Wife's tattoos

When I started dating my wife we fucked after our first dinner date. While I was a virgin, she said that she had one previous boyfriend. After we had fucked for several weeks in the dark I stayed overnight at her house and we fucked in the morning. After we laid there with the covers off I noticed that she had several names tattooed on her abdomen. She quickly pulled the covers up and turned away from me.
I asked her about the names and she told me that I really didn't want to know. I told her that I did and if she wanted to be with me, I needed her to truthfully tell me. She told me that they were the names of the guys that she had sex with. I rolled her over on her back and counted and there were six names there. I said you told me that you had only had one boyfriend. She said that only Brian was her boyfriend and the others were just friends of his that he had told her to fuck.
While she was telling me this I got an erection thinking of all six of them inside her before me. On the anniversary of our first date I asked her to marry me. She said that she wondered whether I would ask her knowing that six guys had fucked her before me. I told her that loved her and knowing that she had other guys before me didn't matter.
After we got married I told her that I wanted her to have sex with my friends and over the first two years of marriage she had sex with 14 of my friends. She now has the names of all 21 of the guys that have fucked her tattooed on her belly. The names cover the entire area from just below her breasts down to her well used hole. When we go to the beach she wears a bikini and we tell all the guys that ask about the names that she has had sex with all of them and then we ask if they want to be next. We always go home with at least one and usually more men to fuck my wife in our bed. The next set of tattoos will be ten more names on her back starting between her shoulder blades and going down to her waist. In the future we will get their names tattooed on her butt.

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  • Wow ❤️🖤 that is your name on her and how can I get mine there

  • That’s hot

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