Mom want me as a girl

Why is it at the age of 5 my mom always dressed me up as a girl. Can you still put dresses on me patent leather Mary Jane shoes on me. Then as I got older she used to buy me little heels and skirts and girl pants and shirts in the summer time when we were by herself used to put a bikini and me or a one piece and let me go swimming and she would tell everybody this is my little girl. They would always ask what's her name and she would always tell this is my little girl Wendy. Everybody thought I was cute cuz my mom kept my hair longer about shoulder length Houston always put it up in a ponytail or pigtails or something. My mom went they told my dad that just the two of us would going out we ended up at a waterpark to have fun for a day just the two of us she dressed me up in a one piece she talked my little penis away I loved it she also had a lady friend and her daughter come with us to have fun they both asked are you a boy you look kind of look like one my mom said that's my son but I think she is a girl a friend said yes she does more like a girl than a boy maybe as he gets older he will like being a girl and stay as a girl. She called her lady friend up to ask her if it was okay if her daughter went out shopping with us one night she said sure her daughter helped us pick out some cute outfits some onesies temperature a nice tennis shoes nice dress shoes some panties all that I was all cool I think that's why I am the way I am today liking to wear women's clothes and shoes so much I am so confused should I keep dressing as a girl or should I go back to as a boy please help me out I'm lost

1 month ago

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    • If you like being feminized then don't stop because you will miss it and always be thinking about it. It is easy for a girl to be a girl but takes a lot of work and practice for boys to be able to be passable . You can stop dressing girly but eventually the urge will return and the longer you resist the bigger the urge gets . You like doing it and it makes you happy so why fuck up a good thing

    • Ask your Mom. What does she want you to be ? If she "talked your penis away", certainly she can banish any thoughts of you ever living as a man. Listen to Mom. Moms are always right, even when they're monsterous, manipulative, cunt bitches.

    • I was brought up the same way and now I'm a sissy cocksucker

    • I'd like to play dressup withsissy cocksuckeer

    • Hello Ashley, you sound lovely, I'd love to get to know you as I'm a sissy too!!
      Signed Silky Sarah

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