How many times has she opened her legs

Interested to know if my wife is average regarding how many times she opened her legs for other guys to enjoy her before she met me?
Thes included a few one night stands and s couple of teenagers.
She said her total is 12, but t think it is higher.
What was you wife’s/ Partners lovers total before you met her?

2 months ago

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    • To me a woman never tell the truth . my wife is hot and gets lots of attension she says she only ever slept with 2 guys me n another when we on a break i fucked loads even her friends but i find it weird that she doesnt admit to fucking others when i know she has

    • My wife says she had one short fling and one serious relationship before marriage and says that the max she has done is kissing.

      However, I'm pretty confident that she's either had full sex with the serious guy or has atleast made out or dry humped.

      Not that I mind either ways.

    • I think she probably had sex wish few guys before you.
      Did she bleed when you first fucked her?
      If not then somebody has had her!

    • My wife says that she had only two lovers before me but that was because I knew that they were fucking her. I know that there were four more during college before we got married. There have been three since we were married that I know of and I believe that there were more. I would like her to be more open about who she has had sex with. I am trying to get her to date because I want her to be fucked by many more men.

    • Yes, me too. Though we have a great sex life, I feel I'm not able to do full justice to her lust. Want her to get a taste of a great fuck.

    • I want my wife to be fucked by more guys too

    • At her total lovers is less than mine at 12

    • Your wife is above average.. slapper

    • When me and my wife had that talk i wanted her to think I was experienced so I made up a high number -- 33 -- although I told her that a lot of those were only three or four times apiece. In reality, i'd only actually fucked like six more than once. When I said 33, she said 14, but I think its a faked up number, but where mine was way above the real number, my bet is that her real number is way more than what she told me. We moved like three years ago and it found like seven luggage hanging bags full of stripper/hooker-like escort dresses, and three more with glam furs, none of which I had ever seen before. Seems like she had a serious phase in her life I don't know anything about. I am afraid to explore very much (she would probably have been between 16 and 29, give or take) or even to think think about what she was up to. She told me she had a drug problem at one time after she quit high school and left her parents' house. That happened when she turned 16. I do wonder how she supported herself and funded a drug habit, but I admit that I don't much care because she belongs to me now (or so I believe and hope), although she could have any man she wants.

    • I married my third gf virgin. She has insatiable apatite for sex and now after abut 8 years I allow her to fuck with other men. So far she got fucked 10 men plus myself! She is now 31 and I know she will fuck many more in the coming years ... She let me watch secretly and I love it!

    • Before we got married, my wife told me her number was 7. But she knew things about sex that she obviously hadn't learned from reading Cosmo or from just fucking a few guys. So it was clear to me she was understating her experience. I didn't care, but I still wanted to know. Later, one of her life long friends told me the real number was closer to 40, but it DID include seven guys I knew. So she was covering herself in case those "love connections" ever came to light. Women have a complicated way of using math. It's closer to calculus.

    • Do you get turned on by your wife’s past?

    • Yeah, why not? If its sexy enough and one is mature enough to understand.

    • That's an excellent question, but a complicated one. The answer is yes, because i've always tried to imagine HOW she got to 40 . . . .and WHEN it happened. She is obviously not prepared to discuss that with me, because when I first asked , she made up a number. My guess is that she started really young and was QUITE active, even during high school. She did tell me she has always preferred older guys, of which I am one, at 23 yrs older than her. I also know that she dated a man her mother had dated, once upon a time (her friend told me that, and apparently her mom doesn't know). I do wonder sometimes how many of them she might still be seeing on the DL, and how she might dress and behave with them, and as you will understand, I cannot tell her that the thought is darkly arousing to me, the possibility that I could be married to a serious slut and secret whore. I also try to determine which friends of mine she's fucked or blown in the past, and who else she might be seducing in the present. She's ALWAYS flirtatious, so it could be anybody.

    • My wife was a virgin when I met her. We been married for 20 years now and she has been with a ship load of men. She loves cock and I like watching her ride those cocks.

    • First of all does it really matter how many guys she has fucked? If you love her and respect her then it shouldn't. But as far as your question goes I knew that my wife was a slut when I married her. We got married when she was 18 and I know that she had fucked at least 20 guys. It's nice that she had a lot of experience with sex . Now we have been married for 42years years and she never stopped fucking other guys. I don't know how many she's fucked. But it's just sex and she always takes care of my needs first. Life is good.

    • My wife and I knew each other in High School, when she was the class slut, but we never went out on a date. I dated one girl throughout High School and then met and married my first wife during college. Both were boring in bed. Then I ran into my current wife --- married to another guy from our class --- at the 10year HS reunion, and when I complained to her privately about my horrible sex life, she laughed at me and said, "you should divorce your wife and marry a fucking slut .. . . . somebody with a ton of experience . . . . . . . somebody who's fucked a hundred guys and sucked two hundred more. . . . . . somebody like me." When I started to laugh, thinking she was making a joke, she shook her head and said "I'm serious, sweetie". I proposed to her on the spot and she said yes. We both had spouses to shed, but we fucked like animals while in the process of our divorces. She was amazing. And she still is!! Like you suggested, I am the direct beneficiary of all her incredibly wide-ranging and incredibly filthy history!! I'm the luckiest man alive and I am completely happy every day!!

    • Same thing with me and my wife. We lived in the same small town and went to the same high school. I didn't know her but heard of her. Me and my buds knew all the girls that were easy. She was cute and petite with a girlish face., (still is). I can see why a lot of HS boys wanted to get her naked and have fun with her. I realize she's taken a lot of cock but I'm so lucky to be with her.

    • It truly does sound like you're very very VERY lucky.
      Do "a lot of guys" STILL "get her naked and have fun with her"? Please tell us a bit about her play dates.

    • She no longer fucks guys anymore... unfortunately! Like And I quote.... she once said... yes have been fucked a lot... but I fucked then too!

    • OMG! I really love her attitude and aggressiveness! That is super super super sexy!
      Sounds like she takes control sometimes. That's really hot! Wow! Jealous here!

    • What about the boys... should she have let them have her?

    • She fucks easily

    • Yes and I love she did!

    • Yes she does fuck easily

    • Tell me all about your sexy slut.

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