I had never been fucked before, and I liked it so much. That feeling only got better by the taboo of having my own brother cum insied of me and have his sweaty body collapse out of pleasure over me... One of the bets nights of my life, at least.

  • Best sex I ever had has been with my sister

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