I'm another mans girlfriend

I've been going with my current girlfriend for about nine years. What she doesn't know is that although she's my girlfriend I'm another mans girlfriend. I have been involved with him for about four years now. About three times a week when I can get away from her and get to his place I dress up very sexy for him in tight skirts and high heels and we climb in his bed and have sex almost all night long. I hate to admit it but the sex with him is better then the sex I have with her. He is so much more creative. ( and he stays horny all the time.) And I let him do whet ever he wants to do to me. ( I had never been finger fucked until I met him ) And boy, at times he can get pretty nasty. Like the time he was fucking me and jacking me off at the same time as we lay on a pile of old dirty cloths in his bedroom. I never came so hard in all my life. Then after that he rolled me over and fucked me for another 30 minutes or so, until he exploded in me. Cum ran out of my ass for a long time after that. And the feeling I get being all dressed up for him is just like nothing I ever felt before. I can't explain it. It keeps me horny all the time when I'm dressed like a whore. He loves it when I suck his dick and he's not so bad in that department himself. When he sucks me off I have to really grit my teeth to keep from cumming the instant he goes down on me. And I don't have to ever worry about my girlfriend ever finding out about us either because she hardly ever touches me at all. In nine years she has never sucked my dick or even touched it that I can remember. She won't allow me to eat her pussy and she never dresses sexy at all. I have a nine inch dick and I'm not letting it go to waste. Somebody 's going to get it. Be it woman or tranny, I'm fucking somebody. What do you think. Should I keep up my little secret or should I stop and just have a boring sex life.??

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  • You found what works for you and I hope you stay comfortable with it. I have quite a few married crossdressing friends who are in sexless marriages. They enjoy guilt free sex with me and they don't have to bug their wives for sex. The decision to leave your wife or not and how that will affect your child is separate from your crossdressing life. Don't let one influence the other. Oh, and enjoy the crossdressing as much as you can while you are younger. While there are many older crossdressers out there in their 50's, 60's, and 70's, age has a way of catching up to you and you will never look better than you do now. The time is now! Don't waste it!

  • Just enjoy it. You might want to let her know someday if the sex part of your relationship is dead. seems like you're fine with it and she doesn't want sex so enjoy. And really, who cares who knows. like you said, that's exactly what you are, a sissy. What is she going to do, take the kid away? is she vindictive?
    also, how can you have never admitted to yourself before this that you love dressing as a woman and having sex with men? 4 years.....you've been taking D for 4 years.....

  • The two of you don;t need to be living together to raise a kid properly. as long as you aren't both assholes you can work it out being separated. then you can both go on with your relationships apart and you can be the sissy you are, or get another girlfriend if you want both things. but tell her you also like dicks

  • False. Children need a stable, two parent home. Your first priority is to your kids. Your own happiness comes after. And you’re crazy if you think you can have a rational, mutual, constructive relationship with her after you come clean about this. Women are vindictive. She will make your life, and your child’s life miserable just to spite you. Keep it in the closet until the child is older. Then do what you want.

  • Just dump the girlfriend. You’re not married and she’s a prude. Why even stay with her

  • I really want to dump her but we have a child together. I think that's the only thing that's keeping us together. Plus I've never really admitted to myself that I enjoy wearing women's clothes and having a boyfriend and enjoy having kinky sex all the time. I keep fighting the thought that I'm a sissy. None of my friends know. I would die if any of them found out. But the truth is that's exactly what I am.

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