Very Dark Secret

Would anybody like to tell about there darkest secret they never have told anybody about something really naughty that you should really take to the grave, we all have what is called a skeleton in the cupboard, something you are ashamed of, something you have never told anybody about or a special memory, no matter how shocking it is

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  • When I was young I found out my parents were swingers by accident. It was when my aunt (mom's sister) and uncle (mom's sister's husband) came to visit. It was very late, I was supposed to be asleep, but got up and walked past my parents' bedroom and my dad was fucking my aunt while my mom was fucking my uncle. It scared the shit out of me. Years later I still don't have the courage to ask my parents wtf that was all about. My siblings don't know about it either.

  • I used to dry hump my sister when she was sleeping. Like get on top of her and rub my cock against her pussy. Sometimez i put my dick in her mouth. Id squeeze her tits and jerk off. I bet she was awake one time. I should've fucked her.

  • My sister who is eight years older than I am came back from her first year of college for the summer. I had about two weeks left of school then I was on summer break and she woke me up the first morning at around nine o'clock and told me that I was going to love having an older sister. She tugged at my covers and then started pulling down my shorts, I was asking her what the hell she thought she was doing when her lips went right down on my cock and she swallowed it whole then while staring up at me slowly sucked her way back up. I was speechless. Her head bobbed up and down then twisted side to side and in a matter of seconds, like about 30, I was ejaculating right down her throat.
    We had sex all summer most of the time with her on top. She would let me touch her anytime I wanted, I learned so much from her and I have never told anyone about it and I hope to god she has not either.

  • When my friend and I were in our early teens we would read porn together and this led to touching. We would lay on the bed opposite each other and play with each others cock. One night I just began sucking his and it went on from there with both of us sucking each other off all the time. We would get home from school and go to his house because we had about two hours before his parents got home. We would either lay down and do it simultaneously or one would go first. We did this for quite a few years, nothing else though just sucking cocks, I would give anything to go back to those days.

  • I have many but managed to get things under control.
    1. I started screwing our female dog when I was in middle school, she liked it and would often start rocking her head side to side then it would drop down.
    2. I talked my younger sibling into letting me see her naked then talked her into sucking me. She still calls me an asshole at family get togethers but no one else in the family has said anything to me so I think she has not told anyone.
    3. I would dig my mothers worn panties out of the hamper and rub them on my face. I continued this one after I got married with my wife's panties but now I am divorced.
    Well that is quite a few but there are more.

  • I never felt bad about anything sexual with a woman. They agreed to all of it

  • I met my husband at work. What he doesn't know is that before we dated I used to party with his boss (and his wife) and his friends, and we'd basically have what amounted to cocaine and sex parties. I got pregnant at one of them, but had an abortion. My husband has no clue about any of that.

  • Naughty but I like it

  • I started having sex when I was 13. No big secret there. I matured faster than the other girls in my town and I had big boobs. And the boys had a lot of interest in me and I loved the attention. I took the virginity of a lot of guys from my school. I was a huge slut. But I loved it.

    We moved away in my senior year. I straightened up, got married, had kids. Well I went back home recently to visit some family and my husband stayed home with the kids. Well I ran into some of the guys from school and we went to the bar. We ended up drinking and talking. And it turned back to the old days.

    I had no problem talking about it until thing started turning sexual. And they started talking about how I had been better than any of the other girls they had been with and bet I had gotten a thousand times better. Well we got more drunk and I ended going back with them to one of their places where I ended up fucking them both again. It was like being back in high school again.

    I had sex with both of them back to back. Then after we took a break and drank a bit more they double teamed me. Woke up the next day in bed with one of them putting my legs over his shoulders and he fucked me again. I shouldn't have done it but I got into it again. I didn't care that I was married or that one of them was married we were having fun.

    But once I got home I was wracked with guilt. I fucked my husbands brains out and said I missed him. But a part of me wants to go back to that slutty life style. It was so fun.

  • Years ago my volleyball team played a tournament out of town. We had a day off, so my friend and I went shopping and then hung out at a park. There we met a couple of guys and a woman who must have been early 30's. They were having a picnic and had some beers in their cooler and gave us a couple. They were really nice, just passing through town, and we had fun talking. They invited us to their hotel down the street for a few more drinks, and we went.

    We got pretty drunk that afternoon, like dizzy drunk, and before we knew it we were naked from the waist down getting our pussies licked. My friend drank too much, got sick, and threw up, but I got fucked by one of the guys while the other guy had sex with the other, older woman who was there. It was not the most romantic way to lose my virginity, but it was what it was. My friend and I never told anyone.

  • When I was 17 I was super insecure, hated myself, blah blah blah. Well I met this guy who was 16, almost 17. we went to the same school. Seemed super nice at first and we ended up getting together. It wasn't long after that his true colors began to show and he was an abusive piece of shit. But being insecure I stayed. By the time I turned 18 he had me convinced that my parents didn't love me, they didn't support me and I should move in with him and his mom which she allowed, and she worshipped the ground he walked on.

    So I moved into his mother's basement with him. It had its own door so we could come and go as we pleased without bothering her. The abuse turned up a notch once I was living with him. He had me blow him in front of his friends while they were playing video games and getting high. So he could brag.

    There would be times he would have me get naked and lay around on his bed and told me to start begging for sex when they showed up. So again he could brag saying he had an "older girl" always begging for his cock. He talked me until letting him fuck my friends because if I loved him I would let him. Even talked me into talking one of them into getting high and having a threesome with him while his friends were there.

    Basically set up where he invited them over, and then started the threesome so they walked in while he was fucking two girls. Again for bragging rights. And his friends were just as bad. As they had no problem watching.

    It was a shitty relationship. I have hundreds of stories of things he got me to do for him.

    I didn't get out of it until we were both in our early twenties

    But what is sick is I find myself looking back at these and masturbating . Or hooking up with a guy and wanting him to treat me like shit and slap me around to get me off.

    I've even had a few moments of weakness of getting drunk and texting him for a late night fuck. To wake up in that basement bed feeling shame.

    What the fuck is wrong with me?

  • My husband had a friend who fell on hard times and I reluctantly agreed to let him move in with us for a little while. I'm not against helping friends. I just absolutely hated this one. He was crass, perverted, and pretty much a lazy piece of shit.

    He didn't help around the house. He wasn't actively looking for a job. And he treated me like I was his maid, he would walk in on me while I would be taking a shower. and my husband wouldn't do anything about it. Just saying he would talk to him about it.

    Well my husband went away for the weekend and left me all alone with him and I was sick of his shit. So I started yelling at him, calling him a lazy piece of shit. And he retorted with his same bullshit of, I could do something better with my mouth than just bitch. And that really set me off. I screamed and yelled at him, got in his face. Slapped him. And out of no where he just fucking kissed me. And for some reason I kissed him back.

    From there clothes were torn off every which way. And we had the most raw hate fucking I've ever experienced. I was still calling him things, scratching hin and he would slap me and choke me while fucking me. It was intense. It only happened the one time and we swore to never tell my husband.

    But got a long a bit better after that. He actually started helping out a bit more, not a lot, but a bit. And my husband thought it was from one of his "talks"

  • Years ago I dated this girl, and we lived with her parents for about a month. One day I came home from work and it was really hot in the house, but cooler downstairs in the recreation room, so I went down there to watch TV. My girlfriend was at a movie with her friends. When I opened the door, her parents, who were in their late 40s, were spoon position fucking on the leather couch. They weren't in a hurry, just really slowly fucking while the TV was on, as her mom smoked a cigarette.

    I apologized for walking in on them, but her mom said they should be the ones apologizing, because "You probably think old people fucking is gross." I was in shock, and said something like "No, not at all." We talked for a minute while her dad kept slowly pumping away, when her mom said, "If you come a little closer, you can get some." She put out her cigarette in the ashtray and waved me over.

    She fumbled with my pants, but I helped push them down, and she proceeded to give me a blowjob. Her oral skills were phenomenal, and I lost it after a few minutes, pulling out and spraying her neck (I wasn't sure if she wanted it in her mouth). Nothing like that ever happened again, but I'll never forget that moment.

  • I like to get the shit beat out of me. I mean I love it. I only hook up with guys that will beat me up, and fuck me hard and rough. I'm talking way beyond the normal concept of rough sex. I want to be slapped so hard my head spins. Pull my hair until it might rip out. Slap my ass until I'm crying kind of pain. I absolutely love it and I don't know why. I love being degraded. Tossed around. Called name's, being written on. Even pissed on.

    I love it all. I always wear long sleeves to hide the bruises so people at work don't question where they came from. And if I'm given a black eye I just apply make up to hide it and give a lame excuse of how clumsy I am. Everyone at work things I'm this cute, innocent girl, when I'm not.

    I don't know why, but I can't get off unless I'm crying from pain, feeling completely humiliated and being dominated. I'm a dirty slut.

  • When I was seventeen I worked at a clothing store in a mall. Well there was always this fat older man that came in and flirted with me. Well one night he came in close to closing time, we were dead and I was all by myself.

    hHe just kept flirting with me. I was nice to him but had no interest in him. As it was pretty creepy. But He finally made me an offer. He would buy me all the clothes I wanted if I had sex with him. I turned him down but he pestered, and said no matter the amount he would buy them. He asked what I wanted. Grabbed them and bought them instantly. And after the store was closed. I fucked him in the dressing room. He bent me over. Pulled up my skirt. And I let him have his way with me.

    This wasn't the only time either. He began buying me more stuff on a weekly basis. And we would have sex around the store after it closed. And since our store didn't have any cameras I never got caught. But for how big he was he determined. He fucked until he was tired of fucking. It was depraved and I felt disgusting but I was getting all the expensive things I wanted.

    It finally came to an embarrassing end when one of the managers was caught doing the same thing. We found out three of us there were fucking him. I can't imagine how much he spent on all three of us because we all had expensive tastes.

  • My best friend(30) and I(29) went on a hiking trip together. Just a girls get away for the weekend. When we stopped to make camp for the night and ran into a group of three younger guys. Assuming somewhere between 18 and 21, who had also stopped to make camp for the night. And asked us to join them for the night.

    They had brought alcohol with them so we agreed and went and hung out around the fire. We all got drunk and things got perverted as they made fun of one of their friends for being a virgin. I was drunk( my excuse) so I said I would fix that and took him back to my tent where I relieved him of his virginity. He didn't last long but he was eager to keep going. And when we left my tent we found my friend in their tent being double teamed by his friends. So we went back to the tent and fooled around some more.

    We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with them and each one of them got a turn with both of us. When we got back we never told anyone what we did. Especially because she was married and I had a boyfriend at the time.

  • One summer I went over to my bf's place to wait for him until he got off of work. It was going to be a couple of hours, so I went out back and did some sunbathing while I waited. Both of my bf's parents were there, and his mom offered to make me lunch. She said she needed to go to the store to get a few things first, and she left for a bit, leaving me there with my bf's dad.

    My bf's dad came out and said it looked like I was getting burned. I said I didn't feel burned, but that he could put some lotion on my back, if he wanted. He came over and gave me a rub down as I was face down, and his hands were more massage-like than simply putting suntan lotion on me. His hands felt great. Eventually he started rubbing my inner thighs, and tbh I was getting wet af.

    He complimented me on my curves, and I mentioned that his rubdown was turning me on. He then slipped a finger inside my bikini and I didn't say a word, responding only by raising my ass to give him better access. I slipped down my bikini bottoms a little and let him finger fuck me while I was rubbing my clit. I got off quickly. He then asked if he could put his dick in me. I said it wasn't a good idea, but said he could do it a little. He unzipped his shorts and I looked back, and whoa, his cock was thick. He fed me just the head at first, slow, shallow strokes, and then he started driving it a little deeper. It was right about that time when I could hear my bf's mom returning from the store, so I told him to stop. He stopped, but not before pulling out and squirting a load of seed all over my ass.

    We pulled ourselves together and neither my bf nor his mom ever knew what we did.

  • My parents went to Europe a few times a year but when I was in my late teens I asked if I could just stay at home. They did not agree with me staying alone and my aunt agreed to stay at the house for the two weeks. She is only five years younger than my Mom but in much better shape and has a bigger chest. I fantasized about her often and never in my life figured I would ever see her naked let alone have sex with her. She was there about three days and on night she came out wearing this long t shirt and I could see her ass when she bent over. We were watching TV for a while then she told me she was headed up to bed, I headed up about an hour later. I was being really quiet because I figured she was asleep, the house was all hardwood floors and built in the 30's so it was impossible to walk anywhere quietly. I got to my room and closed the door but when I turned to go to my closet I stopped in complete shock. My aunt was on my bed, no clothes on, the blankets were pulled down to the foot of the bed. I did not know if she was sleeping or not at first then she turned her head and looked at me telling me it was about time I came up for bed. She taught me all about sex over the next ten days or so, I have never had so much in my life day after day. I can remember a few days in there where we had sex for hours a couple of times the same day. She loved to be on her hands and knees and just have me do it as hard as I could from behind, she would call out to me to do it harder and faster.

  • When I was 17 I had a legit mother daughter threesome with my mother's boyfriend at the time. My mother was heavily on pills and drinking, smoking weed, all of the above. Every day was just another day of getting fucked up and going about life looking for the next score. I was pretty much doing the same thing, dropped out of school, was doing pills. He brought home some pills, and I don't know what the fuck they were but they got me super high, and super horny. We did literally everything he wanted. He fucked us both. We were both utterly humiliated when we sobered up. I'll admit I fucked him few more times because he was always scoring me the best drugs

  • When I was 17 my parents took me to visit my aunt/uncle/cousins. We were there for a week, and they lived in a very rural area with almost nothing to do. The whole town consisted of 300 people tops. One day my cousins Aaron (15) and Adrian (17) took me fishing at a lake about a mile and a half away. It was a long walk on a nice day. We got there and they set up my fishing pole and stuff. We also smoked some weed.

    I knew Aaron was stoned when he said to me that my tits were a lot bigger than they were the last time he saw me. We all laughed, and I lifted up my top for them when they asked. I said it's only fair if I can see your dicks. They unzipped for me.

    We were on the lake shore with no one around, stoned, enjoying the sun. Yep, we had sex that afternoon--I fucked both of them and they were adorable. We returned to my aunt and uncle's place, with our lips sealed about our little fishing trip.

  • So I was at this party, and it was like 3 in the morning and people were passing out all over the place on the ground and on the couches, and this one guy had been off in the distance following me, I started to get some really rapey vibes from him, I looked around and didn't see anybody else awake, and thought what happens if he rapes me, and for some reason I thought, how long has it been since I had sex, and because I have a dark sense of humor I thought, well if I do pass out and he does rape me I would probably like it. I started to think about what it would be like, and I knew I would probably back out at the last minute and wouldn't go through with it. So I figured I would make it easie for him, so I picked up a bottle of alcohol and started to chug it, I noticed he took interest right away, after I picked up two wine coolers and started to walk up the stairs, I looked out of the corner of my eye and noticed he was following me, I start walking down the hall and noticed the alcohol is kicking in because I can no longer walk straight. I find a empty room and throw myself face down in the bed, and end up passing out. I came to several hours later I feel a cold Breeze hit my skin and get a chill, and realize I'm covered in sweat from head to toe and I am completely naked. I'm face down ass up getting fucking hard, I was so wet. I must have had multiple orgasms while I was passed out, I kept on thinking how wrong the situation was, but it felt so good. I just gave in and let him use my body however he wanted, at one point he would pull almost all the way out tell the head of his dick was barely in then he would go all the way to the base, really fast and hard. I remember hearing my ass bouncing off of his hips over and over again when he did this, then he ended up cuming and leaving me there, covered in cum and sweat with my ass in the air, and I passed out. the next day I ended up looking for the guy to find out that he left town and wasn't coming back.

  • I caught my mom cheating once. I came home early, and heard voices in the living room. I heard my mom moan "oh, yess. . .fuck yeah" and I looked around the corner, and there she was having a threesome with her best friend and her friend's boyfriend. She was only wearing a bra, and straddling the guy's face while her friend was riding his cock.

    I felt so angry that she would cheat on my dad. I walked in and my mom looked totally shocked. I said, "Gonna let dad know about this?" and walked out. When I came back a couple hours later my mom tried to explain herself and begged me not to tell dad. She said she was just having some fun and it didn't mean anything. I told her what she did was shitty, and I wouldn't tell, as long as she didn't do it again. She said okay, but I really don't know if she ever kept her word or not.

  • When I was growing up my parents were pretty strict. They never let me wear makeup or bring boys to the house, even if I was serious about a guy. My aunt and uncle were way cooler, and I'd stay with them sometimes for a week or two. My aunt would let me wear makeup, dress sexy, and let me bring friends over. One day I had a couple of guy friends over and we were playing video games, smoking cigarettes, and watching porn. We were all feeling a little horny, but didn't have condoms, so we decided to give each other head. I was sucking one guy's cock while the other was eating me out when my aunt walked in on us. My uncle was at work at the time.

    My aunt was upset that we were smoking in her house, but licked her lips at the sight of us giving/receiving head. She was cool with it. She said, "Didn't expect to see this. Do you mind?" and went down on the guy who was eating me out. It wasn't long before she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them half way down her thighs. We had a bit of a foursome that afternoon, and my aunt also fucked both of the boys (she said her tubes were tied). A day later she bought condoms so I could fuck too, and we had the guys over again for sex. It was so hot playing like that, and my aunt was so awesome to let us do that. To this day, my parents don't have a clue about what went down, and I'm sure as hell never going to tell them.

  • I am 30 year old male, I have a very dark and disgusting secret, If you are prudish don't read on. I was on the toilet I didn't shut the door propyl because it was only me in the house I was having a shit, the dog pushed the door open he started sniffing around my arse at the back, when I lifted my bottom to wiped my arse he tried to lick me, so I eased my arse off the seat and let him get on with it, he licked me clean, his rough tong felt really good I ejaculated with out wanking, I know what I did is filthy but I like it and I don't have any intentions of stopping, Would anybody like to share a similar secret, or chat?

  • I love being abused and humiliated. I can't get off if I'm not. I have to be slapped in the face, spit on, degraded, told how much of a slut I am. I'm currently fucking a guy who is twice my age who has no qualms about treating me like a piece of shit. He won't wear condoms because if I get pregnant I deserve it for being a slut.

    He has thrown me outside naked and made me scream and beg for his cock before he let me back inside. I've had to answer the door naked. He orders food for delivery and makes me suck him off with the door wide open for the delivery person to see. I absolutely love it. But I know I shouldn't.

    I'm just glad he lives two hours away from my family and friends so no one knows me.

  • I am a women, married, 50. I look good for my age, a lot younger. Blessed with good genes and implants to a 34DD. I’m curvy, 5’2” and 118 lbs.

    I work out and wear spandex shorts and a white workout bra. During my workout I will drop water onto the bra, which becomes see thru. I take yoga classes and body pump and I’m always in the front the instructors are hot. The yoga one always helps me “get the pose right”. One time after class I was in the locker room and as always, I stripped naked and walked around pretending to do things like Fox my hair, etc. I love when the women look at me but pretend not to. The yoga instructor cane in and we chatted, and she stared at my tits and shaved pussy the whole time. I asked if she gave private lessons. Now I take her class every M-W-F and after we go to her place and eat each other’s pussies and scizzor. Fucking hot.

  • I was 16 years old when I fucked my own mother when she was so drunk after a new years eve party, that she passed out in the taxi on the way home. The taxi driver helped me get her into the living room, where she passed out on the carpet. Her big boobs came out of her dress while we carried her into the house, to the delight of the taxi drivers and myself. I got very excited seeing her big boobs, she has big long nipples and big brown areolas. I was going to open the buttons on her dress and have a good look at her boobs, then masturbated in my bedroom after. That's not at all what ended up happening. I played with her boobs, then I lifted up her dress and pulled off her panties , I played around with her pussy, pulling open her big pussy lips exposing her large clit. Then I ate her out, she never moved or made a sound during this very deviant and incestuous behavior of mine. I did stop at one point to masturbate kneeling between her legs looking at her pussy. I came on the carpet on her leg and pussy, and even got some on her dress. After my first orgasm it didn't take long before I was looking under the blanket I covered her with, I thought that she was out cold and I could easily put vaseline inside her pussy and fuck her without anyone knowing what a pervert I was. And honestly I came in her pussy twice that night and nobody ever knew what I did that night.

  • You dirty mother fucker!

  • My step-mom caught me stroking my dick to porn once. She had only been my step-mom for about a year at the time. I was freaked out and my heart was racing, but she laughed and said it was okay. She wanted to see what I was watching, so we both watched the video I had on. She emphasized that porn is fake fantasy stuff and asked if I had ever touched a real pussy before. I said no, and she said "well you must be curious." She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down a bit along with her panties, and let me touch her for a few seconds, maybe thirty tops. She was even a little moist. She then hiked her pants back up and that was that. She never showed herself to me again, but it's a bit of a secret that we keep from my dad to this day.

  • I act all innocent but I'm really a huge slut. When I go on a date with a guy and have sex on the first date I act like I've never done it before and he is the best I've ever had. I get so turned on by getting talked into trying dirty things for the first time when I've done them a multitude of times. Guys love thinking they are turning the innocent girl into a slut. And I get off on letting them think that.

    Like last weekend I went to the bar and hooked up with a guy in his car. I pretended to have never done it in a car, and kept saying how embarrassing it would be to be caught, knowing people could see us. He kept telling me it would be alright baby. And nobody cares. Afterwards he pampered me and bought me more drinks before I went home with him for round too. Telling him no one has ever made me want to be as wild as he has.

    I don't know why I am like this but I love it. I get off so hard pretending to be the innocent girl I'm not

  • My secret is I am having a relationship with my step son I caught him having a wank he was embarrassed at being caught I assured him it was normal, I don't know what made do it I pulled my dick out, he grabbed hold, and we took turns on each other and still are doing, I feel guilty after.

  • It sounds good keep it in the family its the safest place I know a lot will be disgusted but I am not

  • I went through a phase in my late teens when I dated older guys. I'd tell my parents that I was going to visit friends, when really I was hanging with guys 20-25 years older and going to hotels to fuck. They were really sweet, and I'll never forget the one who introduced me to group sex. My parents never had a clue, and still don't to this day.

  • I had divorced my 2nd wife and my oldest daughter came over to visit we have always been very close. She's very affectionate and we cuddled on the couch. She started asking me when the last time I had sex I laughed saying about 2 months. She squeezed my thigh and said that's to long dad your probably needing it bad. I laughed a bit embarrassed agreeing she kissed me saying we need to take care of that. I laughed saying I'm up for it and she gripped my bulge and smiled. We started making out moving to the bedroom undressing. Her tiny body is perfection and we laid down 69ing and fucking. No regrets and we had several years of intense sex all the time. She was 26 at the time and since has married and I have a girlfriend. We always meeting up for sex agreeing there is no better sex partners than eachother.

  • I had quickie sex with my cousin at a Xmas gathering. He was 38, I was 32. We were at his parents' place and I was visiting for the week with my husband and kids. My cousin and I went out for a smoke together while the others were inside and he complimented me on my looks. I said that I always thought he was hot and that it was too bad we were related (yes, we were drinking too, so we had loose tongues). He said we should do something about it and pointed to an empty shed in the backyard.

    We ended up fucking in the shed without even taking our pants all the way off. The whole thing lasted ten minutes maybe. The vibe and danger of it totally made for a better orgasm. We went back in and our spouses and family never knew that we did anything but have a cigarette together. It's our secret.

  • I am married for the second time my wife has two sons 13 & 15 year olds, to cut the story short I caught them wanking each other they begged me not to tell there mother I assured them it was ok and I was not a snitch because as I had done the same with my brothers and sister and told them all about it, I got an erection while telling them about it I could tell they were very interested I was bulging a lot they noticed it, I know I shouldn't have I said do you want to see my dick I didn't wait for an answer I got it out and we had a group wank, its been going on for years now I feel guilty at times, but it doesn't stop us, its just a male thing only a man understands another mans dick and how it feels how it needs to be treated and handled, Does any male out there understand what ime saying.

  • I had sex with my mom's ex boyfriend. He was in his 50's and just gorgeous. Amazing shape. Went to see him after the break up because my mom cheated on him. Ended up in bed with him. And my god it was amazing, I don't know why she cheated. But it is embarrassing knowing I had sex with a guy my mom did

  • I don't know who the father of my baby really is . I went through a slutty phase and fucked like ten different guys in less than two weeks. But the last guy I fucked thinks it's his and I haven't told him the truth and I don't think I will.

  • My wife didn't know who the father of her first child was either and it was black.

  • I have an in home massage therapy business , I travel to people's houses with my table and products. I have alot of steady customers , but with many of them it's sex. I also have many different outfits and toys that certain customers like. A normal month would be me having sex with 10 to 15 different men , my husband has no idea. We just went on vacation so the week before I had met with all of them at least twice each. That's how we could afford to have fun on our vacation.

  • Are you in Atlanta? This is my dream, but I’m a girl. Would love to have a regular appt with a woman who fingers me and eats me. Andid return the favor. You could sit on my face. I’m not kidding. Totally serious. Is this common? I’ve thought about those ads for special massages I see online but it makes me nervous to go to their place. How could I find someone like you? Damn.

  • My husband has no clue but I use to be a prostitute. I got in a bad relationship at 16, got me hooked on drugs, and when he went to jail I had no idea what to do. So when a guy offered me money for sex I did it. It was so easy that I just kept doing it. And some guys would pay a lot of money for some weird shit.

    One guy would even pay me extra just as long as he could cum in me. Another would pay me to lick his cum off the floor, those aren't even all that weird but it got way stranger at times. Even got paid to get gang banged a few times. . But I had sex with hundreds of different guys. It was work. Go out, fuck a few different guys and then go home.

    Eventually I got arrested. Put into rehab and got straightened out. And once I was on my feet I met my husband. But I could never bring myself to tell him about my past other than the bad boyfriend and the drugs.

    He likes to talk dirty in bed, and our sex life is great, but when he starts calling me a dirty whore while having sex he doesn't know how right he actually is. Sometimes it eats me up. Other times it turns me on. But I won't ever let him know the truth.

  • I kind of know how this feels. My boyfriend thinks the old guy he has seen me with my grandpa, but he is actually my sugar daddy. But I feel dirty with the secret. But sometimes it is sexy.

  • I have had a legit mother-daughter threesome and to this day it is one of the things that haunts me the most. My mother was dating this real piece of shit guy but he was super hot. I had just recently turned twenty one and he was acting nice and got some alcohol. It was a pretty good day until we got too many drinks in and he started talking about sex. I'm not a hundred percent sure he didn't spike our drinks with something cause I've been drinking a lot longer than that and beer had never gotten me that messed up before.

    Well he talked us into doing a lot of weird shit that night. Fucked us both. Then fell asleep. I probably took a hundred showers that week.

  • Sometimes things happen we can't always look at the negative not sure how your mom fells about it. But sometimes we just need to chalk shit up and a intense experience. Possibly enjoy it mentally in some way bit I would know how it would feel after.

  • I've actually done this too. My step dad kicked my mom out one time but let me stay. He talked me into having sex with him. And then when my mom came back he told her that the only way was by fucking the both of us. We were both super insecure and easily manipulated so we did it.

  • Its safest kept in the family

  • How old were you sweetie and how old are you now..

  • I was 18 at the time. I'm 25 now.

  • During a couples massage at a resort, I had sex with the masseuse while my husband was right next to me. The massage was so good, and his fingers slipped on purpose of course and just hit the spot. The other managed to block my husbands view the whole time. It only took a few licks , and a couple of strokes inside me before a came all over me.

  • When I went back to college to get my masters, I was cheating on my husband, going to parties, bars, and clubs. Hooking up in the minivan, or the dorm rooms. Had threesomes and orgies when I was supposed to be studying at the library. I was 40 at the time, I also made a deal with some of them, that when they get married I will be at the bachelor party. And I kept my word

  • I've had sex with over a hundred guys. Everyone thinks I'm so sweet and innocent. But I'm a cock obsessed slut.

  • That's incredibly hot. Wish I knew you. ;-)

  • Me and my uncle use to wank each other

  • How old were you and your uncle and how old are you now..

  • When my husband was deployed he left me with 4 kids, I was overwhelmed and lonely. His brother ended up filling my husbands shoes. Stay with us for over a year until he came home. And I fulfilled his fantasies in return

  • My secret is I've been having sex with my mom's new boyfriend. He is hung and knows how to use it. I feel so dirty but I just can't stop.

  • Fuck it!

  • How old are you sweetie..

  • I am 18

  • How long have you being sleeping with him honey.

  • I had a threesome with my best friends boyfriend, now husband, and it wasn't with her. We were at a party, all drinking and having a good time when she got super bent out of shape over something and left early. Well he stayed behind and instead of going home to a fight he came with me to another's friends place to crash.

    We kept drinking and then it just sort of happened. We had always thought him super hot, and the two of us just kind of started teasing him and hitting on him. Went from us two girls making out, to making out with him, to then fucking him. It has been our biggest secret. And we will never let her know.

  • I am ashamed to say I use to wrestle naked with my niece

  • Im 14 and my cousin is nearly 12 and shes kind of a tomboy but we always get naked and play wrestleing and end up playng with each other. She lets me lick her pussy and finger her and i can put my dick in her and cumm becaise she has not had her periods yet and she givese bjs and wanks me. Were realy close and i would love to see your niece. How old are you..

  • How old..

  • She was 15 I am a female

  • How old is your niece..

  • My husband and I found the perfect house, but it was way over our budget. The both of us loved it and so did our children. The agent was eyeing me the whole time we were looking at the house. And so was the homeowner. I started getting texts from the agent to come have a drink and discuss the house, flirting with me. After like 3 months I agreed to fuck him and the owner if they took off $50 grand. After we signed the contracts, I met the agent at the house, he had a blowup mattress, and it was the worst 20mins of my life. The next day it was the owners turn. He didn't last long either. And then the day before the closing, they wanted to change the deal. Said I had to have a threesome with them or no deal. This time it was on my terms, I got to the hotel early and setup 2 cameras. It was my first 3way, and my last. After they left I sent them a quick video of what had just occurred, and said I'll be showing their wives tomorrow if things don't work out.

  • God for you.

  • Last Halloween I went to a party with my cousin and his wife, they got wasted, and needed me to drive. I got them back to their house, and I had sex with my cousins wife, she thought I was him. She's like a supermodel. I videotape some of it. I unlocked her phone and sent myself all of her pics, and yes she had nudes on there too. I went through her dirty laundry and took a complete outfit home.

  • My dark secret is I watch my sun wank he was stood by the mirror in his bedroom wanking, His bedroom door was open slightly I was about to say his name when I saw his reflection, I admit I am sex starved as soon as I saw what he was doing, I went wet and warm down below, when I saw his sperm cum out of the end of his penis, I had an orgasm I nearly passed out with excitement my jeans were so wet it looked as if I had peed my self, I was ashamed and vowed never to watch again, but I did and played with my self at the same time and watched more, I feel really bad.

  • How old is your son

  • How old is your son. I watched my 11 year old daighter finger herself naked on her bed today and it made me hard. She has not got a single hair on her pussy and she was pulling her little pussy lips open. I felt guilty also..

  • Don't feel guilty, preteens are hot

  • I would love to see. Someone plz show me. Any one still do incest or watches her play with her Lil pussy add me to Snapchat. Andyc2104

  • Shes so sweet and love when she gets ready for bed and sits on my lap in just her nightie with no panties and shes seeing me looking at her playing with herself and its realy hard not too touch her. But tickle her and get too see her naked and thats enoufgh. Shes a little doll....

  • Did you masturbate as you watched her?

  • Yes and i feel guilty each time..

  • Don't be guilty

  • What you mean dont be guilty. Cant get sight out of my head and its hard enoufgh as she walks around in panties alot and at bed time she never wares panties under her short nightie..

  • When I was in highschool I was fucking four older guys in their forties. Some really crazy bdsm demeaning shit. They would tie me up, gag me, whip me, fuck me, lead me around on a leash. Make me lick cum off the floor. I'd go to "friends " for the weekend but I would really being going out of town with them.

    Things calmed down for a while after I got pregnant. But once I had the baby, it all started right back up again. They paid for darecare And child support. Got me a job when I was out of high school. Took care of me all while fucking me like a slut.

    No one knows this, and I just tell them the kid was from my wild days so I don't know who the father was, but it was one of them. But we couldn't let anyone know because three out of the four were married.

  • I have shown nude photos of my wife in all different poses mainly showing her vagina and anus plus her playing with herself and with a but plug up her arse

  • I “accidentally” texted a video of me fingering myself to orgasm to my husband’s business partner. He sent back that it was hot and now I send him snaps all the time of me naked and touching myself.

  • Mmmm damn love to see them

  • My step daughter is crazy hot. I've known her since she was 6. She's almost 18. She gets out of the shower in a towel and covers everything. Recently, she got out and dropped her phone on the carpet. She bent over and I got to see her pussy. More recently we all went on vacation to a beach side hotel. I went into the room to grab a beer and change into my swim trunks. I didn't think anyone was in the room. I stripped naked and went to the bathroom where my trunks were. She was sitting on the toilet nude. We stood their eyes locked on each other. She said, "Wow you have a nice looking cock." I said, "And you have a nice looking everything." We locked the doors and had sex right then and there

  • I had sex with my step dad. I came home drunk with my bf, but my bf had to sleep on the couch, and my step dad slept on the other. In the middle of the night I wanted sex, I went downstairs and I thought I was kissing my bf, I went down on him, he went down on me, we had sex, and when we finished I just laid on top of him and fell asleep. When I woke up I realized it was my step dad I had sex with. I got up and took a shower, we didn't speak or make eye contact for like a month. I felt disgusted, and ashamed, yet aroused. We had sex about a dozen times afterwards. I started seeing a psychiatrist. I was 23 when this happened. Now I'm 36 and whenever I'm having a bad time or feeling down I call him, and he fucks me, and I'm a whole new person again. He's only 9yrs older than me

  • My son came home from a deployment to Afghanistan, and was telling us about a friend who helped save his life. A few months later he came to visit. Long story short, I had an affair with him (Jim) he was very attractive, and funny, knew how to please me too. I never thought I could cheat, but something in my mind kept telling I needed to thank him for bringing my boy home alive. After that weekend, we kept in touch, Facebook, texting, etc. he came back to visit a year later, and this time stayed a week. And of course we had our fun, when he moved to Texas I honestly thought it would continue, but I learned he was dating my daughter now. 3 years pass and it was a week before the wedding, he was out for his bachelor party, I texted him to come over for one last fuck, since it's been 3 years. It was 1 am, no one was home and not due back until the next night. I told him to shower and I went To put on the dress I was planning on wearing to the wedding. And that was the last time we had sex, and the first time in my bed.

  • That's beautiful, very similar to what has happened with me. Be strong honey

  • Would you care to share?

  • I would just don't know if I want to share it here.

  • Just tell your story

  • My husband likes to watch me with strange men. Sometimes I meet them when he's not around. Toni

  • My husband likes to watch me with black men, he makes me tell him I am his whore and fuck any one he wants, he makes me suck their cocks, swallow their cum, offer to fuck their friends, he gets me drunk and sets, me up to get gang banged, but worst of all is I love it!

  • That's so brave I dream about doing something like that but too afraid to bring it up to my husband. It will just have to remain a fantasy for me.

  • Last Halloween, my husband and I went to a swingers Halloween party, we met with our respected partners and matched by a number drawn when we arrived at the party. It wasn't until we were going at it hard, that I noticed the tattoos. It was my son in-law that I was having sex with, I noticed my nieces pics on his chest. Show how I enjoyed it even more afterwards. And still think about it

  • My name is karianne , I wrote a confession here some time ago. I cheated when I was on my honeymoon.

  • Tell us more. Details please!

  • I have never stopped sleeping with my ex husband even though I have been married for 11 year's to my new husband.

  • That is truly awesome! Has your ex husband remarried too? <3

  • Yes he has

  • Shes a cheating slut..

  • Hope your caught and you loose everything includeing kids and house. Its yokes like you that give women a bad name. You must be a poor wife and mother. No morals and respect. I know what its like to be cheated on and guess what. The piece of garbage my husbands with now i hare has being with dozen men. So garbage with garbage i say. Your a nobody and a tramp. Bet you ride everything in site. Rabbits spend less time down in their holes than your thongs stay on you bitch..

  • Thanks for your opinion it really makes my heart beat fast

  • No problem tramp and geebag..

  • Geebag is new to me , I'm not sure what that is. Oh and btw I would say that there's a better than avg chance that you would sleep with me if you had a chance. So now what have you to say.

  • Thought so you tramp..

  • I would not piss on you if you were on fire you stupit tramp. Your a piece off shit and my husbands a lowlife and wants nothing to do with out little girls. What a piece of shit and dont worry honey he and the tramp were left in bad way. He lost all his teeth and and got his nose broken and many cracked ribs and as for his bitch. She was hit by accident with a moveing car. Bit sad they never found the driver of hit and run that caused her to have a leg amputated. Its cruel how people can just drive of like that and leave all that destruction behind i will never under stand it.? Terribale

  • You should go back to school and learn how to spell. I find it sexually arousing that she still sleeps with her ex.

  • Fair play. Makes it easier for him to lick her fat ugly pussy now hes know teeth. Funny looking at the sad one leg gimp now struggleing Everybody in our town thinks its funny also. Spellings you tramp. Great fucking comeback. You cheating tosser..

  • Lol

  • I didn't tell my wife for a week that when she was on the boat fishing with me and my friends that her bikini bottom had slid over exposing her pussy to my friends and I.

  • Share her

  • Fuck dude that's hot I would love to see something cool like that

  • What you would rather your wife be humilated and xposed. What a gentle man and i hope you have know daughters..

  • It turned me on so sorry

  • Its your wife and im just saying if you had a daughter and it happend you would do everything in your power to cover her up. Your wife is the person you married and promised to love and respect and rest. Things happen but love and treat her like the princess she is and what she deserves..

  • Well I'm still saying that my friends seeing her cute little blonde pussy was a huge turn on for me. especially when she got up and bent over to grab a beer can that was rolling around. That was the Pinnacle.

  • When I was a teenager I had a shopping addiction that my parents were both not fully aware of and couldn't afford. So I had sex with men for cash so I could shop.

  • Oh God that's so hot. I wish I had of known you

  • You do know she was only 15 years old right..?

  • No I missed that part I appoligize

  • Its cool. I always wonder were parents are. Even though shes grown up now. But she was just a little girl and if i knew my daughters were doing something like that it would break my heart but i would also roast their bare bottoms. Single mom of two little angels..

  • Just so you all know my parents never ever found out. I was in such a daze during that time. There's so very men out there that just didn't care or where oblivious to the fact I was younger. All they cared about was what can they have for their money.

  • Its sarah here hun. I feel bad for you. Wish i could give you a hug right now. Those men were discusting and as said you were only a little girl and only meant i would be shocked to hare if either or my daughters did something like this when there older and thats why i said i would have tanned your bare bottom. I know now your parents never knew. You are an amazeing person. Hugs from single mom of two.. Sarah

  • I wish we could talk more

  • How you hun. Im sorry did not reply sooner. Had bit of episode with my two girls and are bought now in bed. Did you get chance to think on what i said as realy would appreciate your advice. You realy do sound like a wonderful person and mom and i hope you have being able to move on from your experience hun. Hugs from single mom off two Sarah.

  • Hi there yes , is there somewhere else we can talk ?

  • Not at moment. My e'mail and computer is down. I just have my phone at moment. Sorry but as said any advice would be great. Its hard to be a single parent and juggle everything around with two young kids and work also. Im sorry i dont mean to complain and i would not swap my girls for anything in the world. But there dads a dead beat and slept with my best friend and now lives with her and her kids in a diffrent state and wants nothing to do with me or my girls. I realy dont care about myself but its my two sweethearts that break my heart. Cant beleave he done that to them..

  • Download some kind of a chat app on your phone. I don't think we should talk here.

  • Thanks anyway hun and meant what i said. You sound like an amazeing person and mom.. Hugs single mom of two angels.. Sarah

  • Im not realy down with all this stuff as my daughters say to me all the time that im so old. Its ok was just asking if you thought im to harsh hun. But i understand.. Sarah

  • I don't believe that your to harsh

  • Thanks hun. I realy feel guilty most times for my girls not haveing their dad in their lifes. My sister says im to hard on myself. She has 3 children and her husband is a wonderful father. They live in a diffrent state though and my girls love bought my sister and her husband and their kids. We visit them as often as we can and they do same. He used to also be my husbands best friend and tried to talk to him about our daughters. But my husband wanted nothing to do with his little girls and now my brothrr in law wont have anything to do with my x as hes ashamed of my husbands actions. Im sorry for going on but im crying posting this. It breaks my heart when i think what hes doing to our little dolls. I had to pop bought my daughters bottoms before bed. it was only on their panties though and i so guilty. Thanks for listening to me ramble on..sarah xxxx

  • Me to hun and dont ever blame yourself. One of my uncles did stuff to me when i was 9 to 12 and he left the country. Yli bet your a wonderful kind loveing person and mom. Can i get back to you in an hour hun. Im trying to get my girls sorted for dinner and youngest one had an accident. Talk later hun and i realy would appreciate your advice on if i should allow my eldes to keep her panties on when i spank her. Also hun how old are your children and do yous spank them bare..

  • How old were you sweetie when you started sleeping with men for cash and how old are you now..

  • I'm 36 now I think the first one was just after my 15th birthday when I didn't get what I wanted

  • Do you mind me ask you honey. But were you spoilt. Dont answer if you dont want too. But im a single mom close in age with two daughters and shocked to hare what you did. My daughters are almost 11 and oldest daughters gone 13 since june and she and her younger sister are well looked after. Sorry for going on but my oldest daughter was going on about new trainers she had to have for last few weeks even though i bought her two new pairs for her birthday and spent a fortune on new clothes. She was realy acting up and last week i got a call to say she was caught shop lifting and had ditched school with her pal. I was furious and i wont lie i have not spanked her in over 6 months. But i took her home and sent her straight to her room till i calmed down and had a coffee although at that point i wanted something slightley stronger. I was only plan to lecture her and ground her with early bed time for two weeks. But as soon as i walked into her room she told me to get the hell out and copil other choice words i wont repeat and i went to slap her skirted bottom and she slapped my hand. I knew i had too teach my little girl and i caught her off guard and in one swoop i had my oldesd daughter over my knee with her skirt and panties at her ankles and blisterd her bottom long and hard with my hand and her hairbrush. I let her cry it out over my lap for a while and told her as always i love her. But her behaviour wont be tolerated and let her up and told her shes grounded for 3 weeks and early bed time at 7.30 for next 3 weeks. So far know complaints apart from little grunting going to bed early. But im shocked to think at your young age if your mom or dad spanked you. I would have roasted your buns. Again sorry if your offended. But you were only a child at 15

  • I suppose I was a little spoiled , but we really didn't have as much as most of the others in our town. My mother and father both had spanked my for different reasons as I grew up. They had even done it a few times in front of their friends.

  • Thanks for being honest hun. I also grew up with spankings also from mom and dad till i was 17 and often infront of family relatives and my parents friends. Do you think i was to harsh on my oldest daughter. I realy just had too do something and its being over 6 months as said since i bared and spanked her. I think im going back to it though. My youngest has being acting up a little also and i beleave shes just looking at het oldest sister. I have being letting them away with alot for a while. I do try to be very fair with them and at times over last 6 months my eldesd should have being over my knee a dozen times for sure. Have you any children. I miss my husband at times andbits hard being a single mom..

  • I do have children and I do and or have spanked them. I believe it's just part of growing up. No one wants to spank their children I believe but we're human too and we get mad and react when they do certain things.

  • Yes its hard. I try to calm down first before i spank them and send them to their rooms first. How old are your kids do you mind me asking. They certainley can push your buttons and try your paitents. My oldesd said shes to old for being spanked but i wont even argue. Shes still only a little girl and always will be my little girl. Do yous spank bare bottom. I dont know if i was to harsh. Should i even let my eldesd keep her panties on. Its just i have always spanked them on the bare and its how my sister and i were spanked. I also can see how red their bottoms are and know when they have had enoufgh. Thank you for being so honest hun. I realy do feel guilty alot of the time and know they miss their dad. Single mom off two little angels.. Sarah

  • My ex husband got me pregnant two years after I got married to my current husband. All the kids look like me so he never suspected anything.

  • MmMmMmM do you and the ex still have sex?

  • We still do have sex when we get the chance. I would never want to get back together with him but the sex is great.

  • I purposely got my husband drunk ,to the point of him passing out ,at his family reunion so that I could fuck his cousin.

  • So how did it go with his cousin?

  • His cousin and I flirted a lot when ever we saw each other. So once my husband was drunk his cousin helped me get him to the car . We got him in the front seat then got in the backseat were I gave him a blowjob and he fucked me.

  • Hottest sex is the thrill of not getting caught! At any moment, your hubs could've awakened and seen you fucking back there! Soooo hot!

  • My husband is one of those people that if done wrong he trys to get back at the person who did it 100x . I found out that he slept with the fat nasty lady that works at the dispatch center at his work . I have been paying him back with out him knowing for over two years.

  • Because my husband is lazy, but has a good paying job. I sleep with his disgusting boss so that he doesn't get fired.

  • My step daughter was so drunk, she had no idea I was fucking her. Her bf was on the floor passed out, I over heard her yelling at him cause he couldnt get it up. After a while I went into the room to grab her phone, and she takes my hand calling me jimmy (bf) and we kissed and fucked for like an hour. It was the best sex ever.

  • For as long as I can remember I have exposed myself and had sex with much much older men. Now that I'm married I drive to a neighboring town to do it so that my husband stays unaware of this

  • How old were you honey when you first starting flashing your little pussy..

  • You should know that I was and am tiny, I was way smaller and younger looking than my friends. The boys didn't want to talk to me because I didn't have boobs . 4 year's ago I finally had a breast inlargement so that I could at least wear a bra properly, and actually have something to fill the bra with.

  • Almost 15

  • That was young sweetheart. My almost 12 year old stepdaughter has being flashing me her little breast buds and will sit in my lap in her nightie or loose pj shorts and never ware panties. I never touch her but shes driveing me crazy and shes still just a little girl as evidend when i see her bare pussy. Its being going on for over 6 monhs now and mostley when my wifes working over nights. I will never act on it. I have being with her mom since she was a toddler. I want to tell my wife but shes realy strict and i know she would give her a spanking. She spanks her for silly thing and its always on her bare or panties. My wife has asked me to be more strict with her for years and apart from a few spankings over the years i have giveing her i realy dont like to and i have only ever done it over her panties. I work from home and its alot of time just me and my stepdaughter. i dont want any rude comments but im realy not sure what to do. I have also thought of spanking her and telling off good. I have put her of my lap when she does it or sent her to her room. But she will sit in lounge on sofa accrosse from me with legs spread and most times wont be wareing panties..

  • Let her know that when she sits like that you are able to see everything and just see where it goes. At 12 she should be fully able to understand right from wrong. Let her decide which way to go

  • I have told her and thats why i have put her off my lap and have sent her to her room. There has being times when she comes home from school also that noticed shes not wareing them also. I have pulled her up on it and she says it feeld good. I told her she always has to ware panties and especialy to school. Im realy at a loss here and apart from letting my wife know which i realy dont want to do as said in last post shes ro strict. Should have said she actualey wont be 12 till march. But its still to old to be going on like this. i thought it was a phase but its being going on over 6 months as said. Shes a real daddys girl and very clingey and i understand its because im home most times with her and my wife does alot off sleep overs in work..thanks

  • If she is aware of this then , simply talk to her. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you enjoy her. But tell her that your scared that she doesn't fully understand her actions.

  • Its just so hard and my wifes leaveing for work in a few hours. My stepdaughter always cuddles up with me for a bit before i put her to bed. I just dont know how to start conversation with her. Shes a sensative little girl and i dont want to upset her. Have you got children..

  • Yes I have a daughter and son. I'm 38 stay at home mom.

  • My wifes going to work in the next hour and told my daughter to take a bath and put her pjs on. I realy want to talk to my stepdaughter but realy at loss off what to say. Please any advice is appreciated..

  • I wish i knew what to do. Im realy confused and as said shes realy sensative and dont want too hurt her feelings..

  • How old are your kids. I realy dont know how to approach it with her. Have you ever had anything similar. Have you ever spanked your kids. I realy am stuck on what to do here. Its driveing me crazy..

  • Its a serious issue. I dont know where to turn with this. Should i just let my wife know whats happening..

  • I would love to talk more with you and try to help. Make up some fake email address and let me know what it is

  • And believe me when I say I know ALOT about what is happening with you and her.

  • How can we get in touch with you

  • If you want to leave your email address I can write you

  • As an old man I can tell you that I would really appreciate it if you would let me see or screw you

  • When I was 17 I stayed at a friend's cabin for a weekend of fishing. There were five of us staying in this little cabin that had two beds and a couch so four of us doubled up in the beds.Late the first night after we all had gone to bed I woke to my friend ,the one who's cabin it was stroking my cock . The weird thing is I froze and when he took me in his mouth I just closed my eyes and let him suck my cock until I came. The next day it was like nothing ever happened we went about our day fishing. The night two of other guys left to go home leaving an open bed with the other guy out on the couch. Instead of my friend jumping in the open bed that night he got right back in bed with me. I joked about there being more room in the other bed when he said" yeah but its more fun in this one". That night he openly stroked and sucked my cock with no pretense of me being a sleep. It was strange seeing him, just a regular guy sucking my cock but he was very good at it. We hung out often after that but nothing ever happened except when we stayed at the cabin.

  • This is my dark secret, Every year my husband throws a big 4th of July party and invites all the neighbors ,friends and family. At one of these parties a new friend of my son was there . It was the first time I had met him and he made me feel uneasy when ever he was around me. It had gotten dark but was still really warm and a few of us were still swimming. This boy always seemed to be close to me in the pool and soon the touching started to the point of him full on groping my breast and rubbing himself against my butt. I got angry pulled his hand away told him to knock it off and got out of the pool. As I was walking into the house my husband asked if I would bring more Ice out for the drinks. I had to go down into our basement to get the ice out of the chest freezer. As soon as I closed the lid on the freezer there was a hand over my mouth and I was being pushed forward until I was bent face down over the freezer. My bikini bottoms were pushed down , my legs were spread wider and he was soon entering me. He was leaning over me almost laying on top of me when he started whispering in my ear , telling me how hard I made him seeing me in my bikini , how great my ass looked and that he just had to fuck me. He fucked me hard and fast and it was over in a few minutes with him finishing inside me.
    He finally let go of my mouth and all I could think to say was" you got what you wanted now leave before I tell my husband". He just pulled his shorts up smiled and left, I rejoined the party like nothing ever happened . Two weeks after the party he showed up at my front door looking for my son, I told him both my son and husband were at work then invited him in. This time I was a willing participant and took him to my bed. I sucked him and let him fuck me to orgasm then sucked him hard again using my mouth to make him cum. It never happened again but I often think of him when fucking my husband , it always makes me orgasm.

  • My son's best friend also is fond of my wife - she is 41 and he is 18, so very similar circumstance! I know she is turned on by it, I've teased her a few times about it and she just blushes.

  • HOT story. How old were you and he at the time?

  • He was 17 I had just turned 40.

  • I know that my teenage son watches me and masturbates. Instead of fixing the window blinds, I purposely bent them more. And I have purposely given him some show's when I knew he was watching.

  • That is very awesome! How old is your son? My son's best friend flirts with my wife, she doesn't recognize it but I certainly do - because I did the same thing when I was young. At 16, I had sex more than a few times with my then-girlfriend's mom mMmMMM!

  • He's also 16

  • I fucked my best friend's husband while she was recovering from a drug addiction and was staying at a rehab center. I was stopping by her house cooking dinner for her son and husband and cleaning every couple days . One afternoon while her son was out her husband came up behind me wrapped his arms around me and started kissing my neck, His hands moved under my shirt and under my bra playing with my nipples and that was it, we were soon in their bed . He went down on me licking me to an orgasm before turning me over and fucking me from behind with both of us cumming hard. Two hours later I was sucking my husband's cock making him cum because I was afraid he would know I fucked another man if I let him fuck me. We carried on a sexual affair for the next three months while his wife dealt with her addiction.

  • When I was a young teen I had a perverted neighbor who paid me ten dollars to watch him jerk off . A few days later he asked again for me to watch him, he then offered me five dollars more to use my hand on him . I stroked him until he ejaculated, took the money and left. It happened several more times before he talked me into sucking him off for $40 dollars. That was a lot of money to me at the time so I got on my knees and sucked him until he filled my mouth with cum. I did this often for him with him paying more for me to take my shirt off so he could play with my breasts.

  • That's very nice of you 😀 nothing wrong with making a little money

  • I’m a guy and I sucked my brother’s dick when we were younger. Since then, for so many years I had dreams of sucking his dick again and thought about it to help me cum. His dick just got so big and I wanted to sit there all night sucking on it, and to suck it in the shower, have him shave his balls and come into my room after a shower and drop the towel for me to lick em and then blow him, and I also wanted him to cum all over my face just once (or more if I was lucky). I also love girls with dicks.

  • Why didn't you ask him to let you suck it? Nothing wrong with helping your brother masturbate.

  • That's normal brothers on brother, my and my brother use to wank each other when we were 14 & 15, it wasn't long before we were having full sex

  • He probably would’ve came to me more for a blowjob, but he had a gf for awhile after that and now a family. As much as I’d love for him to still ask me, it’s best we forget about it. I just wanted to taste his dick and feel something big in my mouth one more time after that, enjoy it more.

  • I know what you mean, I've had a lot of guy friends that used to do stuff with me when we were kids

  • I wish I could’ve had 1 friend when I was growing up. I’m not interested in much when it comes to a guy, I just wanna watch him undo his pants and suck his dick. Have someone to jerk off with when we take a break from video games or whatever we’re doing. And I’m more of a giver than a receiver, so Idc about ppl doing things to me like giving me a blowjob. Just cum on my face and I’m happy. And my brother, I was scared that if I asked, he would call me gay or something. You know? One second they come to you and next they’re probably telling people about you. I just love seeing dicks sticking straight out inside underwear.

  • I'm married, and I do love my wife very much, but in reality I'm just trying to keep appearances. The woman I'm really in love with is my sister. We've been in love since we were little, we can't explain why. Now we're both in our 40s, we've kept meeting up in secret for years to make love, sometimes spend a good chunk of a day together. Obviously no one can know.

  • When did that start? How old were you two? I hope you two can enjoy your love fully one day, but please don't hurt your wife, care for her, she doesn't deserve to be hurt. I'm not op btw. My secret would be I enjoy seeing my son naked sometimes. It's not purely sexual in nature, I don't know why, but I'm proud of him and he is so cute. When he changes for bed I sometimes hang around just too see his butt and little dick. I would never touch him sexually though. I'm 34 year old mother.

  • We were in love since we were little. It started innocently enough when I was like 6 (she's only a little older), you know, things like kids saying I love you and giving each other shy pecks on the lips. These continued for a few years, so our parents deemed it inappropriate and told us to stop. We still kissed when they weren't watching.
    Then puberty kicked in and we started to feel sexual attraction. We lost our virginities to each other by the time I was 15.

  • How old is your little boy..

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