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Far from discouraging me in any way, IT made my cock throb and swell as the cocktail of sex became amalgamated with every thrust. That is not to say; initially when the desire of our sexual pleasures were discussed, I was looking forward to the HotWife being creampied and then penetrating her immediately. I had always considered this to be a no-go for me and was admiment that it was just so wrong to go anywhere near another man’s jisum. Nevertheless what a vast contrast with my present day outlook. As long as you don’t expect me to clean-up after - as this does not float our boat. Seeing my HotWife’s pussy being creampied and then exchanging positions is an integral part of the whole experience, and whilst we are not enduring football teams, some light group-fun is something we really enjoy. There is truly something about watching the HotWife taking a throbing cock deep inside her, while others await their chance to add another creampie - patiently.

It had always been my desire to establish a small collective of very special males, not too large in size, more very select. Whom we would regularly like to meet up with either as part of a MFM or more-some. Always with the intention to pleasure the HotWife. At our home would be more preferable, as the HotWife is more relaxed plus she can change her outfits several times through the meeting, and it saves us travelling and rushing around.

Not only do we enjoy experimenting with sex toys. The HotWife is also a deviant for some light restraining and dressing for the occasion. The lingerie collection is best described as; extensive, and is comprised of a multitude of erotic naughtiness. Preference on my behalf always involves some form of lingerie of the crotchless variety. Be this a one-piece number or briefs. There is something about looking down and seeing my cock pushing through the tailor-made hole and in to the folds of her pussy. Mind you its also something else to witness another man’s cock doing just the same to the HotWife.

I firmly believe that variety is the spice of life and I contemplated to what extent our kinky sexual appetite would lead us to. I was more than happy for the HotWife to experience being filled by what we would consider to be larger guys. Inevitably the subject of BBC came up - but we somehow never managed to commit to a meeting. This however was turned completely on its head and quite out of the blue.

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  • Oh snorrre!

  • What a boring story.

  • Sometimes I worry others think of me as dead, they refer to me as dead just cuz I won't play the role or game they want me to.

  • This was weird how he worded it the story of sharing was fine just weird who talks like that?

  • I agree... it almost came off mechanical... weird and off-putting. And I also wish he had just said my wife or my sexy wife or my hot wife... thought I guess he's trying to internet speak.

  • Please dude don't call her hot wife its utterly embarrassing

  • Is a HotWife like a Hot Pocket ? Dull and dumpling like on the outside, cheesy, tomato sauce, and heavily processed meat on the inside ? Burns your mouth when you try to eat it, burns your anus coming out ? Sure sounds like it ! You should stick your dick into a piping hot, Hot Pocket

  • Sounds good I would love to see my sister raped up and she loves looking like a witchy in drapping witchy looks and hair. rosemary has been making out she was this shy quiet loner as a child and mum knows it is a fantasy in rosemary mind, she was always screaming and yelling at us and fighting with everyone and she still screams and fights now. just ask her out anywhere or about allen or anything and she screams and fights if you even bring up a new mans name. I wish someone would see her for who she really is a evil witch who needs a good lesson and hit in the face for what she did to me. I want her to get hurt.

  • Ummmm.... be nicer to your sister?

  • The HotWife.... LMAO!

  • I cringe when he types Hotwife.

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