Looking for real Boston Nudist Families

I am a 35yo white guy that always wished i grew up in a nudist family. I was hoping to talk to or maybe even meet up with any local nudist families to enjoy the lifestyle with them message me on here if your real and from the area. Also id rather chat on kik or email so put that in comment and ill message you there

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  • I'm not from USA at all but more than happy to divulge and talk about nudism and voyeurism with all peoples

  • Feel free to email me at hornyneguy30 at gmail. Lets chat

  • No only on here!

  • Ok. are you married or single? age?

  • Married, 40s

  • Where are you from? is it just you and wife that are nudists?

  • Saudi Arabia

  • What do you do?

  • Expats working in energy sector

  • UK, not nudist more voyeurism

  • Voyeurism meaning you like to watch others or exhibitionism here you two like to be watched?

  • Both, to shock as well we publically display, I grope her on the bus and expose her tits or fanny, sometimes have sex, you have to pick your moments though

  • I grope and display other women too

  • Tell us more

  • Swimming baths are a good place to grope and expose women of all ages

  • I expose my self as often as possible and pretty much anywhere I can you would be surprised

  • Being nude is natural and you should be able to be naked at home with family

  • I agree

  • My wife and I have been long time nudist. There are more nudist than what one thinks just hard to locate them. Most people have to be very discreet about it for family and or professional reasons. Don't confuse nudism with swinging.

  • Im not. Just very interested. And thank you for replying. Are you from the area?

  • No but in the States

  • Guess there's not a lot of nudist families in Boston who want a stranger to be checking out their bodies.

  • Unfortunate, right

  • Don't get down about it. It's only here, and I'm sure there are a lot of other sites that would be more likely to hook you up. You can set the distance to search.

  • I suppose.

  • You did not show up.....

  • Show up for what?

  • The meeting at Starbucks

  • What meeting?? I didn't get an invite. Are you trying to be funny or something?

  • You know what’s up....

  • This is the flaw in only planning througj here

  • What? Im confused.

  • Be at the downtown Sheridan this evening 8 pm. At the bar, wife will have on a red dress and I will have blue blazer sport jacket on. I’m not giving out our email. Both mid 50’s.

  • Im by the Sheraton right now. You around?

  • In boston? What are you two looking for?

  • A nice bi man. Willing to take my cock while you fuck my wife. Be at the Sheridan on Tuesday night.

  • Ok. Ill be at Sheraton in boston at 730pm in the lobby tomorrow night. Tuesday. Ill be wearing a black sweater and have dark brown hair and a beard. What will you two be wearing?

  • Kakhi pants with sport coat, light blue shirt. I am 6 feet tall and clean shaven. Black hair and medium complexion. I will be alone, wife will be in the room. Once we talk and she’s ok, then we go to the room. This will be bi, we all four will join in. That’s right I said four, we have a tranny friend with nice tits and juicy cock. Can you handle it?

  • I don't take anything in ass though so you know ahead of time

  • Definitely. im in!

  • So we are definitely on for 730 tonight in Sheraton hotel lobby?

  • Yes. I’ll be at the end of the bar.

  • Ok im in a black coat. Black sweater. Jeans and have a beard but look young

  • I am here. No one at bar

  • We met up with a nice young man that wanted to experience a nice taboo situation with a older couple. So that’s what we did. He wanted to make out with both of us while we fondled him. Then we did lots more.

  • I would have loved to do that with you two

  • Why did you answer here and not mine?

  • I bet you would have had a constant erection if you had a nudist family. I think you'd be jacking off thinking of your mother and sister(s) nude bodies. I'd like to see and fuck my mom's great body.

  • Very hot. Does your mom have nice big tits? Yeah i would have been hard all the time

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