I never would have thought this would happen

I am 56 years old and have been divorced since I was 34, I enjoy women I just cannot be married again, financially it just does not make any sense to me but that is another story.
I went on a business trip and there was around a dozen of us that went, I already knew a few of them but mostly new faces for me. Quite a few of us met up at this bar restaurant and after a few hours of socializing and eating this lovely young brunette just sort of kept on talking to me. We were having a genuinely great conversation, she was married so I had no preconceptions that we would be in my hotel room in about 3 hours having a great time.
I told her that I was going to call it a night and head back to the hotel, she stood up with me and asked if she could have ride back to the hotel with me since I was leaving now. She told me she needed to use the restroom so I told her that I would be out front getting a cab.
We got back to the hotel and she told me as we were walking in that she really enjoyed talking with me and could she come to my room after she changed out of her work clothes. I was a little surprised but thought why not, could be fun based on how the dinner went earlier. I got back to my room and did the same throwing on some comfortable clothes expecting her to be a while. I was sitting down on the couch for about five minutes and there was a knock at my door, I invited her in and we laughed about how there was nothing on tv and ended up watching a few sitcoms while talking a bit. We were scanning for another show and I commented that I think we just ran out of shows to watch and her reply just about blew my brain out of my head. She replied right back to my comment with well I guess we could just have sex then.
I was at a loss for words with a stupid look on my face for sure, she just smiled at me and then asked me, "Well, what do you want to do?"
I just told her that I was totally onboard with doing that then I told her the stupidest thing I could have at the time.
I said, " you know I am 56 right?"
She told me that she figured I was in my fifties and that she was not concerned about it at all.
I took my time with her and by the time I pulled off those panties, which were a thong so they were right up in her, they were soaked and she was moaning for me to lick her. She told me a few times that this was by far the best oral experience she had ever had in her life and I had not even licked her pussy directly yet. I plunged right into that sweetness and savored every drop of her, she was so gorgeous that I was feeling like I was in college all over again. I gave her two orgasms before she even touched my penis and even after she was done pleasuring me I went down on her again giving her a third orgasm.
She was laying there and asked me if it was okay if she just stayed the night with me, I thought no way I get to caress and hold this beauty all night, I told her sure that would be great. She then told me that if we slept good we could have a quickie in the morning. I went to sleep spooning her with my hand cupping one of her awesome breast and my cock pressed against her ass.
The next morning I woke up in absolute heaven, I was barely awake as she slid down and started sucking on my penis. I was hard in an instant and after few minutes I told her if she wanted to play more then she had to stop because I was not going to last long with her doing that to me. She stopped long enough to tell me that she was just going to suck me off then we needed to get into the office. She winked at me and told me that we still had one more night at the hotel and she planned on spending it with me. We had wonderful sex for about three hours after dinner and I will never forget that week for the rest of my life.

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