Eyes Dont Lie

Had i Not walked in and caught my Best Friends Wife in the middle of it... I Would Not have Believed it was true.
Ok , this happened about 3 years ago. I was stayin with my best friend and his wife for a month or two , to get back on my feet while i was going thru a divorce with my cheating wife .
Thats a whole nother story.
Anyway it was early afternoon when i return back to their home from a divorce hearing,, i walked in thru the back door and immediately heard a woman moaning, Well I was Very Curious who was there as my best friend was at work and there were No extra vehicles in the drive.
So I slowly and quietly walked toward the now getting louder moaning.... i peeked my head around the corner of the wall and
I must have gasp for air because she stopped and looked me right in the eyes. I Could Not beleive what i had just seen ,, my best buds wife materbaiting with a pretty good size dildo ,, I could handle that and it turn me on ,,,
But when I seen their little yorkie dog between her legs just lickin the hell out of her snatch , i guess i made a gasp for air. We made. Eye contact and i turned walking away.. she jumped up from the couch wit a robe on chasing me down beggging me Not to tell anyone. Well it turns out that she Sucked me and Fucked me the rest of the afternoon and end with promises of sexual favors anytime i want them to just not tell what i had seen her doing with their dog.
I Really Dont understand why she would do something like that,
She is Not ugly ,, she is a Very attractive woman .

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  • I'm single 15 female and for the past year I have been having sex with my dog just about daily, some days as much as five times.
    Why? well one thing they sure don't go around and brag about how they got me, another I can't get pregnant, No STD's to worry about, the only thing I have to worry about is him sticking his nose between my legs when we have company over or in front of dad and mom or if I am in the floor playing with him and he tries to hump me.

  • I would love to see a girl and dog. Add me on Snapchatt. Andyc2104

  • Probably because the dog was the only one home.

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