Lucid Fantasy

Yeaterday morning I had a very confusing dream to say the least... so there I am back in my old child hood bedroom. Its on the second floor of a tiny little town house. Just across the hall from my room is my sister's room. Before I go any further I should mention that I've struggled with crossdressing my whole life. Its always been something I didn't want to do but was extreamly turned on by. Anyways so there I am no longer in my room, but in my sister's rummaging through her drawers to find whatever womens intimates I can wear. The first item found was a tight little blue spandex thong. Its silky fabric was soothing to the eye. It felt even better as I slid the panties up my slim legs. As the thong reached my members I tucked them back for a flat feminine look. Even fully nude I wasnt shaped very mainly, at about 5'7 I'm little more than 120lbs. I like to do yoga sometimes so that doesnt exactly help my masculine figure. Realistically I'm shaped like a pre teen girl. I found some thigh high fishnet stocking and a pair of heels that had to be at least 6" I quickly put them on along with a cute little matching garter set. Looking at myself in the mirror I could hardly contain myself, Im ready to burst. My mind starts racing and my dream starts changing. One minute im buired in endless erotic panty options the next im back infront of the mirror rubbing my tucked penis between my legs. Im in heaven at this point and I begin to reach a climax. Just before I do my dream changes again but this time somethings diffenerent. Im still dressed like a little slut but im down on my knees and someone is infront of me. They arent wearing any pants and I can tell they are happy to see me. Inches away from my face is a average sized cock, dripping with enthusiasm for me. Dicks dont usually turn me on but for some reason I was so turned on by this cock. It was smooth with just a little bit of veins showing through the skin like tiny wiggling worms. It was circumcised and the tip was bright pink with a hint of pre cum oozing out... dripping... I didn't even think twice when I started to like it up like icing. It tasted so salty and thick as I swished the precum around on my tongue. Next thing I know Im lost as Im now feeding on this cock. I can feel all of it... the smooth veins as my lips slowly move down the shaft... his bright pink head as its pushed to the back of my throat... the salty precum. Once again im in heaven, dressed like a sissy and playing the part im ready to explode. Suddenly im thrust in the middle of an immensely powerfull orgasm and the cock on my tongue begins to erupt into my mouth. I can feel the pulses beating through the shaft into my mouth with every spurt of juicy cum. My mouth is full now but it doesnt stop... Im still admist probably the stongest orgasm Ive ever had... his dick is growing in my mouth getting thicker and longer with ever launch of semen. By now his cock is probably 4" thick and 10" long. As I can no longer fit it my mouth his cock come bursting out along with all the cum I couldnt swallow. He blasts a few more times in my face and Im shaking... totally cumstruck and cock drunk. I wake up the next morning to find a nice stain in my boxes and dick harder than rock... and some stuff I need think to about.

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  • Sounds normal. I have these types of dreams every now and then. Enjoy the fantasy. BTW, lots of straight identifying guys think about or are at least turned on by pictures of cocks and fantasize about sex with men or male genitalia.

    No need to "struggle" with that or crossdressing, it's just a fantasy and is perfectly healthy. don't make yourself feel bad about it, life it short. Allow yourself your kinks, they are yours. I have finally allowed myself to own my kinks and I feel no shame, I have released myself from that and now enjoy guilt free

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