How would i get my dad interested in me?

I dont want to make it obvious that im a horny for him but all i think about when im horny is touching my dads dick or being sexual
with him

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  • Show him your pussy. That's what I did when I was 9 years old, and Daddy's been fucking me ever since.

  • Be flirty and more revealing. Watch a move with him and start rub his leg. See how he reacts. If you doesn't say anything keep going.

    Im curious about one of my wifes cousins

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  • Whats ya age

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  • Are you a Man , Guy or Boy ? ot RU A Woman or a Girl ? and whats ya Age ? may i ask

  • Girl 18

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  • You should only do something if you of legal age. Try wear more revealing clothes around the house and be flirty with your dad. Be very affectionate towards your dad eg lots of cuddles, kisses and hand holding. When holding his hand try rubbing your thumb up and down his hand. Sometimes it's little things that can increase intimacy. When you kiss your dad try to kiss him on lips and make it last longer than it should, eventually open mouth kissing would really help and most likely lead to sex. Your dad needs to be given clear signs that you are available for sex, us men aren't very good with riddles or slight hints! If you are successful please remember birth control.

  • Your dad will be interested in you but not in the way you think, you need to do a test

  • Please tell how old you are

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