I am faithful but when I’m naked and completely exposed to my husband, in the throws of orgasm, I ramp myself up a few gears by imagining that all the men that have desired me - but not had me - over the years, are stood around watching me enviously.

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  • We went to a concert my wife really wanted to go to, after the concert which was at a fair in PA. We headed back to our car, I knew my wife was very horny as we got to the parking area, it was just a sea of car's. As we got to our's my wife asked if I wanted to get in the back seat? Yes, that would be great.
    We got in and she started taking down her pant's as did I. The fair was still going on, so while some people were leaving, far more were still enjoying the fair. So the parking area had fewer people walking around. I was sitting back on the bench seat, and she was now sitting on top of me. As we got started, I always love to see and feel her chest, as I put my hand's under her top she asked if I wanted her to take her top off. Yes, knowing that if anyone was to walk by she would be in plain sight. She did not seem to care and at one point had her hand's pressed against the ceiling of the car. As she was riding me, I had heard something and looked to the side window. Now realizing someone was watching on the way to their car. My wife saw that I had seen something and said what are you looking at? I told her about 3 car's over a guy was watching, She said let him watch, I need you to keep doing what you're doing.

  • My girlfriend liked fucking places so we could get caught I figured out this was why she had no friends. All the moms and dads knew she was a slut she liked fucking and people seeing. She was bi sexual as well very petite and sexy and bat shit crazy raised my her dad. Who let her do what ever she wanted we stayed out late we lived in a golf course country club neighborhood. We was out next to the restaurant having sex by the charger for the golf carts. Suddenly a couple walked by I stopped pulling out my girlfriend grabbed my cock wiggling it asking if they wanted to join. They glared walking away we ran across the golf course to her house I was pissed. A few minutes later we heard a siren of Cop cars she was laughing. Omg they called the cops just because they got a free sex show. Suddenly her dad walked into the family room, seriously your fucking in public again what am I going to do about you. He was pissed he didn’t say anything to me I said I’m sorry and left the house. I avoided her after that we broke up I’m not going to say her name but she stripped after high school and did porn made a few videos. Now in our 40’s she’s married and living back in town and has kids she looks like a soccer mom. People know who and what she was back in the day her husband is allot younger than us. I’m sure he’s heard the rumors people still talk about her it just weird seeing her dressed like a soccer mom. I would have never imagined her being a mom let alone letting her raise my kids lol. She seems like a good mom and has changed but I can’t get her crazy out of my head.

  • My wife is a very beautiful woman, she love's to have what I call verbal foreplay. When she want's to have a date as she call's it, she will ask how I liked her outfit or do I remember when something happened. It get's me to realize she is wanting sex. At one point I started asking her to wear top's that were a bit more revealing. She was happy to do that for me. Once that started it gave her more to talk about during her verbal foreplay. I would ask her if she noticed some guy looking down her top, and she would start saying she did and ask how much I thought he could see or what he was thinking.
    I found that she was able to want sex more and have more orgasm's, and go on to tell me what if's. That was, what if she could tell he had gotten a hard on or what if he reached in to feel her chest and hard nipple's.
    So now before we even get started she is asking thing's just to get me going, and ready for some fun. Her what if's have gone as far as if two guy's are able to check her out and just take her, drop her clothes and do what they want with her until they can't cum anymore, and just leave her cum filled naked.
    Some of what she has spoken about I am thinking she would if all was right she would like to happen. Only time will tell.

  • Not a bad thing!

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