My wife and I have been fighting a lot lately. We've been saying a lot of hurtful things back and forth. It got really bad the other week, and I left the house and stayed at a motel for a few days. I just needed to cool down and get my head together.

My wife texted me the second night I was away and said she wanted to skype video chat with me. I said okay and we got online. The video came up and she was on the ground, leaning on her elbows. I initially could only see her face and her arms/shoulders. I asked her what the hell that was about, and she just said it was a surprise. She then panned the camera out on her computer and it was obvious that she was getting fucked doggy while we were talking.

She clearly wanted to hurt me, and she did. The pain I felt was immense. The worst part of it, though, was that it was my best friend who was fucking her. My wife might be garbage, but for my best buddy to fuck the shit out of her on a video call made me nearly insane. I could hear him as he emptied his balls into her, talking about how she was the best pussy he's ever had. You don't treat a friend that way. I've been friends with him since we were in middle school. We've been best friends the whole time, until that moment.

My wife then said that it was nice to have a "real man" and that she hoped she got pregnant by him. I ended the call and was seething mad, almost to the point of breaking shit in the motel. I want to divorce her, but she is going to take me to the cleaners financially if I do. We have a house worth nearly a million and about that much in the stock market. I'm torn between wanting to patch things up (I still love her) and wanting to kick her to the curb. She is really being evil, as is my best friend. I am devastated, angry, and confused.


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  • Get rid of the wife, but take it easy on your friend--bros before hoes. You wouldn't have turned down a piece if it were his wife, I'm guessing.

  • Hahahaha, crazy bitch

  • You idiot. She cheated on you. You'll keep your money. Get a good lawyer dumbfuck.

  • If I had to guess I would say your wife has been sleeping with your best friend for a while now, or he would not have been willing to go so far as to video chat to torment you. He has more in the game than one fuck.

  • Oh man that is so hot

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