I live in the city

The houses where I live are barely wide enough for a driveway between them and when I am in my backyard sitting on my picnic table I am probably only thirty feet from the back of my neighbors house. I do not smoke in my house and one night I went out back to have a smoke, it was really early morning around 3 am. When I walked around the back of my house towards the table I heard some grunts and moans, I stopped and listened again, I could hear her breathing hard and moaning because the window was open on the back of their house. I looked over towards the window and noticed that there was a little bit of light in the room from I guess their kitchen or living room. All I could was her head and chest on the bed, one of his hands was on her breast. She was on her back so I was thinking that he was going down no her. I walked over to the fence and away from the house a little more to get a better angle and sure enough I could see his head between her legs. They were completely engrossed in each other and I stood there watching them getting turned on by the minute. There were no lights on in either of our backyards and I had never noticed anything on before at their house so my common sense to the side I hopped over the fence so I could get a better view in their window. I was now about fifteen feet from their window listening and watching them have sex, I could see her skin now, all the curves of her body and now she was moaning out more and more. She had her fingers in his hair and her legs were out straight, she had an orgasm and the sounds she made were such a turn on. He climbed up her body kissing and licking her nipples while starting to enter her, I knew this because she told him to quit teasing her pussy and plunge into her now. I about came in my boxers hearing that from her. he started really pumping into her and I could hear him slapping against her and her grunts and moans, her breasts were bobbing back and forth from all the motion. I did not realize it but I had moved forward even more and I was only like five feet from the house now as he really started pumping hard on her and having an orgasm himself. She was moaning out and telling him to fuck her harder, the bed was making as much noise as she was by now and he was really pounding it into her, He finally came and plunged into her hard, she had one of her hands down there masturbating herself while he was pumping into her and both of them were moaning and talking to each other really nice stuff. I decided I better back up and hop back into my yard before the two of them got quiet and by the time I got back by my table all was quiet. I was going to smoke but did not want them to know that I was in my backyard so I went back inside to bed but the scene I had just witnessed had me pretty turned on so I masturbated myself and went to sleep. I heard them several times over the summer but then they put a window air conditioner in so the fun was over for me. I would see them and wave on occasion but whenever I saw her all I could think about was how she was so verbal and would tell him to fuck her harder.

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