A good mistake

My neighbor invited me over to his house this summer. It wasy day off and my wife was at work. We hung out, played PlayStation and watched a movie. Long story short, i made the mistake of sleeping with him. I say mistake because I can't stop doing it. He is so good in bed.

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  • I think you should invite your wife,dress her up in boy clothes and take turns smashing her bum.

  • HOT. Please share some more:

    How old are both of you?
    Had you been with another man before?
    Is he attached as well? Gay or bi?
    Does he cum inside you?

    I am going to jerk off over this, thanks for confessing.

  • I am 34. He is 39. He is gay. I have been with men before but it was before I got married. He does cum inside me. First time he didn't tell me until he was doing it. Glad he didnt say anything because I would have chickened out. Now he tells me because he knows it turns me on

  • Are you fucking him, or is he fucking you, or both?

  • He fucks me.

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