Tinder coincidences

I'll start by admitting this: I have an thing for older women. I'm 22 and most of my sexual partners have been women over 40. I'm perfectly ok with that, and fortunately so are my friends and family (I've even formally dated women that age).
So I frequently use Tinder to hook up with these kind of women, and I usually do very well. And I was kinda surprised when I was swiping and saw pictures of my aunt.
For context, my aunt has pretty much been a stranger for most of my life, except for a couple very important moments when I was in middle school (which is a whole other story in itself). Despite those influential moments, she's lived abroad since I can remember, so I only saw her a few times growing up. But earlier this year, she came back to our country to set up a business and stay. She's now 47, and the kind of woman that never married or had any kids, and became a sucessful business woman. She came back as I always remembered her: elegant, what she wore always made her look attractive but classy: never too much cleavage, skirts never too short or too tight.
So I was shocked when I saw her Tinder pictures: she was either in very sexy lingerie, or completely naked and blurred out, like any other camgirl. I admit I couldn't stop looking... and then swiped right, just for kicks. Surely she wouldn't do the same, I thought. Except a few hours later I had a match and it was her.
It was awkward, so she started the conversation and it was her just teasing me. "What are you doing on Tinder, kiddo?", "I'll tell your girlfriend, or your mom", and such. She taught me to be open minded and I felt ok telling her anything, so I wasn't uncomfortable when the conversation later turned to why I was matching with older women. "I find older women intellectually and physically more attractive and stimulating", I said. "That's perfectly fine", she answered. "You gotta be honest with yourself and go with sets your mind, heart (and pants, haha) on fire".
"And you know, if any of my pics did that for you, I'd be totally fine with it. If you think I could be 'stimulating', of course".
So you can guess where this is going... The next day, after work, I was at her place for dinner, we talked, she asked to get to know me better, and before we knew it, I became "the first man to give her an orgasm this year". I committed incest and fucked my aunt... and then again, and again. And we both loved it.
Fast forward a few months and... we're still at it. Secretly, we operate like a couple: we date, we hang out, we go to parties together whenever it's safe to do so (some of her friends know who I am and that we sleep together, and are ok with it). And we fuck A LOT. And it's the best sex either of us has ever had, and we're probably really sick because we agree that the taboo factor only makes it better. The only frustrating thing about this is that we want to come out as a couple, but obviously we can't.

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  • I've been with my uncle for years now. My husband was paralyzed during a motorcycle accident, my uncle took us in, with my 2 kids also. And my aunt died of breast cancer. He's only 5 yrs older than me. The house is more than big enough for all of us, and disability pays for most of my needs and wants. All I do now is take care of the kids and my hubby. It took 2 years before we actually hooked up. And the best part is he's not blood related

  • Does he sit in the wheelchair and watch?

  • Just be safe as far as not getting her pregnant, although I'm guessing she's probably on birth control.

  • Pretty sure the family has figured it out by now. Is she your mom or dad’s sister?

  • It's always a possibility, but I'm not so sure. I doubt they know.
    She's my mom's sister.

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