My wife

One night my wife got really drunk and passed out cold sleeping. I put her to bed and undressed her but left her on top of the covers with the bedroom door open. I told my friends to go to the bathroom and look for a deck of cards for us to play poker with. First one friend when and he came back all red in the face. The next guy went to look for the cards and he was gone for a while so I went to peek around the corner and saw him taking pictures of my wife nude but now her legs were spread wide open... He must have done it to her. I was getting hard watching him taking close up pictures of her nude body and pussy. I walked in to the bedroom and told him to feel free to feel her up if he wanted. The next day my wife had no idea that she was totally naked in front of my friends and they had taken nude pictures of her and sucked on her nipples while fingering her. God it was a really great night and I can't wait for her to get drunk again

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  • I posted something very similar along time ago. The difference is my wife pretends to be passed out. We have done this a few times and you would be surprised on the results. We have 3 small hidden cameras in our bedroom and later we watch the videos together. All but one of my so called friends have done something with her.

  • Have u see some one fuck her man

  • I'm pretty much a pervert at heart but even I feel sorry for your wife. How fucked up is it when the one person your wife should be able to trust betrays her the moment she has a few to many drinks. If this is true, the OP is a real piece of shit!

  • Did something similar with my wife. She was passed out drunk and I had sex with her. I ordered room service and let the young guy in with me wife naked on the bed. I told he could have a look when he looked away, he took a good look turned to leave, I said you can have a go at it if you want. He went up to her and was feeling her up and took out his cock but he asked if he could just jerk off to her, I said sure. He tried sliding the head up and down her pussy but he didn’t penetrate. He came on her torso and left. I had sex with her again after wiping off his cum. I never told her.

  • You're garbage, too.

  • You're garbage.

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