Sitting alone

I was at home one day not doing anything when there was a knock on the door.It was noon and I didn't expect anyone to visit.I answered the door and it was my friend Jessica, I said to her come in I haven't seen you in a while.She came in and said she's been thinking about me lately and wanted to come over to see me. We were sitting on the couch talking and little by little every few minutes I noticed she would pull her skirt up a little.After an hour I noticed her skirt was above her knees, I pretended not to notice but I thought she caught me looking when she slowly began sliding her fingers between her thighs I wondered if she would really play with herself in front of me. | I looked at her rubbing her pussy and it I sat there pretending like I wasn't looking. She rubbed her pussy for an hour and looked at me and said "do you wanna rub one out I know you're looking , I see you unzip your pants jack off have fun I wanted you to see me rub my pussy in front of you it gets your dick hard looking between my thighs doesn't it , it's okay I don't mind if you do it" | I unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing dick and she said I wanted to see you jackin' off now I get to. I thought I was gonna cum in a minute we sat there I was trying not to cum and she was smiling at me. | A few minutes later she said "I'm good now I haven't done it in a while " I was sitting there looking at her and she said " I'm not leaving 'till you cum " I wanted to cum but I couldn't. | She said "ah, you can't cum. I wanna see you cum" I tried until she said "let me help you, I'll tell you what can make you cum look" she sprad her legs and slid to the end of the couch and said "eat me, you'll cum" I slid back a little and she put her hands on the arm of the couch and she raised her legs up and got her feet on the couch and said "this will help,I see you can't cum,a few minutes and you will" | I got on my knees and put my head between her thighs and started kissing her pussy,fiveminutes later I was cuming and she said "yeah, it works" she lowered her butt and I shot a load not meaning for it to hit her in the face,when it did after a minute she looked like she was in disbelief like she never had an orgasm on her face, then she smiled and said "ah, I told you it would work,it stimulated your dick so you could cum" I said "thank you" and she said "no, thank you"

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  • Jessica he should love you for the
    rest of his life ' cause you're his

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