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My step dad wants to fuck me raw. Even though we're both guys, he makes it sound tempting. He described his method in vivid detail, and we've been talking about it for some time now. We've fooled around, with fingering and sucking each other off. And we made a date last week to go all the way, but canceled it because i got cold feet. I don't know if i should stop while i'm ahead, or ride him until i break him. Figuratively speaking of course. I do admit that the idea of being fucked senseless by his cock gets me off, but i'm still deciding if i want to take it up the ass or not. I hear it hurts, but with enough lube i'll be fine? I mean, i'd try using toys to break myself in, but he says he can tell whether i "cheat" or not. Even if that's a bullshit statement, if i'm caught by him it would mean punishment (or so he says), and i'm not sure if i want to find out what exactly that entails.

Stupid thoughts, really. I figured i'd share them since none of you who read this will believe me, care, or be in the position to judge, considering I've read confessions about bestiality and incest before. At least i know i'm in the right place to confess this shit. I have no regrets about what i said, i simply wanted to get my unfiltered thoughts out in the open, and talk about it to whomever gives a flying fuck.

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  • If you asked me a list of blood sacrifice people I would say go kill that female doctor wig and also go kill those rude ambulances and a few therapists and military and the leso and her mob, and some other rich bastards who stand for no morals and businesses who ripped me off. so I can enjoy the rest of my life safely. I could do that without shame or pain to know they were gone.

  • Has anyone else noticed their gmail account losing emails and then they turn up 5 months later or never and you know you wrote them and sent them but can't find them? does anyone else feel like people are hacking into their gmail accounts at all? i am not your slave. i will not be your slave.

  • Well I thought he be dead by now lilbet?

  • He is your step father so you are to obey him so let him know it is up to him what he wants to do and when he is going to do it.Dont deny it,you want to be his bitch and really want him to shove his hard cock up your ass and fuck you good and hard but you are just afraid that you will like it too much and wont be able to stop but that isnt your decision.Beg him to make you his bitch and let him do what ever he wants to you. You might not like it and it might hurt at first but that will all change and before you know it you will be begging him to tie you up and he will force it in you and you will be screaming in pleasure as he pounds you harder and harder.

  • You have gone this far so why not go all the way and let him fuck you in the ass,you know you want him to deep down inside.By the way you make it sound by him saying he will know if you cheat and will punish you it sounds like he is dominant and plans to make you his bitch .Dont hesitate,,go running to him and beg him to give you his hard cock and be his little sissy

  • Yeah this is bullshit.

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