I have been reading post here for sometime and glad i fianally have something to share. I have been married to my wife for a long time and just recently told her about a reoccurring dream I have been having with her having sex with a younger guy as i watch. I was suprised how turned on it made her. The sex that night was amazing. But we never really brought it up again. Fast forward about 3 weeks we are in Hawaii a get away from kids for a week. We are sitting on the beach and a young guy surfing walks by and she says to me was the guy in my dream like him. Well to be honest he may have been a little older but I wanted to keep the conversation going so I say yes just like him. I could tell this got her going as she stared at him. We went back to the room and fucked like crazy. After I suggested to her ..what if we got him to come up here and have some fun. I could see her eyes light up. Since we were away and we don’t know anyone she agrees. Next day I couldn’t find him but found another guy..same build and age. I explain what we were looking to do. It took some convincing but he agreed. I text my wife to tell her we were on the way. When we arrived we talked for about 5 minutes before he took off his swim suit and revealed his cock. It was not huge but it didn’t matter. My wife had it in her mouth in no time. Once he was hard she had him fuck her. I was watching with my hand on my hard cock. He didn’t last long. But she didn’t either. Both cumming within minutes. I could tell he was a little embarrassed that he came so fast. But neither of us cared. I could tell he wanted to go so I didn’t pressure him to stay longer. I gave him a little money and was able to convince him to come back the next day to do it again. As soon as he walked out I dove into my wife’s pussy and licked her clean. I could tell she was surprised I enjoyed the taste of her pussy mixed with his cum. She came again minutes later. She told me she wanted me to be involved this time. So when he arrived the next day she pulled him aside and whispered in his ear. At the time I didn’t know what she said and I could tell he was reluctant but agreed with a nod of the head. We got started with him licking my wife’s pussy. Wow what a sight. I was so hard as was he. My wife then motioned for me to suck his cock. I was shocked but very willing. What a turn on. She told me later she asked him if it was ok if i did that. I have had a few bi experiences before I was married so I was very turned on. He came in my mouth and I took the whole load. He was still hard as he then fucked my wife. He lasted much longer this time before cumming. After he left we continued the fun. Was hoping he could return on our last day but it didnt work out. Let me tell you this was the best vacation we both have ever had. On our last night we got to talking and she brought up the guy and ask how old I thought he was. I said maybe 17-18. The smile on her face was priceless. I hit me she was really turned on by the fact he was so young. Not sure where this will lead us now that we are home but excited to find out.

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  • Sounds great but not my particular cup of tea, But will confess once we were in a wife swap and my wife was bi. As her and the other wife were going at it the other husband reached over and fondled my cock. I didn't want to make to big a deal of it because I couldn't wait to fuck his hot wife's brains out once my wife was finished with her.

    But my wife started begging me to let him suck my dick. That I didn't have to suck him but she'd like to see that just once. I reluctantly agreed and as he sucked me off both wives rubbed there big tits over my face and commented on how they'd reward me. After blowing a load down his throat the two girls kept there word and we had one hot fmf 3-some.

    Nothing I ever wanted to do again but it was ok considering the outcome.

  • Sounds like it was worth it for your reward. Hot

  • Your a lucky man to have a wife who fucks other men in front of you! I would happily eat her cum filled pussy! Women should be able to fuck whoever they want whenever they want and a man if she gives you the privelege should be happy she allows you to ear her cum filled pussy. Women wear the pants especially when it comes to her sexual desires. Remember that!

  • I completely agree. Lucky guy. Having a lot of fun with it.

  • It leads to you fucking your sons friends. They have wanted you two a long timr

  • That could be fun

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