Oral obsession!

So... I very recently got married and I would never ever leave my husband. He means the world to me. We have a good life and everything is perfect. Our sex is phenomenal, he takes care for me and I want for nothing.

The thing is... I like spreading my legs and have my kitty licked and sucked on with no strings attached. Don't expect me to return the favor, I have had so many faces between my thighs both men and women that it's almost sickening. I like sitting on men's face and have them please me. I feel powerful somehow, just cummimg and seeing them slurping up all my slippery mess.

Hubby and I just moved to a new state and I replied to a Craigslist ad seeking someone to be pleasured with no need to reciprocate. I thought about this for sometime then eventually, smoked some pot for courage, punched his address into my gps and drove over there, 10 mins away. I got there and he pointed me in the direction of the bedroom and signalled for me to lay on the bed (he has a girlfriend). I took my skirt off and was not wearing any underwear and he just started munching and lapping away. He was sooooo good, better than hubby who is amazingggg. He couldn't get enough. He kept at this for almost 2 hours, I came so many times. Then he turned me over and started worshipping my a-hole, sucking and licking it. This made me feel weird but it was so empowering . I was exhausted when he was finished and I just laid there for a bit on my tummy while he used my butt as a pillow. I left. We have been seeing each other for a while, there is no conversation, he just texts (at the safe times I have given him)... I go over, he worships between my legs, flips me over, worship some more, then I leave. I know I should feel guilty about this, but I am obsessed with oral.

See, when I was little, around 11 yrs old, my neighbor (33yrs old) sexually assaulted me. No penetration, basically just cornered me while I was playing hide and seek with his kids and lifted me up on his bar and ate me out. It was my first sexual encounter and orgasm. I was scared but didn't tell my mom nor dad. I avoided him for a month cause I was traumatized and didn't know what that feeling was [orgasm], I just knew it was mind-blowing. Then somehow, I made myself available at such a tender age. This went on for years until I was 16, then I lost interest in him, no penetration, just oral. I don't suffer mentally from this trauma as my mind doesn't see it as traumatic, although I know now that it is and it was sexual abuse on a minor now that I'm grown and I have done immense research on my situation due to my field of work. I obtained a PhD in psychology at a very young age but ever since that first encounter, the thought of someone's face between my thighs is intoxicating. My husband does it every time we have sex, for lengthy periods of time as he knows I can't get enough but I still find the urge to want to go out, open my thighs and have some random face chewing away at my lady parts. I'm pretty sure this makes me a bad person or someone that needs help, but I've tried getting external help. My "shrink" was a man and not very good from my evaluation, he tried to help me, but I'm also obsessed with the human mind and I manipulated him - on our 3rd session, I was using my thighs as his ear muffs and he had his tongue licking my juices like a love sick puppy trying to please its master. I stopped seeing him as I had to pay for sessions that clearly wasn't working. I know this doesn't make for a healthy marriage but I'm already consumed by it. The thought of hurting my husband is devastating. But this pulsating clit is going to be my demise one day.

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  • I’m married, addicted to giving oral and can’t satisify my hunger. Maybe we were made for each other? ;). One2knowinkc@aol.com

  • My sister asked me why I seemed so grumpy one time and it had been months since had any at all. I told her about that and she looked at me and told me well I really enjoy having mine licked so lets help each other out. I think she wanted it more than I did because she would come to my room and ask me to do it.

  • You are the best! Keep the stories coming

  • My brother was the same way and began oral on me when I was around ten, he always was very forceful about it and would just wrestle me down and remove my bottoms. He would then lick me until he was satisfied which could sometimes be about an hour. I had orgasms before I knew what they were and even though it felt good I had no idea what was going on.

  • I was hoping to read how you can’t get enough cock, but least you’re taken care of.

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