I read it here first

I'm a married, white, 29 year old woman. I read the stories here and then go try to expierience them for myself. I have been doing this for over a year.

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  • Where can we meet<

  • One of my favorite places are the trails by the river.

  • Would love to hear which ones

  • I'm very partial to the exposure in public, neighbor and multiple men one's. So that's normally what I go out and do.

  • How do you expose yourself?

  • Me too. Have done a few of them, like the one where the woman has sex with the other women from her gym. Have eaten out women from mine - two already. Pussy is sweet and tart at the same time. Who knew. Also like to play with my clit in front of my window when people are outside. Neighbor dude watches and it’s hot. Squirt for him and he JACK’s off.

  • What have you accomplished so far?

  • I don't know where to begin , I especially love the stories of people cheating on their spouses and random encounters. I also like the stories of neighbors. So that's where I normally start

  • I love the cheating stories too - discovered that as my fetish!

  • So you have had sex outside your marriage? Sexy to be honest! Tell us about you getting fucked by a neighbor or a stranger. We love details

  • Alright , so I have had sex several times with men that are not my husband. The sexiest time is a couple weeks ago when my neighbor down the street was walking by our house. I knew my dog would bark it's head off when she seen his dog. So I quickly ran back to the house undressed and waited behind the door. Once my dog started barking I opened the door standing naked and screamed shut up. Of course he looked over at me. I waived and said sorry that my dog is a pain. He was like oh wow no problem and started walking towards the house. I waited until he was about 10 feet away I went outside turned my back to him and bent over to grab my little yapping idiot dog. Oh god he said. I stood and smiled and asked if he was thirsty I had some pop and juice if he wanted to come in. He tied up his old dog and came in. I said so what would you like. He started touching my boobs and reached around gabbing my ass. Oh god your hot. We went to the sofa where I sat down he ate me out for what seemed forever then knelt in front of me and screwed me.

  • Wow very sexy! Thank you for sharing! Good luck on your future endeavors

  • Thank you

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