My wife the fun drunk

My wife drinks and is a super happy drunk, on occasion she will drink so much that she passes out. I have no idea why but it is fun to watch her go from quiet and reserved to passed out drunk. I then have to get her into bed which is another turn on getting all her clothes off, if she still has any on. She usually does not like her nipples played with because they are really sensitive so I play with them a lot when she is out of it. I position her in fun ways, play with her ass, finger her for a while and pretty much just have fun with her.
I really love it though when she has drank enough to lose her inhibitions but is still functioning, we have had some great sex when she is in this state. She does all sorts of things that on a regular day she will not even bring up. What I find strange is she can swallow my whole penis when she has been drinking but will only suck on my head and maybe a few inches more when sober. She brought up anal one night telling me that she had always wanted to try it and she was really in the mood to do it. I told her I was certainly willing to try but was a little worried about hurting her so I just put the head in without any shaft, even with a serious buzz going she started moaning pretty good telling me I was to big for anal.
She also at times starts telling me a fantasy she has going in her head and will want to act it out. Most of the time she wants to be restrained or bent over and held down while I have sex with her. Quite often she will want her hands tied behind her back and tells me to make her suck me, I surprised her really good with a ring gag I had bought for just such an occasion. I had already tied her hands behind her back and even did her legs at the knee, I went into the closet and came back out with it. She looked at it as I was putting it up to her mouth and she was not sure what it was until it was in and strapped around the back of her head. Her eyes got really big and I grabbed her hair up in my hands, she murmured out something as my cock slid across her tongue. She was totally into it though bobbing her head up and down my cock while she slobbered all over it, she loved giving up control totally and even after I came I kept stroking in and out of her mouth for a while. I then put my balls in her mouth and let her tongue bath them for a bit.
So for the most part she is a really reserved woman to the rest of the world but when she has been drinking the slut comes out and we have a great time.

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  • Camilla and meghan are a ugly user divorcee pair who have defrauded the world enough. give us a break from whores who can't keep a marriage together for gizards sake.

  • My wife gets a little happy tipsy when we have parties and I at one of our parties I had not seen her for a bit so I went looking for her. I found her in one of the bedrooms riding a guy, I went up next to the bed and reached out playing with her nipples. I asked if she was alright and she just smiled at me and told me she was having a great time.

  • Pffff. There's a n_I_gg_e_r in the woodpile.

  • I like getting mine drunk and setting her up with other men i like to watch her get fucked hard and used like a whore.

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