I walked in

I'm only 16, so i don't have that much experience with sex other than porn, but i saw something over the weekend i'm really fixated with.
i was supposed to be out with some friends, but plans fell through so i went back home. when i walked in i heard moans and... "wet" noises, coming from upstairs. So i take a peek and there's my sister, this 19- year old "ink-girl" type having anal sex with some guy easily twice her age and... let's just say i didn't know assholes could endure sex that hard outside of porn.
and she enjoyed it, because i saw her orgasm very hard, and her face and voice and gasping when it happened is what has me fixated... i've been masturbating to that image since then. she looked so dirty but so beautiful too...
i'm guessing she's havig sex for money. i had never seen that guy, he left shortly after he was done, and i've never seen him since. i don't know if i'm more concerned or horny over what i saw...


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  • Get off this site sweetie. Your only a little girl..

  • Hell, I'd hand her a twenty dollar bill and whip my pecker out. You got nothing to lose but twenty dollars, and sooooo much to gain.

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