Wife Confesses to being drugged on vacation

We had recently returned from an overseas vacation and I had noticed a marked change in my wife’s mood, there was clearly something on her mind so, I decided we needed a night out to talk things over and see if I could uncover what was behind this change.
After a number of drinks she admitted that she had something to tell me and made me promise not to be angry with her, I agreed and she slowly started to open up to me.

There had been a pool party on one of the nights and we had both had quite a bit to drink and couldn't remember much, but the first thing she told me was that she did remember the night of the party and that she needed to confess to me what had really happened.

She explained that she had gone back down to the reception to see if they had any painkillers and to get bottled water from the bar. Whilst she was waiting a group of guys sent over drinks for her, which she had accepted, but she assumed someone must have slipped something into her drinks.

She told me that hadn't remembered being carried upstairs, but had been awoken in unfamiliar surroundings with the feel of someone pulling at her clothes then the weight of someone on top of her pushing her legs open. She had thought at first that it was me, as she felt the first one penetrate her, but tried to struggle when she realised that there were others in the room, but they had her pinned down on the bed. She was naked now and completely at their mercy. She described that they had taken turns in her mouth and her pussy, some more than once. Then just as she thought it was over came the final indignity as one of them turned her over and roughly took her anally, something she had never allowed me to do to her. She had returned to our apartment as it was getting light and managed to slip back into bed without disturbing me.

I explained to her that none of this was her fault and that I would never have got angry with her over something like this, but she says the thing that she feels most ashamed of, is that she couldn't stop herself from reaching orgasm whilst this was happening to her. She feels that her lack of control gives the impression of her responding and probably increased their pleasure, encouraging them to prolong her ordeal.

I thought things were much better now that there are no secrets between us, and she insists that no one else is to know and that she just wants to put the whole thing behind her, but now I am now beginning to wish that I didn't know, as I can’t stop going over it in my head and there are still so many questions that I dare not ask her. She would often suck my cock but never swallow, but little things she has let slip about that night, suggest that she did it for them.
Here is my problem; My wife has had sex with at least five men, multiple times through an entire night, admits to having orgasms with them and then returns to our bed full of their cum and chooses not to wake me, or even tell me for several weeks. I want to support her, but seriously how can things get back to normal after something like that.

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  • It sounds as if she gets off on being forced. There are swingers clubs that usually have a night for couples and single men, where you can find plenty of guys to play out her fantasy. It will be interesting for you to watch how aroused she gets servicing multiple men at the same time.

  • Things will never go back to normal dude. Either find a new normal or face the fact that your marriage, at least as you know it, is over. So find a good therapist and/or marriage counselor if you want to stay married or get a good divorce lawyer if not. I have to question why anyone, especially a woman, would accept any drinks from strangers in this day and age unless they accepted them willingly. I further question her sincerity about the whole going down to the lobby line. Then the no secrets stuff is a lot of bs if she is still dropping hints of details which she had not shared before. That my friend is a secret with a big back story you still don't know about. Unless you are some kind of martyr I don't see this marriage being any good for you from now on. This affair will always be an issue and I don't mean in a good way. Save yourself a lot of grief and heartache and kick her out of the house now and begin to move on with your life.

  • My wife also shares this fantasy of being blindfolded and tied naked to the bed, she admits that she would like to try a threesome in this way, but knows that I would find this too difficult to handle, so we compromise. We have an array of sex toys which I use on her as I describe a group sex scenario that is about to happen to her. This is usually enough to make her cum multiple times and with an intensity we don’t usually experience through our normal love making.

  • You need to face up to the fact that you are never going to be able to give her the level of pleasure that she has experienced on that night. She has had the attention of five men stimulating her and sooner or later she is going to want this again. The good news is that she has thrown you a lifeline, in opening up about how she felt and what she did, she clearly wants you to be part of it. There are two choices, you can either walk away, or you can help her re-create her fantasies. Go along with the bondage and perhaps agree to involve another man that you choose together. At least you will have some influence and keep her safe. If she continues alone, she may place herself at risk.

  • If you love your wife and you let your marriage fall apart over this that is on you. Switch the game. Why is it a problem that she had these cocks in her? Because society tells you that is forever more our cunt and only your cunt? Why? Share... explore. You try out some other cunts too - with her knowledge and permission. Make it happen and stay with the wife.

  • Yeah she is lucky lady & horny too

  • Your wife enjoyed the 5 guys, it was no accident or rape. Its all about drinking and getting drunk. Lucky lady

  • Here is my take on the situation, which I apologise for in advance as I know it will not be popular with the female readers on here, but here goes:
    The original post reveals that they had both already had quite a bit to drink
    The wife returns to the lobby to get water and medication probably for her husband, she perhaps she still feels in party mood and is disappointed that the night has come to a premature end because the husband drank too much.
    She flirts with the group of men and accepts further drinks from them; her inhibitions are lowered by the further alcohol and she allows herself to become more involved with this group. I suspect that carried away with the moment she has walked back with them to one of the rooms perhaps expecting an encounter with just one of the men

  • Once inside her fate is sealed as the other men join in and she finds herself the centre of attention with all five men competing to have sex with her.
    The poster claims that they were both sexually inexperienced, so this will likely be the first time that she has experienced group sex. She describes to her husband how the men pin her down naked on the bed while they take turns with her, some more than once. If this had been rape I would have expected her to find it very difficult to give up this level of detail to her husband, especially allowing him to know that she came during sex with these men.
    I sense that she is describing a consensual scenario. This probability is further enforced in an additional post from the same OP in which he claims that his wife has since encouraged him to restrain and blindfold her during sex, which has allowed her to climax during sex with him. Surely it is highly unlikely that a woman who had undergone a traumatic rape would ever want to introduce this scenario. It is seems more probable that she is actually trying to re-create the level of arousal that she felt during that night. The routine conventional sex that she was experiencing with her husband no longer excited her and then she is suddenly placed in a new situation where she experiences a night of wild passionate sex with five young men.
    Afterwards, she feels immense guilt and shame at the betrayal of her husband and feels that by sharing a part of the truth with him, she will protect the security of her relationship, then by introducing the forced sex and drug allegation she is able to absolve herself of all blame for the events, also by withholding the information for just long enough she ensures that it is too late for any investigation that may reveal the destructive truth.
    Sorry if you disagree, but it is just my opinion, based on what I read.

  • Just a quick suggestion for you, go to the bar/ hotel she was at and get the video from that night. It will tell you the truth of what happened that night and it might not be what you think.
    Your wife's claims sound very similar to the claims my wife made after a week long work trip. When she first came home she was distant , didn't want to talk much about her trip and no sex which was unusual after being apart for a week. I pressed her trying to find out what the problem was when she finally broke down telling me she had been raped while at her hotel. I immediately wanted to call the police with her protesting saying she didn't want the details getting out, they would spin it and would make her look bad. She then explained that she was down at the bar had a few drinks and danced with these men, It was just talking and dancing but wouldn't look good for her. That was my red flag. She then told me they must have drugged her because she didn't remember even getting on the elevator just waking up in their room .
    The more I thought about it the more it didn't sound right. The thing that bothered me was her drinking and dancing with three men at a bar . I know this makes me sound heartless for not believing my wife but I contacted a PI and had it investigated. He called me within a week and told me to come down to his office, he had the video from that night.
    The video shows my wife leaving the bar walking to the elevator with these three men , she has her arm around one guy and as they wait at the elevator she turns to kiss him. The video from inside the elevator shows her kissing him again then one of the other guys as she is clearly rubbing the front of the guys pants with her hand. As they leave the elevator she is the one leading them into her room. This is happening at 10pm, the hall video shows them leaving at about 2am with her leaning out of her doorway to kiss one of the men as he leaves.

  • Sorry I had to do this in two parts.
    I confronted my with the video that clearly shows her being a willing party and at time looking like she was the one initiating the sexual activity. We divorced a short time later with her just moving out not wanting any of this getting out because it would have cost her her job and family. If it doesn't sound right you owe it to yourself to find out the truth. There are cameras everywhere its not hard to see what really happened.

  • As someone that has done private investigative work I have seen this more in the last five years . Even caught on video women will claim they don't remember anything , they must have been drugged ,then claim rape. Its funny how quickly they change their attitude when you tell them that you will have to take the video to the police then and report this man raped you. Not one has said ok they would report it.

  • What was her reaction when you confronted her with the video? She invited three men back to her room That had to be tough for you seeing that video. Was she very sexual at home too?

  • It will never get back to normal
    My wife went to meet her ex bf Jody
    And he seduced her and made her swallow his cum and fucked her I the back seat of his bakkie. She confessed that she enjoyed the fucking part but she was forced to swallow his cum.

  • I think that a lot of girls get raped and don’t report it. A co-worker confided in me that she and her friend were both raped by local men on a vacation to the Greek islands. Whilst they were out drinking, they started chatting to a group of men in a bar. It turned out, one of the men had a boat and he was offering to take them over to a secluded beach the next day that could only be reached by water, they said no at first but after a few more drinks they were persuaded to accept the free trip.
    Once they were out at sea the guys came on to them, wanting to kiss and grope them. They went along with it, because they were unsure of the reaction if they refused and they were too far out to swim back to shore. They allowed the men have sex with them, hoping that they would be taken back to shore afterwards, so not sure if this would be classed as rape, but once they were finished the boat continued to the beach they had described.
    When they arrived at the beach there was a second boat waiting with 4 older men on board. As soon as the girls reached the beach they were surrounded and stripped and then for the next few hours they were passed around the group, sometimes there were two or three men on them at a time before eventually returning them to the resort as the sun was setting. When I asked if she had reported it she said no, because they feared the uncertainty of going through the local legal system in a foreign country and the implications on their relationships back home. They felt embarrassed by their naivety and also feared that the legal fuss would take up whatever was left of the vacation, so they both pledged to keep the incident to themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this kind of thing happens to tourists more frequently than you might expect.

  • I'll admit it here but no where else.
    Last year while vacationing in Jamaica I was gang raped by 7 Jamaicans over and over for 4 days and 5 nights. I was found nude upon Crystal Beach and taken to the hospital where they gathered evidence and I was in surgery for 7 hours getting stitches in my vagina and my rectum.
    I finally got out of the hospital after 23 days returning back to the states I lost my job because I never called to let them know but never told them why. I got a much better job at a wonderful company and get 30 days paid vacation every year.

    A word of warning don't ever go to the east side of Kingston Jamaica not unless you're in a group.

    Strange thing tho I now crave Blacks with huge cocks and I take it all in me easily.

  • Something very similar happened to my wife and once they have been slipped a date rape drug they have lost control of the situation. Add that to the fact that many women do not report the rape or do eventually report it but after destroying physical evidence we have a most difficult situation to content with. My wife is an educated woman, a lawyer in fact, and fell victim to this crime. She was out of town at a conference concerning a class action lawsuit her employer was involved with. A simple evening out with colleagues for a beer at a local pub were she was slipped something in her drink. She has no recollection of that evening after meeting fellow lawyers at the pub. She awoke the next morning extremely hung over and stark naked in a hotel suite with several men. They were either unconscious or asleep as she gathered up her clothes , dressed and left the hotel. She was dazed, confused and did not recognize the area of the city she was in. She eventually found her way back to her hotel and assessed the situation. She knew that she had been vaginally and anally penetrated but was afraid of my reaction if she confided with me what had happened to her. Afraid of disease she did go to a hospital which performed a rape procedure but did not report this to the police at the time. I still did not know about this until some time later when pornographic images were sent to her employer and she was terminated. At that point she finally unloaded a tremendous amount of guilt and trauma to my astonished ears. This shit happens all the time and the resulting damage is life long.

  • I woke up in bed naked with three guys, obviously feeling like I was the object of attention that night. I got up and started looking for something to wear and as I was doing so another one came out of the bathroom. He looked at me and told me my clothes were by the couch in the living room. I did not know any of them and the last thing that I could remember was being at a party on campus.

  • Try a marriage counselor to work through it. you can both come to terms openly about what happened and how you feel about it without judgement. you can support her how she needs and she you.

  • We are making good progress, after talking through the situation with a counsellor; we have finally been able to deal with some of the issues that could have been damaging to our relationship.
    We were advised to be much more open with each other about our sexual feelings, and to accept that sex within a relationship is an evolving process that has to change over time in order to stay in tune with our own changing needs. Neither of us had very much experienced from previous relationships, so I was surprised by some of my wife’s suggestions. One of the scenarios that she wanted to try was to be restrained and blindfolded during sex. I have always thought of myself as a gentle and considerate lover, so this approach felt a little unnatural to me at first; however it has resulted in her being able to experience an intense orgasm for the first time in months, which is a good outcome for both of us.

  • Glad to hear it. Good luck to you and enjoy yourself.

  • A woman can have an orgasm even while being raped, that's a fact. Her mind does not control an orgasm. If she was drugged or just very drunk she had no control of what was happening.
    Most women who have been raped never report it or tell anyone. Your wife told you as soon as she could, and you did well to realize something was wrong, and she told you about it. She had know control of what they wanted to do. The thought that she let them do anything is wrong. They did what they wanted while she was unable to stop them.

  • And how she can remember doing things with them that she wont do with you

  • Serious question to the OP . does it get you excited thinking about 5 men fucking and cumming in your wife? I have a very close friend who was raped by three men over a four hour period while alone on her farm. She confided in me that two years since it happened and she told her husband he now has been asking her to be with other men. He has slowly pressed for details and she realized after a while that he is turned on by men using her.

  • Simply broke down your wife got drugged and gang raped plus you have personal insecurities. How well do you think and function when your drugged up? Come to her aid not cross examine her every move and twitch.

  • I've read that orgasm and even getting wet is a defense mechanism, think about this for a second, imagine this happened to you (men get raped by men), and you came (which can happen from anal sex), and after you disclose this to your wife she confronts you because you came....that'd be pretty sh***y right? If you have doubts go to family therapy, but if she wanted to get away with it she wouldn't have said anything.

  • She had a great time and let herself go, she was craving some strange cock and got five of them good for her. Maybe you should bring home a few friends now and then and just satisfy her for a few hours with them.

  • Yeah, that’s what every woman that gets grudges and raped wants. You’re a sick fuck. I hope someone sticks a pole up your ass.

  • ^^^
    It is dreadful that you are as lowlife as you are. I pity everyone that you come in contact with.

  • She willingly took drinks from strangers in a far away place at a resort with rooms right up the elevator and then ends up a sex slave for a few hours. She let loose and had a great time having sex sounds like to me. When we go on cruises or stay at resorts my wife will not even go anywhere without me let alone take drinks from anyone.

  • In a way I have to agree with this comment. It seems now that every time a woman makes a bad choice sexually and regrets it the next morning they use the rape card. It could very well be that she was away from home feeling a little adventurous and when these guys started hitting on her she was totally into it and consented to the sex they had. The next day feeling guilty and worried someone would find out she made up the story of being drugged and raped by these five men. Think about it ,you as the husband would be pissed if she told you she had an affair while away but you can't be mad at her if she tells you she was "raped". Hell, you can't even question it. You really need to ask yourself why she would take drinks from a group of men knowing full well its a sign they are into her and looking for fun.Just some things to think about.

  • Responses like this are one of the reasons rape is not reported. Her husband did not know, if she wanted to have a wild fling, she would have gotten away with it.

  • She could have told him of the "rape" for two reasons that come to mind, One being she had sex with them without using protection then realized she needed to be tested for stds so needed a reason why she couldn't have sex with her husband until the test results came back . The other was just a way to ease her guilt even though the story wasn't exactly accurate. Please don't act like women never lie about being raped, there have been many cases of late that I could refer you to if needed.

  • I concur. Good points.

  • Is it a possibility that she was not drugged at all; could she have accepted several drinks from the group of men and then willingly gone back to the room with them? She was introduced to group sex and anal sex for the first time. Perhaps she did not confide in her husband straight away because she felt the guilt and disgust at her betrayal and unexpected enjoyment. Was the rape allegation a way of covering up her mistake?

  • Thank you for all your positive and supportive comments, they are really helpful. Unfortunately this is not a subject that I can talk about with friends or family. I am trying to support her and come to terms with what has happened to us, but there is one thing about all this that I am really struggling to get past. Throughout our relationship we have enjoyed a great sex life, but in more recent times my wife has found it difficult to orgasm during sex with me, she blames tiredness or stress, but I can’t help the feelings of inadequacy that arise when I fail to satisfy her needs. This is why I don’t understand how she can achieve this with a group of strangers and especially under those circumstances.

  • I know what you're going through and I'm sorry you have to. One thing that really helped me was reminding myself that what was replaying in my head was a figment of my imagination - something I had made up to try and process the information - and not a real memory of what happened. Real memories tend to be much less glamorous than fiction, and that's what your wife has to contend with.

    The truth is, that no one knows how your wife really feels about this except for your wife, and even SHE hasn't figured it all out just yet. You need to take her at her word, because the moment you lose trust in her is the moment your relationship will start a downward spiral.

    The sad truth is, lots of rapists get away because women spend so long trying to "figure out" what happened that they miss the prime window for collecting evidence that could lead to a rape conviction.

    Another thing that helped me past the jealousy is remembering that, even if she did things with them she doesn't normally, there is a value in the consistency and availability of sex that we overlook too often. These guys got what? A half hour of pleasure? You've gotten a lifetime of regular sex out of your wife? In the end, relationships always trump circumstance in terms of both quality and quantity of sex. They're a bottle rocket and you get the whole fireworks show.

  • I agree with the comment below. Your wife was raped. Yes, her body responded because the body is designed to respond. And she may have done what she did 1: because she was drugged and because 2: she was afraid. She told you because you are the one person she can trust. You owe her that faith in her. This isn’t about you. This is about her. Tho gswknt go back to normal, especially for her. You love her, and you should work to show her that not all men are filthy rapist pugs like them and she shouldn’t be ashamed.

  • Rape results in shame and self blame. People need to process stuff like that before they share it with others. You need to support your wife and put this behind you.

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