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To start off I work as a nurse at facilities with staffing shortages for 3 onth assignments typically. I am married and at this time this happened I was 34 years old. I was on an assignment in Minneapolis, I live 5 hours away, and my husband had agreed that I should work 3 days a week some weeks I would schedule 3 in a row others two in a row have a day off between and then the third day. So one of my first weeks I worked 2 in a row had a day off and had one of my male co-workers say a group of the staff members were going out to dinner and hitting a couple bars after work. At the time my husband was recovering from some health issues and through that our sexlife was lacking a little. Anyhow this guy was a local and we ended up going out he was mid 20s and quite attractive. After a while we ended up at a club where I drank a little too much and drank a lot. Needless to say after the bar that night we ended up at his place and slept together. I didnt recall it but his friend ran into us at the bar and also stayed over, his friend was also attractive. His friend was sleeing on the sofa when I walked through to use the bathroom I was in a bra and panties only, then in the morning, once fully dressed I realized he was there. My coworker John (1) had to leave for a class, leaving me and his friend John (2) and I there, we talked and had breakfast. John (2) indicated he was a photographer and was still getting a portfolio together for a potential client but needed a woman who was kind of mom body type to model for him. he said it was just wearing normal clothes. He asked and had a release and everything and took a couple of photos of me in what I was in and I let him use them. He gave me his number and the next time I was in town he was going to show me the final product after re-touching, so I met up with him and they were great. He asked if I would do a couple more outfits the next trip and I agreed. After some talk he said the deadline for his submission and the timing wouldnt work so that afternoon we went shopping and I picked out a few outfits. He shot the pictures and re-touched with me there it was amazing. I never thought I could look so great! I had met my coworker again on this trip and told him it was a mistake sleeping with him as I was married, I was not on b/c and my husband had a vasectomy so I could have gotten pregnant. John (2) was charming and there was no pressure for sex and every time he took the photos he was very professional. Then my third visit with him he said he got the job but his client he sent the portfolio to indicated they wanted to pay me as a model. It was kind of exciting, he said the job paid $500 and it was bra and underwear photos cropped off at the neck ot chin, and mid thigh. I asked for a week to think about it but initially said no, well on the drive home I ended up getting a speeding ticket, I wanted to hide the ticket from my husband so I decided it was a great way to cover it up. I told John (2) I would do it but I wanted to see everything before it was sent in. I wanted to remain anonymous, because I was very embarassed of my body with the stretch marks and curves. At the time I was 5-6 145 lbs 36c or d depending on the brand, I had had kids so there were stretch marks. For this shoot he had me meet at a studio space, he said it was a private rental property for photographers. The background was more bland and there were a few cubers and chairs, he handed me a large box of selections of the same 4 matching bra and panty sets as well as a few individual panties and bras in various sizes. I was so nervous I almost backed out but then he let it slip that he saw me a few weeks before sneaking through his friends place and it was not a big deal. He also had a bottle of wine there and offered me a glass to calm down which I took 2 glasses. He also drank some from the same bottle because I was slightly nervous of that too. I started out with the most covering then went to less and less covering as the day wore on and each time he touched me to pose me it sent chills. I was more and more excited. At one point he was posing me and he posed my leg touching my thigh and his hand moved up and the back of his hand touched my crotch, I shuttered a bit and let out a little noise. I didnt know why but I was super turned on. I turned red he reassured me and then it happened he touhed my cheek pulled in and we kissed. When we broke the kiss I was shocked at how different I was the next outfit was a single thong and he had a sheer lace bra he handed me said its ok we need to get to this one sometime and I didnt hesitate went to the dressingroom and put it on. He took close ups of my bottom and front but at one point my trimmed hairs were showing around the edge and he said I needed to trim so they didnt show. He handed me a razor and told me it was ok and that it happens. I went in and tried but he said he could still see then offered to help, I nervouslty agreed and he trimmed me started out just a little soap and water then got a little more indepts saying the stubble was showing. He inserted fingers in me stretching and pulling I was so turned on my hips started moving and my legs were spread wide, he then started kissing my thigh and then to my mound after he wiped the shaving soap off of me, As he kissed I was super turned on and he pulled out his camera took a coupe of photos of my crotch he said to show me how I looked and he showed them to me. We fooled around in the space some and he took a couple of topless and bottomless photos of me showed me them saying how sexy I was but at my request he deleted them letting me see they were gone. Ultimately he and I talked a little bit, and he appreciated that I was married and stopped it at oral only, yes the playing included both giving and receiving oral. He ended up meeting me the next day before I left town for home, he showed me the photos and wow. He even showed me one he snuck while I was not fully covered and I couldnt believe it was me. I agreed to let him print a copy for himself but to delete the electronic photo. He also showed me a few non cropped photos he kept and said I looked great. I had no makeup or hair wasnt done but he said it was natural beauty, I thought how sexy did I look it was empowering. I didnt hear from him for another 2 weeks then he sent me a message, "hey I have another job they want you to do." I was kind of nervous and he said this one will be a long full day shoot can you stay more than 12 hours? He asked if I would be ok showing some face shots, side of the face and back of the head then things like that he said it would include a complete hair and make up. I said I wasnt sure, then he said hey its a free makeover and you get paid $800. This shoot took place in a nice house, was supposed to be with another model and all clothed intimate photos in lingerie for stock photos to ut next to sexy atricles. He said no nude and no sex invilved but it paid very well. Well it all started out sexy and intimate caressing and kissing in dark with bright light behind so we couldnt who it was in the pics. Then at one point John (2) suggested the model John (3) place his hand inside of my panties. He posed me suggestively back facing John (3). Then John (2) placed my hand over top of John (3)'s hand and suggested we kiss with the backlighting. It was so sexy he started rubbing me. From there things progressed, John (2) suggested I lay back across and ottoman and he take photos suggesting John (3) was going down on me. My panties were still on but as that series progressed he pulled my panties to the side and started licking me then removed them. After a few minutes of that I was so turned on I wanted more, John (2) suggested that the same client would be willing to give a large bonus over twice what I was getting paid for more sexual photos including nudity. by this point John (3) was really teasing my and I was super worked up. I agreed. John (3) removed my top and bottoms and John 2 started moving to get better photos changing some of the lighting. John (2) suggested John (3) lay himself on my clit and rub it on there. As this was happening John (2) moved above my head to get a better position. He then said that John (3) penetrate me. I said I was not on B/c so he suggested they fake it and put on a rubber just over the tip. I agreed after debate. After about 5 minutesof him inside like this he pushed deeper then pulled back a few times the comment was made that he could see the rolled up edge and asked me to just let him in me bare for a few shots. I reliuctantly agreed. As he was in he started slowly fucking me, I was meeting his thrusts and John (2) had his crotch in my face as he leaned over also touching my breasts some between pics then he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I started rubbing John (2) then sucking him as I was being fucked by John (3). After several minutes they switched positions, I was in a completely different headspace I was in heaven. At this point they were both taking me bare and I was orgasming for the third time when John (2) said he wanted to cum in me. I wanted to say stop but I didnt and let him finish, then John (3) again entered me and also finished in me. We then all laid there catching out breath, then the guys talked me into going to the bedroom for another round. In the afterglow of round 2 I asked if they had ever done that before and I learned that John (3) was a professional and had done many sex scenes. John (2) was an old classmate of John (3) he had done this 2 other times. I asked John (3) how many women he had slept with he said over 100 most were professionals with documentation but he said I was just for fun. I thought I was in my safe time so I didnt do morning after pill but a month later was late and ended up needing to visit a clinic. Yes there was one more session too.

27 days

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